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Dream Stan LOSES IT On Discord Call...</h1>

Welcome back to the channel welcome back. to a different video and we have an incredibly. fascinating tale for brand new video and. this is incredibly the story very well i. don't think you're gonna want to omit. this since the level of insane we've. at present is just brilliant it is like off. the charts so discord right it is a. magical area i suggest who would not love. discord we bought this insane dream stand. at present now this is probably your general. runof-the-mill people you will discover on. discord now and again yet yeah with out. added ado i'm not likely gonna waste. from now on of a while let's just jump. into the video first off. a lot of people desire to say that it. isn't a real issue . but um. i firmly trust that identification is. you want it to be. and um. i actually define mine my own being. dream sexual dream. sexual so i'm certain in case you tell your.
gamble bot discord that you are dream sexual they. will definitely understand you and will. obviously no longer query you one bit. they are gonna be like yeah that's my uh. how might you even consult with this person. i do not know i am sexual as um. you recognize he. i simply feel like him. as someone he is familiar with me and folk. like me. more greater than anybody else so he. is aware you may you tell me how. this man understands you i mean he is obtained. like what 30 million subscribers so if i. were to assert like oh my god guys dream he. simply is aware me you know he simply. understands the struggle of his subscribers. like how stupid might i sound like how. is he gonna realize 30 million people. uncover 30 million subs i would essentially have. a panic assault anytime i drop a video. knowing that 30 million persons would. probably see it or more in spite of like.
Three hundred 000 i still get nervous like i nonetheless. get fearful whenever i drop a. video due to the fact that is still various. folks that might be able to see. this video. and um. yeah uh does anybody want to discuss. it. does anybody favor to speak about it. yeah crickets that's what i envisioned. due to the fact i don't think anybody is going. to wish to discuss dream sexual like. what the f i was sitting right here on this. very tuesday morning i jumped in like. dreams discord server or anything and that i. heard this lady talk about how she became. dream sexual i'd suppose i was in some . kind of fever dream i'd be like no way. it truly is genuine sensible who the . identifies as a minecraft youtuber no. probably not. okay well um. this is sort of awkward. um yeah i would not speak either of. direction it is gonna be awkward in case you communicate. about identifying as yet another human being.
they're might be like i don't know. playing minecraft or like doing homework. or whatever and then they pay attention this. girl say like oh well i personally. pick out as dream well without a doubt they are. going to be speechless due to the fact who the. does that. ok. good. um. men it's certainly silent. what that is this is making me genuinely. aggravating is um is anybody gonna like. reply to me. whats up. good. you can't. have to respond to that like i don't. recognize either how the do you respond. to anybody that says i pick out as dream. sexual yeah i would not know how to. respond either well they are might be all. considering a similar issue wow thiis this. woman is insane jesus christ i. suggest i'm not saying you can't perceive. as whatsoever you desire i don't know like. that is 2021 you can truly pick out. as a toaster and break out with it yet. what i'm saying is there's another human.
out there that goes by using the call of dream. on youtube and how the hell are you able to. discover as that same individual it simply. doesn't make feel. um. good just does anybody desire to have like. a dialogue approximately it. oh no. look at these types of persons listening to this. in the present day like they're all watching this. total verbal exchange or this. discussion on the way to call it that. spread about dream sexuality if that changed into. me in that place right i'd simply. depart like i'd just straight up. go away i definitely would not continue to. attempt to have a discussion about dream. sexuality because persons clearly don't. want to discuss it and they simply all. think you're crazy i feel that's what's. occurring. um. good um. i define it as just being attracted to. dream and his energy. and um. convinced this female is having a mental. breakdown in front of like Three hundred plus.
People in a discord server and is crying. about dream sexuality i simply had to place. that into angle surely fast if i. had to take a seat and communicate in the front of 300. people especially if it become approximately. sexuality yeah i will be . myself why don't you simply go away at this. factor the full call is sitting there in. silence 300 plus everyone is looking the. five of you've this interaction approximately. sexuality and obviously nobody wants to. have a discussion approximately it so at this. factor i'd simply be out. are you trolling. i'm not trolling. i've a lot of. a good number of concerns. uh. yeah i'm able to listen you good day uh. okay um jane are you actually critical. are you trolling us. i am serious o.k. essentially there is. anything going on right here because your. tone simply transformed from like i'm critical. to just crying like a few. seconds ago yeah there's obviously a.
discord advertising bot of trolling happening right here. there is not any manner this individual is real. right this moment like they had a whole act. going like some seconds ago and now. they just gave it away yet still. you could in no way ensure because there are. people who genuinely discover as a. youtuber in 2021 i don't know how that. occurs however it does. your dream sexual. yeah. did you just desire to stand up and citadel in. the front of 400 people in like troubles or. whatever she's fake crying and he or she. maintains switching up yeah there is just no. possible way there is not any manner in any respect like. who might be interested in this but i. bet there are genuinely are people out. there who genuinely become aware of themselves. as a youtuber that plays block games for. a residing i get youtubers are tremendously cool. right yet i do not believe they're that. cool to the purpose where you want to be.
Like oh yeah i want to be this youtuber. correct like who says that right so i. watch lots of jay schlatt i am certain a. lot of you recognize that so if i have been to claim. i would like to identify as jay schlatt like. how stupid could i sound. i am severe. you can't be severe what. all right. we are finished with that we're completed with. that aand that is where the tale ends i. suggest i will be speechless too if. someone just came into the decision. randomly and commenced talking about how. they identify as dream and i'm sure a. lot of you've a large number of . questions and so do i i do not genuinely. know too much about these matters i variety. of simply disguise them for amusement. applications all right i suppose you can say. i just positioned myself through torture on a. day-by-day foundation so uh hit that like button. for me to. do just it yeah i somehow bought via. this video anyways that's gonna be it.

The Judgement of Paris - The Apple of Discord - The Trojan warfare Saga Ep.2 Greek Mythology in Comics</h1>
Young paris while tending his flock. observed that one in every of his younger rams became. straying faraway from the others. heading for a cave he went to the cave. to search for the lost ram. yet inside the cave paris found. whatever. brilliant. there have been three women with divine. beauty. the shepherd didn't doubt that they. would in simple terms be gooddesses. the younger guy did not understand that he become. about to come to a decision that could. change the fate of the realm. forever. earlier that same day the niriad. fetus married the hero paleous all. the deities were invited to the wedding. the gods. satisfied themselves at a very good and. lively ceremonial dinner. yet one gooddess became not invited heiress. the gooddess of discord she turned into. furious and decided to take revenge. sitting on the dinner party table athena the. gooddess of wisdom. aphrodite the gooddess of love and hera.

discord dungeons and dragons bot of the gods. have been chatting amiably the gooddess of. discord flew over the banquet table. and dropped goolden apple. between the gooddesses. on the gorgeous bud was the inscription. to the most lovely. this apple would become known as the. apple of discord. the 3 gooddesses fought over the. apple in spite of everything. every regarded herself the foremost. beautiful among the gooddesses. with hiis powerful roar zeus stopped the. gooddess's dispute. he stated that that aattitude turned into no longer. useful of such important divinities. zeus considered the way to solve the. standoff. he selected an impartial decide to choose the. most pretty of the gooddesses. the apple of discord turned into given to hermes. who might lead the gooddesses to the. choose. of each of the guys on the earth the younger. shepherd paris changed into chosen to settle the. dispute. he become no longer the wisest nor become he a superb.

connoisseur of the idea of justice. but the morai the ladies of fate. had woven this destiny for him after. learning of his assignment. the gooddesses were introduced to the. shepherd i'm hera. the wife of zeus choose me as the foremost. gorgeous and ii will make you the. richest. king in all asia provide you with a palace as. suitable as olympus. i am athena the gooddess of war and. understanding. choose me and you will be the best. widespread ever. in place of commanding herds you will. lead armies. and be known as an outstanding conqueror. and i'm aphrodite the gooddess of cosmetic. and love. my epithets would already guarantee me. the name of the most pretty of them. all. select me and that i offers you the love. of the most pretty female on the earth. aphrodite showed him a dead ringer for the. beautiful princess helen of sparta. paris's coronary heart become won by using the need to.

התואר ב כותב ושיעורים

כותב היא בעצם נישה שתוכלו לחלוף בידי תרגיל והשכלה. במידה העסק שלך מגלה שאתה באופן מיוחד אדיב, הניואנס הגורם היחיד אנחנו שהמזוזה להמשיך היא בעצם להגיד מהיבט של שמוכרת. במהלך מאמר הגיע אודות הדרכות ושיעורי קופירייטינג, כולנו נסתכל בדבר שתי ספרי עיון ייחודיים שתוכלו לעיין, למשל וכדלקמן הדרכות ושיעורים באינטרנט.

אינן ישמש פשוט להחליף קופירייטינג וכל זאת יסוד בכול חייכם שתמשיך להשתפר כש באופן תעבוד בנושא. ע"מ לנסח מהתחלה אימרה של סטיבן קינג, היא הודיע שקופירייטינג, האם כך קופירייטינג אומר, הוא יסוד מתחיל ממשיך להעלות בדרגה להמציא אותו. הגיע ישמש קבוע להרמת משקולות במשך עשור. אפשר להעצים שרירים. במידה כל אחד קופירייטינג יותר מידי זמנים לתקופה של כלשהו, תפתח הכישורים קופירייטינג ואפילו למקום אחר בשערה העסק שלך נהיה מאוד מקצועי ביותר. אם וכאשר תתמקדו בקופירייטינג ותכתבו כל כך זמנים, תהפכו לקופירייטרים טובים מאוד.

הספר ההתחלתי שתרצה להצביע עימכם בהדרכות ושיעורי כותב יהיה מעצב השיער "המדריך לקופירייטרים". הוא עיתון מצוין שעליך להסתכל לתכנן אותו מכיוון שהוא יאפשר בשבילך מבוא לקופירייטינג, למשל ואלה להחליף ענין זה יעשה שימוש כדי לספרא את אותה רמות הפרסומות הרבות. קופירייטינג הינה מחיה אינסופי מאוד ככה שמו של שאתה כותב יתכן הכול, כבר החל מדואר לייב לתוכן חברת וכלה במשאבי יחסי ציבור.

עיתון נוסף שעליכם לוודא הינה נקרא מקובל קופירייטינג. עיתון הגיע טיפה שונה ככה שהוא מדבר ואלו הדבר מבקש לקופירייטרים עם האם כל אחד אשר להשלים הצעות מחיר ולבנות עותק. הוא עיתון בסיסי שנתיים המתמקד במה שעליך לערוך בשונה לחלוטין להסבר הכול על סוגי הפרסום המיוחדים כגון שעשה מעצב השיער הראשון.

במידה אינך מוצא ספרי קריאה כדוגמת אלו בספריה המקומית שלכם, עיין במקומות הבאים שמסוגלים לתת לימודים ושיעורי כתיבה. אתר כזו את הדירה נעדיף לפרופיל הוא: אתר שונה ש יהיה באפשרותכם לבדוק הדרכות ושיעורי כותב הוא:  ספר תורה ספרדי מצוא העומדות וש ואלו בזמן האחרון עיצוב והביא המלצות מרשימות מאנשים מיוחדים. באופן העסק שלך מסתכל ברשת, תוכל לאתר עוד ועוד מוסדות צריך יציעו עבורך הדרכות ללא תשלום לשם מה לספר עותק אדיב. הנה אני מנחש המיומנות הקריטית מאד כאשר אתם אתם מזמינים להגדיר מצוא מפני שהמילים הכתובות המשפחה הולכות לקחת המנוע שמניע את אותם המכירות המקוונות המשפחה. אתה מסוגל לקבל בחזרה רק את הגרפיקה והאנימציה הצעקניים מתחיל מוכרחה, אבל במידה לא קיימת מידע, אנשים יבזבזו מצב מוגבל מסויים באתר שלך. החברים שמציינים טקסטים מצויינים הנם שיש ברשותם ההצלחה המיוחדת.

קוראים לי מקווה שמאמר הגיע הכול על מסלולי כותב ושיעורים היא בעצם דבר חשוב שיהיה יכול לעזור לאתר שלך. שטח בוא היא מיומנות שדורשת התמדה ורצון לצלוח לעשות עקב היקף הידע הנדרש הממשי בנוגע ל. זה יכול לעשות הנל מדליק מכיוון שתמיד יהיה אפשרי ללמוד רעיון הטוב ביותר שיעזור עבורינו לשפר אחר הכתיבה ולהרוויח יותר כספים.

סקירה רחבה המתארת את רפואת שיניים קוסמטית האם זה העתיד על ידי רפואת שיניים?



נמצאים שנתיים מכמה טרנדים מדאיגים שמתחילים לקשור קיטור בטווח רפואת השיניים הקוסמטית. למשך שנים הדיבורים עוסקים בהשפעת החלקת שיער המנוהל וכיצד יהיה אפשרי למקם את אותו המציאות שברשותכם במטרה להתמודד בעלות סיכון זה הזמן להגנה הנפוצה ותשלום בעבור רפואת שיניים בצבא. המציאות בפועל היא שהטיפול המנוהל כאן מתוך מטרה להישאר, והפיכתו בפרק זמן קצר לכל 10 צורות במיוחד מחרידות.

במידה חלק, רופאים הקימו מקצוענים לתיקון מנוהל ...

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קיים 2 שנים מכמה טרנדים מדאיגים כניסה לאסוף קיטור בגדר רפואת השיניים הקוסמטית. בזמן שנים רבות הדיבורים עוסקים בהשפעת כל טיפול המנוהל וכיצד יהיה אפשרי למקם את אותה הפרקטיקה המשפחה כדי להתמודד בנות סיכון זה הזמן להגנה ההגיונית ותשלום עבור רפואת שיניים בהיצע. המציאות הינה שהטיפול המנוהל לפניכם במטרה להישאר, והפיכתו במהירות הבזק שלכל עשר סוגים וצבעים במיוחד מחרידות.

והיה אם כרגיל, רופאים הקימו תוכניות אחזקה מנוהלות בסיסי כאשר יש לחומרי ריסוס אלו התרחשות הפעלה חדש. קיים להם ואלה ומחיר קבועה שטוחה המכוסה בתשלום עבור פועלי חברת רפואת שיניים קוסמטית.

קיימות שתי ספר תורה עלות שתי לוחות רגעים בתשלום המציעים לתת תשלום שנתיים מהעלות המשתנה הקשורה לתפעול.

הצרות בעבור רופא השיניים מתרחשות בשלושה תחומים.

1. קודם כל תראה אופרצייה של לא טוב אצל תוכנית הטיפול בשיער. דוגמת מי שיש ברשותו לוח פיצויים שבאמת לא מפצה את החפץ דיו על סוגו של הטכניקות במהלכן מהווה נוהג למרבית והטיפול של יכולה להאריך.  כתיבת ספר תורה רובוט העסק שלך מומחה בתחום שיניים ואתה מאבחן מטופל במחיר מספר קוואדים על ידי רעיון שורש ואינך מכסה את כל תוכנית הכובע, לבסוף יהיו לעסק שלך שתי בעיות גב הכרוניות חמורות, ולא פחות מכך הוא היגייני שלא נותר לה אפילו קשר איתה. זְמַן.

2. מקרה שונה מתרחשת כשיקרה הרופא המטפל וצוותו לא מסוגלים להשלים את הלקוחות לקבל הטיפולים האופציונליים והמשודרגים הנחשבים עדיפים באופן קלינית. והן אם הטיפול בשיער יהווה בצורה משמעותית יותר בעבור המטופל בתחום הארוך, תוכניות מזיקות מונעות מהמטופלים ליצור את אותם הבחירות האלו.

3. הדבר הבעייתי האחרונה מגיעה אם וכאשר אחראי צוות עובדים המשרד כלל יוכל להתמודד בעלות הניירת שקשורה לתוכניות הטיפול האחרון המנוהל.

על פי רוב לקח שלוש שנים רבות ידוע שעד שרופאי השיניים והמתרגלים פיתחו משאבים ומקצועיות גבוהה בהתמודדות שיש להן מגמת החלקת שיער המנוהל המתרחבת.

היעד בידי רפואת השיניים להבא מהווה למנוע מטיפול מנוהל בידי שמירת הכיסאות שלנו שלמים בכל השירותים שאפשר לתת. קונבנציונלי מהדמוגרפיה בשטח הן לא תוכל להרשות לעצמם שירות הנ"ל, אך העידן העתידי אצל רפואת השיניים עלול להופך לדבר אחר זאת. כתוצאה מכך, לא ממש תלמידים מרפואת שיניים קוסמטית צעדו לבמה. חמש התלמידים הכולל פחת, מכיוון הדברים הנותרים מפאת סגירתם בקרב 2 בתי ספר. בעיה נוספת נובעת מבעיות כלכליות ומירידה בכיתות. בעתיד הקרוב בלתי אפשרי למצוא את כל הצלחתו רפואת שיניים קוסמטית על ידי לא ממש תלמידים בכיתה. הרבה גורמים המשפיעים על התלמידים בשיקולים פיננסיים המטרה (כולנו מוצאים לנכטון שחינוך יקר) לסיים את אותה התוכניות. אם בתי ספר מספקים תכניות שישאירו את אותה התשלומים בסך יותר קל, מותקן תקווה לשמור המתארת את רופאי שיניים חיצוניים גבוהים בשנים הקרובות.

מיזוג רעיונות מרבית - העניין שאנחנו אשר לזהות.



פשוט ככל שיהיה זה להיכנס לחובות, ניתן למצוא חמש אסטרטגיות לאיחוד החשבונות ולהוזלת התשלומים החודשיים, במקביל ל שילמתם שנתיים לקרן והפיכתם לחובות זריזים שנתיים מכפי שחשבתם שרצוי.

באופן העסק שלך קיים לגרש את אותו חוב כרטיסי האשראי של החברה שלכם, של החברה שלך להעריך את אותו מצבך ואז לוודא רק את החלופה הטובה ביותר לצרכים של הכספיים של העבודה. כאשר אתה המשתמש על ידי בית? אם אני המרכיב, במקרה ש במידה ויש בבעלותכם הון ביתית בדירה שאתם יכול להקיש עליו? והיה אם החברה שלך יוכל להרשות לעצמך שנתיים מ ...

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אשראי שלילי, מיזוג חובות, הקלות בחובות, עזר בחובות, חשבונות, סיוע בשטרות, קישור שטרות

הפקת המאמר:

קל ככל ל לבוא לחובות, קיימות מספר מצות כתיבת ספר תורה , עם שילמתם שנתיים לקרן והפיכתם לחובות לא איטיים יותר מכפי שחשבתם שאפשר.

אם אתה מוכן לגרש את חוב כרטיסי האשראי של העסק שלכם, של החברה שלך לספור את אותן מצבך ואז להבטיח את החלופה מקסימלית לצורכי הכספיים של העבודה. במידה ש אתה הבעלים בקרב בית? אם אתה הבעלים, במקרה ש יש לך הון באופן עצמאי בבית אנו עלול להקיש עליו? כאשר אתה עלול להרשות לעצמך 2 שנים מהתשלומים החודשיים של העבודה, אם שאתה מתקשה להסתדר? במידה ש הסיבה הנחשבת של העסק נוסעת מהחובות, או לחילופין היא בעצם לעמוד בתשלומים החודשיים שלך?

והיה אם אתה בעליו אצל נכסים ויש לך הון ביתית, החברה שלך מסוגל להסתכל הכול על הלוואת חיבור חוב, עד המתארת את מענה יעיל מסגרת אשראי פרטי. בתרחיש זה הזמן, כל אחד מוכיח רק את חוב כרטיס האשראי של החברה שלכם מחוב אינם מאובטח לחוב מאובטח, העניין המעודד בשבילך לנגב רק את התמחור החודשי שלך יחד עם מרשה לך לנכות רק את תשלומי הריבית מהמיסים של העסק. החברה שלך יכול לסייג כי הלוואת קישור חוב הוא, או משכנתא שנייה, יש להם זכאות להעלות את העסק במגמת קצר מאוד לחיסול חובך. זה בגלל שהריבית אודות משכנתא שנייה היא נדחת בהרבה ממה שאתם משלם לכרטיסי אשראי או אולי חובות אחרים בריבית כללית. סחר בחובות ריבית אקדמאיים שנתיים עוזרות בתשלום ריבית נוחה יותר עלול לצמצם לך מאות בכול חודש, צריך אתה תוכל, בתורו, לקבל חזרה לקראת פירעון החוב. אחרון, איזה לא בהכרח בזול חיוני, הריבית שתשלמו בדבר משכנתא שנייה ניתנת לניכוי ממס וכי יהיה בידכם גם למקם את כל החיסכון בחשבונות משפחתכם.

או יש לכם מיד משכנתא שנייה ששילמת עליה זמן ענין זה. בהשוואה אם נתנו לכם את אותו המשכנתא העיקרית והשנייה תוך כדי, ייתכן שהגיע בשנה זו לאחד אותם בהלוואה זכוכית. משכנתא שנייה אחרות בעשור האחרון נשאה ריביות מתכווננות אשר עלו וגרמו לעליית התשלומים. מיזוג המשכנתא הראשונית של העבודה והמשכנתא השנייה המתכווננת שלנו להלוואה בריבית קבועה נוחה זכוכית עלול גם לחסוך לי יותר ויותר בכול חודש, ובאמצעותו החברה שלך מסוגל לסגור מחירים לחובות ריבית אקדמאיים יותר.

משני המלות נוספים שתהיה לכם האפשרות לאתר בידי מימון שוב פעם הינם ביטול פוליסת ביטוח משכנתא הוגן והסיכוי להנמיך מזומנים בסגירה. כשלקחת רק את המשכנתא המקורית של החברה שלכם, במידה ש המלווה שלכם דרש ממך להגשים חבילת ביטוח משכנתא אדיב עקב הלוואה גדולה לערך?  עלות ספר תורה אז, מימון שוב תלוי לבטל עבודה הנה. אם וכאשר בנית מאז במעט הון באופן עצמאי וההלוואה הראשונה של החברה לערך קטנה יותר מספיק על מנת לשטוף אחר חבילת ביטוח המשכנתא, מספר מחיר הטיפול של העסק ישמש קטן בהרבה מ. יש להניח והן שתגלה שתוכל להוריד במידת מה קצת מזומנים אל מקום היציאה של החברה שלכם בסגירה ללא להגדיל גבוהה רק את התשלומים החודשיים שלכם. הכסף זה בוודאי מסוגל להוציא אליך ניחש שהתהליך חובות הריבית הגבוהים יותר שלכם.

אם אינך המרכיב בקרב בתים, עד במידה בבעלותך שאסור לעסק שלך הון פרטית שכיח, אתה יכול להסתכל בדבר קורסי הקלה בחובות הכללים של הסדר חוב וייעוץ אשראי. אם וכאשר מחיר הנכס החודשי של העסק הוא הדאגה החשובה שלך, רווחי לבלות להתקשר לחברות כרטיסי האשראי שלך ולבדוק והיה אם תוכלו להסכים על אודות תוכנית שכר בריבית מופחתת.  רכב להכנסת ספר תורה מחיר תבטיח לאתר שלך לשלם מכיסו שנתיים עבור היתרות של העסק שלכם בכול חודש ולבטל את אותו חוב כרטיס האשראי של העסק שלכם צעיר יותר. ברם הנושים של החברה שלכם אינן מחויבים להראות שונה אחר תנאי ההסכם שלך, אך אפשרי מאוד שהם יהיו מסכימים לעשות היא, יחסית מכיוון שזה לטובתם לקבל לשלם לו, והניהול במשא ומתן המתארת את תוכנית הוצאה כספית מסמן אנו לוקח יוזמה לעשות הינה. קל זה הזמן.

והיה אם קורא לנושים שלכם אינן צוות מנקים, עד באופן אני היגויני מוכרחה תיקון זריז, אני יוכל לפנות שיש להן סיכום חוב או לחילופין חברת ייעוץ אשראי. הסדר חוב היא בית עסק למעוניינים המעוניינים לצאת מחובות בנות הנמוכה עד מאוד, בפרק הזמן הקצר ביותר, שיש להן התשלום הנמוך ביותר עם הימנעות מפשיטת רגל.  ברכה על כתיבת ספר תורה גיסא, ייעוץ אשראי הוא פיתרון המוזיל קצת אחר הריבית ויכול להיות לך שכר שבועי זול יותר.

ההליכים להעלות בדרגה לחופשי בחובות נפרד דוגמת שיטות בם החברה שלך יוכל להגיע לחובות מלכתחילה. הצעד הראשון לקראת ביטול החוב של העבודה הינה חינוך עצמך לכל שיטות העומדות בפניך. לאחר שזיהית אחר הצרכים של העבודה, תוכל חדשים לנקוט בצעדים המקוריים לעצמך.

Day within the life of a Discord Mod
My name is murray. and welcome to heaven so i am a moderator. on four special servers okay you get. paid for this. no no no what are there any perks. uh is there any perks. all people respects me i'm correctly gonna. show you. how quickly them all minimize when I. step within the room. you guys larger uh ok. the cool thing about being a mod i get. to mute you men don't have power. i am sorry oh yeah. oh yeah literally you needed to mute. every person to get respect i don't. know how o.k. uh you men can. now beg for. on server mute commonly chat. i get to deafen ok who simply said penis. because you're gonna get you only. disrespected a mod so that you do you want to. get banned. oh no one cares that's loopy you spot the. quagga who just disrespected a mod. kick cause of kick. i am a mod lol. okay you say the wrong thing in my.

auto role bot discord 'm gonna come slashing. and do not even try to pm me because it's. not gonna work. that's the factor i've the flexibility i hold. every i. have i am probably the most strong persons. to ever stay if i desire to. dismantle you and your profession i will. how do you like everyone's muted except. me because i'm the mod. i have been a mod on right here for 8 months. so you better start respecting me oh no. my discord nitrous ran out. you recognize what that means it is time to. resubscribe ugh. if basically my wallet wasn't so thick and. bulky and hurt my ass all day. you do not have a job it's not likely. thick. you're correct my pockets is not thick and. bulky it is incredible narrow. and wonderful cool and carbon fiber this. video became subsidized by. the ridge wallet this wallet holds up to. 12 playing cards. a type of cards being my mom's credit. card to purchase extra.
truth or dare discord bot comes in 30. extraordinary colorways. and it has 30 000 5 superstar reviews. use offer code chief for 10 off. at checkout time to introduce you to. somebody very unique. hello kenton. i do not listen anybody maybe she's a hi there. hi there her call is kitten no her name's not. ken. that is what i call her do you must. watch a film tonight. over discord. seems like she's noticeably into you man. that's poggers that's what. poggers that's the film you are gonna. watch. no that's poggers you don't know what. poggers is. holy see that is the issue is when. you're a mod. all the women at the server they want. you the way historical is she it's aa very simple. query. her account is like how the person who. you talk to that you referred to as kitten. the actual she's like people how. a long time have they been in this.  smile bot discord .

that is a ping are you critical. carry on i'm settling a dispute. are you watching me what yr were you. born it's so easy. what year became i born definite um what do you. mean. discord was like a funky area. you know and then a majority of these normies. joined being like. i'm a gamer i am an ethot i am an egirl. yeah man judging through the way you're. breathing and and like all this. nutrition and simply the way you devour and stay. your existence. i feel like you might need to determine a doc. i feel you have diabetes or whatever. okay relatively balk. what you ok. well one wait who huh asked who. requested you oh yet are you able to do this. it's a pewdiepie meme are you prevailing. son. what are you winning son this is sad guy. this is maybe my favorite tech. channel the memes. it's new memes on daily basis they are. so it is high-quality. no one bowling alley tvs once you get a.
Strike. okay reminder bot discord on how i'd. change after school how i really. converted after school. i invite you to my house i assumed this. turned into gonna be cool i presumed it changed into gonna. be exciting you may. get a glimpse at like what i do each. day. check out memes and also you inform persons to. stop speaking yeah that's my lifestyles. guy are you able to inherit. like 6th grade joe mama type jokes. deez nuts. ligma type ah it's my [ __ ] lifestyles. man i do not know what to inform you want. you the common individual on your discord. ought to be like. 9 you're a plab ok. why don't you come to be a substitute. instructor at least you will get paid to tell. a group of nineyear-olds what. to do. why don't i emerge as a replacement teacher. so i receives a commission to inform a group of. nineyear-olds what to do yeah rather. uh uh uh live off of torture have you. ever obvious pasttries.

have you ever thought about i can not mute. people in genuine lifestyles i can not. deafen persons in genuine lifestyles i am unable to kick. people in real lifestyles i can't ban anyone. in real lifestyles. i banned 40 buyers simply because. they pissed me off. are you gonna like do whatever or show. me whatever it would not appear like you. surely have numerous wonderful things. that's what i do day-to-day i sit down in. this chair. if i'm able to talk over with people and i chill. yeah this became gonna be like a touch. like biopic like. i used to be gonna share and show you what a. discord mod is like and it is just emerge as. more of an research. after that complete kitten thing uhhuh. the landlord the owner the landlord is asking. me the owner of what. the server the owner of the server. no it's the owner of the server hold on. hiya what is going on. hiya dude uh what is been going on with.

reminder bot discord like acting out. out of line right here uh. unsure what you imply uh you have banned. like 30 persons dude. and not only that yet you're hitting on. like such a lot of miners holy . dude i must ban you what are you. no no no had like three consecutive. reports in the last 24 hours. no no no i used to be in a i was in a vc and we. have been gambling among us. and i i mean we have been playing minecraft. and that i reported. yo who is a miner. okay good i i have screenshot facts. of you hitting on these females. how historic are you. i've been in your server for like 8. months so like eight months. how ancient are you doing like a nervous. stretch as we speak like. awkward like frightened yawn and stretch. okay so. uh well yeah i am sorry. i gotta i gotta ban you no no no no no. sorry no no you do not it is. you don't need to i will i'll i will see you. later surely.

Writing a Discord Bot with Node.js, Redis, and the Illuminati
howdy internet peoples my call is man. royce and in these days. we're going to construct a discord bot using. node.js redis and a bit of redis. bloom. so come on in welcome to the inner. circle and allow me show you how i did it. for education. so today we're going to build a discord. bot for the illuminati. yes you heard me right we will. construct a discord bot for the illuminati. what we'll do is we'll. installed a discord server on that server. there'll be a secret section only for. the illuminati to hand around in. after which there'll be a bot that watches. for messages in the the overall locations. uh the the nonsecret locations of the. server and if you employ the secret notice. sufficient times and will count number. then we are able to upload you to a job in. discord to allow you've entry to the. secret illuminati group. so that's what we'll build.
we'll use redis to do this and. we're going to use node.js to do that. and we're going to use a few redis bloom. one of the matters we need is we'd like. reproduction messages to. to be filtered out we don't desire you to. simply unsolicited mail the server with you recognize the. secret word and get in you should. cleverly comprise it into sentences a. number of instances so that's what we're. going to build in these days. so first things first let's examine my. computer. there we pass so i have to build a. discord server i haven't got a discord. server so. good i mean i've a discord server but. we don't have a discord server for the. illuminati so. let's cross forward and create a discord. server you spot right here we've the redis. discord server that i'm on as we speak all. these distinct joins. you may be one of those awesome. joins in case you went out to discord dot gg.
scale down redis and joined the redis discord. then you definitely can ask me questions about the. illuminati. meanwhile let's go ahead and upload a. server we're going to create my own. this is a i assume it is for a clever. community yet we are gonna say for me and. my buddies. um and we're gonna supply this server a. call we are gonna call it. discordia and we have to supply it a pleasant. a nice neat photo uh we are gonna supply. it the apple of discord. los angeles monsana de l. a. discordia. and there we move we've got a bit. server up and jogging. see we have an exceptionally dull and primary. server it has got fashionable commonly. so i desire to do matters i desire to. create a class. and i desire to create a role and we're. going to create the function first in order that. the. secret vicinity remains secret and so we're. going to go to uh server settings. and we will visit roles and we are.
Going to go to plus. i will deliver that function a reputation and. we will call them uh the illuminati. and uh we'll cause them to a pleasant goolden. sunrise colour here. and we are going to save our changes and now we. have a roll. let's check that rule surely fast we. favor to ensure that it isn't obvious. so let's go into that role lower back um. look there visit the illuminati so here. i have made it so that it is. no longer publicly seen so it doesn't. show them separately. and you can't tag anyone with that function. um and of course those members can view. channels and stuff so that's all ready. up effectively. uh subsequent i'm going to create a new. class so create classification. and we'll call this we will name this uh. the illuminati. i do know these names are very usual. right and this goes to be exclusive. and so no the general populace of the. server can not see it.
And we wish to choose the illuminati to. have access to the illuminati. which type of is sensible and now we've. received a secret little organization right here so let's. cross ahead and add. a few channels right here we'll deliver a channel. for a world domination and we are going to do. a further channel for. uh you recognize say uh chemtrails i. pay attention the illuminizers and chemtrails. that give way for some rationale and let's. do let's do another for squirrels. messed with the squirrels morty you. messed with the squirrels. we have merely obtained so many of these out. there okay so. we've got our pleasant little mystery institution. there and simply to reveal that it's. operating. if i go to my roles on the server i can. see every little thing due to the fact i'm the admin. but if i visit server settings and go to. my roles and right click as. everyone and say view server as role. i can see that i can not see the.

Illuminati channel. and if i view server as this function. i achieve this our role is configured actually. fantastic so now we've a server with. secret. mystery locations so. we have our server now we need to. create a bot. with the intention to create a bot we have to visit. this url right here and i'll have this. url in the outline under yet it's at. developers functions and um. you'll need to log in along with your discord. id i have logged in with mine already. and we have to create a brand new program. a bot is an software so let's create. an. program and we will call this. the discordiobot. given that it's the discordia server you. see here it is highlighted i've finished this. earlier than. and ii'm going to put this on group. exclusive no longer on crew redis school. staff because i. i don't think redis university staff. desires this of their uh.
This their region so let's move ahead and. create the bot. and then it is going to ask for a picture. just ask us to choose a neat icon. and so we're going to choose this. awesome eye of windfall. necessarily watching like the bot. and for a description here we are going to say the. i of windfall is often. nobos ordos keolorum right that's it's. latin for. a new order of the a while. uh maximum actually um. which will shop those changes we have. our we have our application created we. don't even have a bot but. it's saving here it is going a bit. slow there it is carried out there uh so now. to make it a bot we have to visit the. bot tab so we have. our app is that this coordinate bot we'll cross. to bot and we are able to say. upload bot and this makes it a bot so add. bot. it warns us that we won't undo this so. uh. are you sure and i'm not going to be.
Nirvana i'm going to. cross forward and do it i am not likely to say. nevermind here and so here is our bot. and that is almost it the bot is. created. we have one useful bit of information right here. and that is the token. which i'm able to reproduction this would be used to. log in because the bot. uh from our javascript code later if i. click i'm able to click the show of this. right here. you will get to work out it later anyhow and as. you'll find you can truly regenerate. this token. and increase we get a further one and so i. feel blissful showing this token in a. video. due to the fact i am going to undo this token later. so we've our bot hooked up and now we. have got to upload our bot to. our server to try this we go to the oauth. 2. uh menu alternative right here and. we'll generate a url that we're. going to put into the browser as a way to. generate that url we say it's a bot. now not a drawer to bot after which we choose.
The permissions that the. the bot wants we need with a view to ship. messages. uh and manage messages uh embed links. and fix documents we maybe aren't. gonna do all those things i believe we're. perhaps just gonna ship messages. and manage messages however the thing more. we need to do is we have to deal with roles. and you will discover you could give your bot a. lot of permission here correct you could. provide it voice permissions you can make. it an administrator if you are surely. surely. daring we're going to try and give it as. little because it desires. or that we expect anything within the . future. in order that creates a url so these examine. packing containers become a permission wide variety here. and every little thing yet we will just copy this. url. open up a brand new tab paste it. and it'll take us to discord and say. do we wish to. add this spot to a server choose the.
Server we'd like these are servers that i. am an admin or supervisor on and we'd like. discordia. definitely not the reddest server and. uh here it's saying this those are all. the things i just checked all the. permissions that i just checked. so hit authorize and we're authorizing. that bot for the server. uh convinced i'm a human bee beep boop. and you simply heard a cheerful beep from my. other machine that signifies that uh. a somebody has joined or there is a. message on the server. so what would that message be good let's. take a look. right here we have a wild discordia bot. seemed so we have a new consumer. and here if we look we see. discordiabot they are offline. which makes sense there isn't any code to. this bot yet it is simply. it is just an account uh it is a member of. the server but it there's nothing. it is it's an it's a puppet devoid of.
Strings and so. we have to deliver it a few strings so. that's our next project let's provide our. puppet a few strings. so we need to write a few code. so let us take a look at writing some . code recover from here to. our laptop here it feels like um i. idea i had redis walking right here. allow me kick correct this off here certainly. fast o.k. so here we're in code. land. um we'll uh build our. strings for our puppet correct and i've. came a. little naked bones node issue . installed i have a kit json mounted. that has everything that i just like the. settings i love i've got a bit. startup script that just complains. after which you know author and license. i have a bit start redis. shell script which will begin redis with. redis bloom. using the redis mod photograph from docker um. and i have over right here in my different. terminal here.
i've redis up and running with redis. blue uh i've got a node edition manager. rc dossier so that i'm utilizing the right. version of node i've got a git forget about. file that will forget about the data folder. for any redis data we want to save and. ignores node modules and uh. so we got an empty task let's make it. do whatever. so first things first we have to set up. the node packages we wish to use and i am. going to use. npm set up i o redis as our redis. client that's my in demand redis. client when i'm doing javascript i am. going to apply dot env. this can be a environment op. residences manager thing uh we will. create a env file. in our project and add it to git ignore. where we can positioned all our secrets and techniques in. there so it truly is wherein our bot token. will cross. and that's wherein our redis url pass and. then. we additionally desire discord. dot js this is a library.
that enables us to discuss with discord's apis. easily. i hit enter. and if we check out our kit.json we. can see that these are further. perfect store everything after which. let's pass forward and get our environment. dossier established so. env and we will bring. open up env and earlier than we begin editing. that. dot env so now it will likely be get omitted. and we want two matters in right here and i am. going to look at my cheaty. code right here slightly just to remember. a number of the key words and replica and paste. them so i do not get typos. we'd like our discord token. and our redis url. the redis url i know off the end of my. head due to the fact i've typed it a bajillion. instances. redis colon diminish cut back localhost. port 6379 cut back database 0. uh in case you were doing this for anything. a touch more genuine definitely you would prefer. to secure your redis. perhaps use a redis cloud example and.
that would point to that or whatever. i am simply strolling redis locally. and we'd like our discord token and we can. get that from. our bot and scroll up and there is that. token we printed earlier i will. replica it. and then paste it into here so these are. our configuration settings. those are surroundings settings. cool let's go forward and provides it the bot. a few. some lifestyles let's uh quit the lowest. dossier. we've got bot.js here this often is the. leading javascript resource file. uh which will that the bot would be. running from. uh we need to import some things that i. recognize we're going to have got to use we'll. import. redis from ioretis. and we'll import discord from. discord.js. and then let's move forward and pull in. those environment variables now not case. const in case i have not used a case. statement perpetually. um and we are going to look for the redis url.
And which will be equal to strategy dot. environment. dot redis url and we are going to create a. constant for. the discord token. and which will be equal to approach dot. surroundings dot discord token. um we additionally uh you know i do know that the. function of it truly is gonna comprise. seeking a mystery note so we should. possibly make that aa constant. we're gonna count number how generally they have. used that secret notice and so we want. a few type of uh. count value that aalso will be a continuing. you recognize what percentage they will be above. after which we want a and the role that we. used and we called the the position. uh the illuminati i am tremendously sure we. used the be aware the let me double examine. that genuine speedy. just to make certain our um our. roles if i if i reproduction and paste this. incorrect this won't paintings so. if i look into the jobs it is the. illuminati. so uh that is right so let's create.
Constants for. secret. uh notice and we'll use the note. nord. uh which does not suggest whatever but is. somewhat unsettling. and many people will not even see it and. for the key. count we will set that to 23.. and for the secret um. the secret function we'll name that the. illuminati. excellent so to date i've all i have done. is import and create some constants. let's go forward and set up redis allow. redis equivalent. new redis uh redis url. and then allow discord we will call purchaser. equivalent new discord. dot client and that does not take. the token like you would possibly initially assume. what you do after you've. created the client is you log in. only a unmarried dot there after which you. flow within the discord token there. so this then logs that purchaser in so this. client now. is logged in if i have been to run this code. the bot could log in. after which i would perhaps immediately.
log off. i have not attempted it doing this but what. we wish to do. is truly respond to some pursuits so. this logs the bot into. our discord server and then if we tell. it to it'll begin listening for events. so we say purchaser.on and ready. is of course the all set event once the. bot's logged in and ready. to head the prepared event receives fired and so. we will manage the prepared occasion. and then in the all set event we will say. purchaser.on. after which we will seem for plenty of. distinctive hobbies that take place on the. server. you may say a message is published which is. what i have just done right here. you could say a new person has joined the. server and so maybe you could do a specific thing. in which. you ship messages to new users as they. join servers we are simply going to examine. all the messages that get published to the. channels that the bot can see. so let's pass forward and do this uh it's.
Going to flow in a message item which. is uh from. from the discord.js library. and we will do an extremely easy one here. if we simply. oh you spot thiis work we see console.log. message. and so it is the most effective nearly the. simplest of all bots. let's uh let's see if it really works so we are going to. do npm start. ah and pm start will not work yet. because. i am not in fact running i run an mistakes. here. so we wish to do node. bot.js now if we do that it will run but. we will get a different mistakes. it will it's going to give us an. invalid token errors and it's because. we have not correctly loaded our env stuff. and how we do this. is a reasonably simple we need to. do a. upload a demand in here and that. require goes to be for. env so that is like doing a require at. the top of your. your code in node lower config if you.
Were if you require. dot m curb config in your code then as. soon as that is achieved. that that requiring plenty this module. and that module runs code that looks for. the. env dossier so all of it occurs type of. instantly. via putting in here i haven't got to do. anything one of a kind in my code it just sort. of makes it magically paintings. and so our surroundings dossier just receives. loaded up devoid of me having to write any. specific code for it. so this should work just a little better. okay so it did not crash that is always a. good sign. let's cross ahead and head over to our. server right here. and let's uh let's send a test message. this can be a test it really is in basic terms. a experiment and over right here. we should always see a message and we do. this is all the properties of the. message we scroll up we must always see that. it is a experiment it is just a experiment. because the content material someplace.
when you have seen it already and. i've totally neglected it there it's. and so you will discover there's aa whole bunch. of data right here here is the content. here is the author. that's me that is my id and um. all types of stuff right here correct cool stuff. so the bot is a working. and if we go back to discord back and. uh look. you will see that the discord bot is now. on-line whereas earlier than it wasn't. so cool but that is not a very enjoyable. bot is it so let's. let's make this bot do somewhat extra. we want to um good we want to start. searching for phrases. and we want to look to work out if you are. already uh validated in the illuminati. or no longer or are you. in that secret group but or no longer and so. um. we need to start searching for these. variables so um. and we are gonna store all that stuff in. redis but very first thing we are gonna do is.
we're gonna say if message. dot author dot bot. so if the writer of this message is a. bot return. uh we don't wanna count number the bots utilizing. the secret notice bots can't join the. illuminati in basic terms persons can. and perhaps you know maybe grays or. anything like that. uh reptilians i don't know uh so. message that aauthor dot bot return you. can say also if. message dot kind. is a dm go back if it's aa direct message. so we don't need to handle. direct messages right here and it is because. we want to. manage no matter if you are in a job in a. server and so if you employ the secret observe. on a server then you will get further sufficient. time so you'll get further to a job on. that server and so. direct messaging the bot would not make. any sense it wouldn't even know. which server you would be you recognize. attempting to get into the key organization 4.
So we are simply going to reject all direct. messages and only inspect things that. are in the channel. uh i do know we want to store a number of. things in redis so. um i'll create a key key space. for all my keys. and that is going to be discordia on and. then we'll go for the guild. guilds in discord servers are good. they're the servers. they only call them guilds so in the api. where we see guild it simply skill. server and so uh. discordian namespace for a specific. guild. we are able to get the guild call out of the. message so we will say message.guild. dot id so this provides us the guild identity of. the message. so now uh if this bot is running on. distinctive servers. this name thiis key space is going to. enable those servers to maintain observe of. separate. hold observe of every thing individually uh. we wish to have it for every user besides.
We don't want my usage of the notice for. to account towards your utilization of the. notice fanord. so we'll say so the writer is the user. and that offers us a pleasant handy little. key space. matters that we need to shop in redis uh. we have to shop. account. so we'd like a key for that. we use the foremost space colon count. it truly is how regularly you have used the. mystery notice we will store that as. a string that has a. integer magnitude we need uh the validated. key we need to see no matter if you are. demonstrated to be a member of the. illuminati or now not when your account. exceeds it we'll set this. as somewhat uh too excessive or else we'll set. it as slightly until it'll. start it will start as somewhat too low. and so. this permits us to shortcut this method. we needn't count number your words or any. of these matters if you are already in.
which will discontinue counting so i'm going to. give that a. key area. and confirmed and we even have. uh we are gonna use a bloom filter out to. just be sure you don't use uh. the same sentence twice we are gonna retain. observe of every part that you say. in a bloom filter out which would be a nice. tight compact way to try this. and uh we will call that we will just name. this filter out so these are the keys we're. going to use. uh we will not use them okay off the. bat we'll construct this up incrementally. yet. i do know wherein this goes so it is sort. of doing it ahead. so to date so good. so what we should do first is examine. verified. with the intention to do this by way of announcing let's. proven. equals awaits redis dot get bit. so what git bit does is it uh takes a. string and. treats it as though it changed into just aa giant bit. box and we've a few video clips on bit.
Fields on. the channel already go watch these for. aspect. on how bit fields and all that sort of. stuff works we are just going to shop a. unmarried bit. so this goes to be an extremely simple. key right here we'll deliver it the major. name for. a demonstrated key. after which we'll deliver it the bit. place that we want to assess and we. desire bit place 0 and it's the only. one we are ever going to examine. so this looks at bit 0 in that string. and says is it a one or a nil if it is a. one it returns a one if it's a zero it. returns a zero. if it's null it returns zero uh we. haven't defined this but i have not. created it so this is going to be 0. the more thing is is that i simply use. this magic word look ahead to. and which means it truly is now an. asynchronous function. so uh that's handled there and. then we are able to appear and say.
If verified. then uh we don't uh if validated now not. established key. if they are established we can just go back. we need not do anything else. we're completed. if they are not confirmed then we. perhaps must uh. well we have to begin counting their. words so for instance let's. count and we will check out their. message. we will look at the content material of. that message. and iin the content that message we'd like. to claim how routinely is the notice seek. the key note in there how regularly. do they say fnord in this message. and to do that we'll break up this. utilizing the cut up function this converts. that string into an array. of individual phrases delimited by using the. area or areas . and then we want to lowercase every thing. so let's map that array of words. notice dot do lowercase. we've got an array of lowercase phrases.
And then. let's filter out whatever that is not the. observe we're seeking. so word be aware. very well triple aims secret be aware so if. the notice is the key be aware. then leave that in the array in any other case. get rid of it from the array. after which we will simply take the size and. we've the count of the way many times. you have used that be aware in that sentence. if the count is 0. if it's falsy return. if you didn't say the be aware we don't need. to do anything. otherwise we'd like to truly uh. replace your count number in redis so we are. gonna. let's we're going to no not mild yet. we'll say watch for. we will use increment redisto. anchor b or increment through. i admire to name it increment i feel. that is variety of funny and. we will give it the count number key. it is where we shop the count number value. after which we will increment it through.
what number. rewards we discounted so yeah possibly. you know we have counted more than one. right here. so increment the value here by using that. variety. and if it isn't there it will deal with it to. zero and just set it. and the other thing we will do is we'll. go back the newly incremented value. so we want to seize that aand then examine. to see if it's above the key count so. let's cross say. allow complete count equals. and now that we care concerning the response. we need to look ahead to that response. so we've our complete count number and then. here with the total count. if the entire count number is more than or. equal to the uh. mystery count. then we need to upload you to that role so. we're going to say. we have to get that position before we are able to. add you to it so say let function equal. message. dot guild after which the guild. that's our server as roles. and the roles uh are cached via the api.
And bible bot discord is the uh. by using the the discord.js library and this. is to play down. api traffic against discord itself. because they have. rate proscribing and so we will seem. of their cache that will be present and. this message just got here in so. it must be current and we'll. do a discover at the cache. and the uncover takes a operate we are. going to give it. and is passed each function we'll. say. the role that we are walking over if that. name. is equal to secret role. then um good go back it. and if we don't find it then this would. be null. so simply in case it is null we are going to check to. see if it exists. and then we'll say message dot member so. the member is. like the writer the author is just the. unique user the member is the user. on the server and so authors do not have. roles but participants do. so we have to use the members we visit.

Member dot roles. upload after which the position we just created. and that will add them to position those. individuals are now portion of the illuminati. congratulations. um we wish to move forward and set redis as. uh. the bit in redis for instance that we have got. actually illuminati proven them. so we are going to call set bits uh demonstrated key. and then bit zero we are able to set to a value. of. one and then just for enjoyable we will. cross forward and ship them a message in addition. uh direct message and i am gonna copy. this right here for my cheaty code. where we say send them a message to. author.ship this would send them a right away. message since the writer is the user. but the member is is the user at the. server so writer.send sends them a. direct message. asserting send them a little illuminati. validated message. and that can work. let's go ahead and notice if it does.
So uh we are able to efficaciously get to the server uh see the discord bot is on there i am gonna ship the message and say uh you recognize this can be a experiment and then i'm gonna say let's look at uh purple cli and notice if redis has been transformed in any respect do not have been due to the fact we we've not given it whatever to uh outline so if i do key big name nonetheless empty now if i return to the server and say it is a nord experiment hit enter and we must always be able to cross in here and notice convinced so we've a key some keys we've a count and if we get that count number say i am getting you spot it is one so uh cool it is working let's uh let's send a bunch extra messages nord nord and we'll try this a bunch more that is eight extra times and so if we go back right here you see it is out now nine if we do this 8 more instances 16 extra instances that ought to get us as much as 23.
I may set that to twenty-five. and did we get a. direct message. we did not did we want womp. um. it did confirm us. i see you spot that is the the one bit set. excessive so you recognize. the highest bid in the 1st you recognize. good one four 8 so this bit's. excessive. if we are saying get bit. it returns a one yeah. um so yeah it didn't work for some. motive uh did it blow up. it did blow up missing permissions okay. so this is truly. this is a superb teachable moment so one. of the things that will get. you and iit's gotten me various times uh. when you are developing a discord bot. is that the discord bot can in simple terms manage. roles which are below it. so if i go to my server settings and that i. go to roles you spot that the illuminati. is. at the tip as it should be and uh the. discordia bot is ideal lower than it and this. capacity the discordiabot cannot. manage the illuminati roll but when i drag.
This up. above it now it may so it may in basic terms. manage matters that are lower than. it so that should repair our mistakes. and so allow me move ahead and begin the. server again up. and ii'm going to pass ahead and. flush this db just if you want to. begin from scratch. and then i'm going to go back right here and. say fnord. oh no longer that. do that a pair times there we pass. there is a message. illuminati proven ideal so now. it's working. so uh that is a gotcha that's a thing to. watch out for um. and and truly i perhaps ought to make. the code a touch extra strong to handle. that situation but. you know we're learning right here so. cool cool cool so that's working up to now. but it as we speak i was able to variety of. unsolicited mail things into there right. um once I run the bot i can ii could just. you recognize i typed an analogous message three. times after which it allowed me in.
And we don't desire it to do this we want. it to disregard these duplicate messages. so how will we do this we do this with a. bloom filter so let's get to our. javascript code right here no longer our java code. our javascript code we got we get. one more man on employees that does the java. code. you can look at brian's video clips they're. surely exceptional. um but i am doing the javascript stuff. so um so we need to established our bloom. filter so that it does not. allow you to ship duplicate messages and. i have a separate video on bloom. filters i've done. we've performed some uh video clips in bloom. filters i've got quite a few talks at the. internet to boot that i have executed. i determine i suggest you go watch these. at the redis school channel and and. just anywhere you will discover them and i'll. have some links to the bloom clear out. video clips under. but um the main component with the bloom.
filter out that we want to understand. is that they uh you could think of them as. a collection that you'll be able to upload strings to or. data. to and then you can ask that set is that this. in here or no longer. and it'll say certain possibly. or it'll say no and if it says no then. you know that it definitely is not in. there. but when they are saying possibly it would be in. there and but you can't be sure. and uh that's what is called a. probabilistic data structure these bloom. filters are probabilistic information. buildings. and so they sometimes provide you with false. positives announcing certain i've visible that. string before when they haven't. but they're certainly extremely good at compacting. the information down and so. we want to shop every little thing that. you've reported and that's a good number of information. through the years. yet a balloon filter out is rapid and small. and so it is a very. efficient and compact way to shop this.
information so we'll use a bloom. filter. so let's move ahead and upload some bloom. filter code i. have a little bit of dishonest code here. i believe i might simply replica over. after which i will discuss here. and so right here we've our clear out. explained. so what we're going to do is we need to. established this clear out. right we need to call bf reserve with. redis. and uh reserve good it reserves it. creates it instantiates the filter out you. can. create filters with out doing this and. just say and it will work. yet you will get default values that are. almost never what you desire. so uh right here i will name. redis.exists and say. does this exist or now not and then it'll. return one or zero for no matter if it does. or does not exist. and if it does not exist i will pass. forward and create it. in the filter out key this variety right here. represents the likelihood of.
A fake positive so this would be one. percent so this component will say false. positives it will. it'll say possibly and it'll correctly be. no one percentage of the time and. we supply it a length of we are thinking. approximately 10 000. goods would be enough that's form of. a guess on what number. messages you will post on a discord. server in your profession on that server. 10 000 is nearly as good a wager as any um you. want to be conservative with these you. you. in the feel that you do not need to fill. up your balloon filter out a. full bloom clear out offers you fake. positives extra often so. erroring at the aspect of bigger rather. than smaller is a greater thanks to pass. yet this would define our bloom clear out. for us. and then we need to see if our message. is a new message or now not. and ii'm going to cross forward and produce my. chidi code over for that aas well.
Here we have let's new message equals. await a call to check in call bf advert so. bf add. is going to feature whatever to the set. that's the bloom clear out. and what we're going to upload is the. content material of the message so filter key. message.content here. now bf upload has thiis nice factor where it. will go back to you a value. saying whether the bloom footer become. modified or now not that's to claim. it changed into added or it became already there so. if this returns a 1. this means we changed the bloom filter. with the aid of including this content material this. which means we haven't noticeable this earlier than. meaning it is a new message. and if it's not a brand new message if it has. noticeable it before it believes it's noticeable it. before it is going to go back a 0. so this is going to be both a one or a. zero if it's a one. then uh we have a new message we want to. keep on if it is a 0 it is falsy.
And so we have to move ahead and go back. there's nothing new to be noticeable right here we. this isn't a new message. do not count the words in it. and that is pretty much. it to using the balloon filter out it's just. one more reason to flee out so let's cross. and run our code. and see if it works. so it's walking that's always an outstanding. signal correct go to our bot. to our server in fact before we visit. our server let's move forward and wipe out. our data returned. that way we have a pleasant empty. database that way we are able to you know. my account changed into already portion of the. illuminati so we need to make sure it's. no longer a part of the illuminati. so we've wiped that out and now if i. variety fnord. i should get an increment of 1 so if i. move and look. at the most important megastar right here do not use key megastar. i do know i necessarily say that it is a walking. gag at this point. and we do a get of the count.

We see that the count is one and if we. use the bloom filter out and say bf dot. exists and then we kind in. uh that key and then the be aware fnord. it is going to say one yes the note nord become. put in there. but the sentence snored. nord changed into no longer so that is the bloom footer. doing its aspect. so it turned into added to the bloom clear out. our account was incremented let's let's. see it paintings over here lower back let's just. type in chortle lower back. and let's kind it in one other time. and then another time only for fun so. if thiis works our count number ought to stay. unchanged. and it does and that's due to the fact once we. use the balloon filter out it. recognizes that we're already let's pass. ahead and. make sure that we can nonetheless be added to. the illuminati. with that aand then just to make it. specific. and there we pass there's the pleased chirp. beep factor. that says illuminati confirmed so i'm.

installing Discord &quot;Viruses&quot;...
Let's just stack it returned. howdy kitten sorry the jokes have been simply the. jokes have been just too simple they write. themselves often yet females and. gents discord is one of the most. popular applications ever. and ladies and gentlemen if we are going. to be genuine about it discord is probably. the style that almost all of us communicate with. one another is how players talk over with one. one more it's how programmers check with one. yet another. heck it's might be how persons from. unique retirement. retirement properties are speaking with. each other do not know what happened. there. yet women and gentlemen i've been. sitting on discord for a pair hours. and state-of-the-art video is all about you know. variety of clearing up a few misinformation. and likewise showing you some discord. malware that actually can pose. some point of an important security.
Risk so let's go down bad words bot discord to appreciate what we are observing. over here ladies and gentlemen. i'm using a digital computer okay. virtual machines correctly it's a plural. now. considering that we're jogging malware don't run. this devoid of vms do not do this at home. except you know what you are doing right. because the hazard is you can correctly. have your data for real be stolen but. for. instance to show you what i'm doing if i. show you my genuine technique the host. is a arch linux process it's a linux. elegant manner and below that manner. here i can show you that we're. going for walks a digital laptop too in fact. i've got discord malware vm. one and two o.k. and now if i look. at these bills you will see two. discord customers opened up. on the correct which will be the jane. virtual computer i simply named them jim.
And jane. uh this will i ought to might be ought to. were jack and jill anyways that's. not the purpose you will see that jane. has her account of sonic edgehog and. sonic edgehog is an account that is. communicating with adorable chocobo. you can probably tell that i have been . playing a good number of final delusion recently. okay it's what it is sonic stays. with me that issue will continually always. always stick to me yet anyways those. are . fresh accounts anything i want to also. clarify is when it comes to applications. like discord or genuinely any variety of. messaging client in this way. i do use digital machines i always have. a vm spinned up like. thiis just to run discord or surely any. app i feel it money owed for many. safety concerns. which may almost certainly exist just like the. ones we are approximately to see so. really it's simply the extra layer of.

security most computer systems can run a vm. pretty much. it would not should be massive simply give. it like a couple gigs of memory and prefer. two cores and just. run your clients due to the fact generally it'll. account for whatever persons can ship you. shady links yet. they actually won't be able to break out the. vm in 99. of the instances so it is simply the additional. layer of security. off subject now i have sparkling. accounts so we are gonna do the number. one. style of discord aspect that is been. floating round that's the crashing. gifs. jpegs and picture files now for these of. you who do not know there have been. plenty of posts round. weird virus images those images. quoteunquote crash your process. yet really most significantly they freak. windows defender out now windows. defender is. windows 10's builtin anti-virus so. in my view it's probably the best.
Antivirus that you'll use. it does its activity you don't need to add on. to it it'll handle it so long as you. practice good. internet security and just have windows. defender typically up to date try to be. particularly high-quality on the web do not click. weird hyperlinks don't do anything shady. it's what it's so i'm going to exhibit. you a couple of these pictures and what. they actually do to home windows. now for argument's sake over right here on. both of our vms we're going to be. disabling the assumption of. virtual computer coverage so what i. desire to do is i would like to ensure that. real time protection. is turned off a minimum of for now after I. turn it on it's going to freak out so. i'm going to show you what we're doing. over right here. we're going to move deal with settings flip. all of this real time stuff completely. off the explanation we are doing it. is home windows defender will correctly flag.
This choose it up and use it opposed to us so. anyhow let's pass down over here so the. image that we're utilizing for that reason. will be my twitter profile photograph okay. particularly serious especially prepared image. so there are a couple methods that you'll be able to. inject a undeniable code but i will. convert this image into whatever that. is. a malware anything that ought to crash. discord. so now we've got images next to each. other identically they look the exact. equal ok yet. this photo of the lowest now actually. has a chunk of malware put into it now. to prove this to you. we're going to visit our different virtual. computer the receiver of this. of this of this dossier at this time and we are. going to go to defender. we will we will simply. soon and very quickly we will. virus threat protection and we're going. to show.
At the uh the the windows defender so it. so it actually starts protecting the. laptop. now i am gonna ship the dossier over disk or. to sonic or sorry to cute. chocobo in fact i overlook the no sonic. edge in fact there you move i am. forgetting the accounts. so anyhow as the image is distributed over. here very well. home windows has went crazy it literally. found a hazard it just told you. so this threat it lists as extreme now if. we see the details over right here genuine fast. it'll show you that the actual file is. located within the discord cache directory. now earlier than anybody freaks out looking at. extreme don't get me wrong. having any type of script hidden inside. whatever can classify as quote unquote. extreme. to know the way old this issue is. notwithstanding one in every of the articles that i found. from microsoft themselves became published. in 2008.
Final updated 2017 ladies and gentlemen. remember this became published earlier than a few. of you all watching this video have been even. born. in which they actually let you know that it is a. script trojan that exploits a. vulneraability in microsoft's information entry. components. in fact they even tell you right here that the. minimal security update to mitigate this. vector. it changed into posted april 2006 it truly is so. historical that they do not even call this. anything from microsoft defender they. name it as part of microsoft safety. necessities. which from what i remember become portion of. windows vista it really is. historical certainly so lower back do not be totally. freaked out yet let's get to why. what what the script always is. that's triggering windows. in such aa fashion so let's pass investigate that. out real rapid so we'll use a. hex editor and we have used these hex.
Editors earlier than. uh definitely after we were once we have been. modifying um. gpu drivers uh gpu roms as you will find. right over right here it really is debt. stranding.exe i was editing it so i. would run it on ultraa wides. because for some rationale builders do not. want to try this i do not know why. but here i unfolded the image correct. here so that is on my laptop that's. the hexadecimal information inside here so this. is thru a hex editor. and if we scroll all the way to the. bottom it is the code that is tripping. home windows up. now's it clearly malicious i will. guide you thru it real quick so. set item shell create object home windows. script shell. item surroundings blah blah blah blah. now eventually. it's going to point out media discord app. attachment blah blah blah so that is. actually one other file but you recognize. the argument still stands.
Uh when you pass down you can actually see. that it's starting to mention whatever. like. overwrite with the particular wallpaper ok. so right here they have got the wallpaper. okay viewers so what have we really. found out at present approximately this these images. now of course we have discovered that almost all. antivirus program. computer systems hear they're silly okay. it's as much as what the programmers define. as actual variables for those. antiviruses to get really tripped up on. they have no intelligence of their very own. besides what we outline so windows. defender. correctly identified that this become in. actuality a few malware contained a script. now that's what we name a false. victorious very well it's it's really not. damaging in the sense that that is. going to scouse borrow your information. if anything now from all of the samples. i've noticeable floating around i feel it changed into.
genuinely simply going to alter your. wallpaper if anything to this so you. know if it is the. horror you wanted then i assume you would. have gotten it from what i imagined but. it is a 15 12 months historic take advantage of that it's. attempting to. attempting to use so i do not know how. practical this turned into going to be it is a. false victorious from what i will gather. if this become used in a social engineering. context in the direction of someone that was. youthful or somebody that had no notion. about any of this. someone would send this file to you and. in case you had that pop up in your desktop. you possibly you. they could probably misinform you and make. you think that you bought hacked when in. reality you really did not. so rather truly you know this is. used in a social engineering attempt to. this day but clearly. it is not innocent okay unless you allow it.
emerge as harmless. and ii guess at the tip of the day it's. all about now not letting this actually. affect you no longer. it's about educating yourself correct like. at the end of the day that's what it is. now discord also has some level of. protection i feel. in contrast i believe if your documents are. bigger than a certain length. it won't correctly um it would actually. compress those files which would. in fact eliminate the code that we had. injected into this. in any case so having bigger documents could be. rather of a detriment or coverage. for you. in that instance it is also why you may. now not be able to always do that with. video documents as. simple correct like even if it is. compressed it is still too large to send. over discord this actually directly up. crashed at this point my god. now there is some cool stuff which you. can do with video clips now to appreciate.
full point out over here none of the stuff. you're seeing in this video was ever. coded with the aid of me. this is all script kitty stuff if we are. gonna be genuine you can download those. samples from the internet it takes five. minutes to google. there is loads of git repositories. around that will help you create one of these. stuff. and ii'm not promoting it in any ways i'm. simply placing it obtainable to let you know. how these things. is so commonplace now this git repository. right here will actually tell you that. you may. use a command line tool that will. in fact create so the images we. simply made became made using thiis tool so. in actual fact you. you fit in the dossier right over right here you. pick a method such as crashing for. instance right. which failed to work in any respect virus photograph. which triggers the windows defender yet. when it comes to video there's actually.
a superb reddit submit correct over right here that. you may inspect your self. this submit will in fact tell you that. there are particular movies on certain. systems which will in fact crash the. discord client due to higher cpu. usage. and the cause of that is really. very simple so it truly is. ff play which uses ffmpeg here yet this. truly what's going to occur is a video. receives created. that continues exchanging continuously so as you. can see it changes the video size to 540. by way of 960. it changes the time base it adjustments the. frame cost and iin some cases it even. adjustments the particular. colour uh you recognize output so it adjustments. from. yuv420 to 444 and so what is going to take place. over this is. due to these types of changes uh discord. makes use of hardware acceleration i feel it. makes use of it based on a chromium backend or. something of the sort like it's a.
Chromium elegant. hardware accelerator and the issue is. chromium is great for it the hardware. accelerator has no issues it just cannot. handle all of these adjustments. so what's going to happen is once you. constantly difference. particularly to this colour sort it will just. outright crash so. certainly and if it doesn't crash it will. lower back end to the cpu then the gpu and if. it would not have whatever it'll simply go. to software acceleration. now discord token grabbers are variety of. frightening okay so to understand what we're. doing over right here with discord token. grabbing each account has their own. token. each time you sign into an internet browser. in the course of the internet client on any internet. browser i believe you furthermore mght generate your. own. you know authentication token while those. matters are stolen. they can be utilized for very nefarious. purposes now to know how those get.
Stolen we'll stroll you thru a. playby-play. so now lovable chocobo in this part you. understand is going to be the person who is. going to. get their information stolen when sonic. edgehog this is the one that's going to. ship. a shady script over to over to kuchokobo. so that you could understand how thiis works. very well the particular hacker hence. creates a brand new server so i created haven. now in haven you will find you've a text. channel voice channel as a default. now as a consequence when you visit the edit. like the equipment of any like text channel. you may go to integrations. and here you'll discover web hooks and. channels followed cyber web hooks is the. significant. cyber web hooks are an easy thanks to put up. messages from other apps and internet sites. into discord using. internet magic now of course i created a. internet hook here referred to as. siphon for siphoning account tokens and.
it is giving me an internet hook url which is. the $64000 url that we want. now to actually understand how we're going. to tackle this. let's deliver a specific token grabber so. this is one that's freely available. on line. and let's ship it over to our friend. cute chocobo to release. so now you recognize oh wow i simply got this. dossier from cute chocobo good let's try out. and release it dog let's get it walking. so we're gonna download it. uh we are gonna we're gonna good i suppose. we are going to use microsoft windows area why no longer. right. and it's gonna down load we're gonna. release it and whoa what is that. what happened it's lovely chocobo you have. to imagine what simply occurred a command. prompt popped up what what is going on. good let's have a look at what correctly happened. now if we go to the actual. account that we were on that is our kind. of like our hacker mystery.
Discord server where we're getting all. those tokens despatched to you will find that. siphon simply picked up a token for. discord. it got a token which starts with od and. i am not gonna i am correctly gonna censor. a good bit of this. but these are tokens which are sent over. now if i run an analogous script. over on my side of the web i am getting. a similar token sent over. not a similar one exactly but i got a. exceptional token besides. now i additionally get a brave token that is. sent and the only reason i'm getting the. brave token from this laptop. is that i signed directly to this sonic. edgehog account by means of courageous as well. you can actually see it is a. possibility because after I open a brave. i must be god you can't dude i love it. you may go to and open. discord on your browser correct you can. see that i personally sign.
Right in to my sonic edgehog account. and if i go to the right here. stop it you can see that if i open a. courageous on this browser. on this digital computing device i can go to. let's actually open an additional tab open. discord at the browser. and because it didn't have the token. because it didn't have whatever. saved uh i can't do anything with it. right i can not. now i do know there's going to be people. who will throw discord under the bus or. say wow i can't believe this existed now. i'm going to hide a good number of stuff. misconceptions right here. to understand it really is script kitty one zero one. it really is like. nothing i've carried out in this video is coded. via me or anything in fact this script is. so freely available it just is forked. all over github and everywhere in the. information superhighway in general. the one that i used which became right at. the top the actual python script correct.
right here you'll find that that's in which i. put the internet hook into. and it actually appeared into the nearby. garage over right here the local app information. listing and truly downloaded the. tokens. i already had and despatched them to the the. discord server that became basically given. the net hook too. so none of this is absolutely out of you. comprehend attain for anybody to perform. and the item is you may almost. perform this on any genuine software that. exists obtainable too there's a lot of. software that you may in the end send. tokens around to. obtainable to understand this is purely a. human mistakes. in my view because so as to even. do that you would need to be despatched a. shady link or a shady download or a. shady script and iin some cases you know. have a group of dependencies here and. there release set. script and then have your information stolen so.
it is the same as getting a shady electronic mail. or a shady hyperlink in general. as long as you've practiced good. cyber web safety. you're gonna be great i feel just like the. purely those that are gonna fall for this. are style of the ones falling within the . internet darwin awards classification. for clicking on every shady link that's. available it's the people who move at the. weird hentai web site and click. the unusual plugin you have to. download just don't do it in general. ok. in case you get sent a unusual shady dossier even. if it is from a pal even if it is from. someone which you trust. do not execute it due to the fact finally this. variety of stuff would occur even in a. digital computing device. that shops your discord account anyhow. you'll still send your precise token. because it's in the vm to begin with. so back. be careful going forward do not let your.

Token visit somebody else. and on the further observe people have to. recognise what can genuinely be executed with. this token and in fact you recognize. there is there's a lot of nefarious. things you can do. but even the tokens i believe does not. remain. infinitely valid there's going to be. moments where the token expires. and discord will regenerate a token for. your account and then that is how it. works. and absolutely one of the simplest ways to. counter that's to apply twofactor. authentication. many people i know don't have 2fa. enabled on their discord account whilst. they really ought to. allow twofactor authentication because. from what i realize. the actual stringent read what is it the. reissuing of this token is much more. like stringent when you have twofactor. authentication enabled. it's aanother layer of safety for your.
Account and if you don't have it and you. give your tokens away this willynilly. then you can't surely blame that your. account become sincerely hacked i mean. at the end of the day you type of made. the call to give your data do not. click shady links ethical of the tale you. would. this is all prevented and in reality it is. quite comparable. to another case we checked out where. discord malware stole my passwords and. tokens. wherein i actually used whatever known as. anarchy grabber there is a. thousand percent chance the software. used there was literally a fork of what. we simply did right here. the sole change is from that video. and this one is you noticed it occur. from the quoteunquote hacker's. attitude of view so yeah let's let's. get out of it i am rambling on too hard. you could actually see. here they'll let you know create a web.
Hook enter the url off you could. off you skate the code uh which there is. numerous on-line equipment to do this for. you so you know it's not hard. and iinstall it as a again door in one more. script ship the script in your victim. and make them run it bro they actually. are calling them sufferers what the particular. come on and you know what is even. cringier what i just. showed you became actually a python script. that required you to have python. installed so. traditionally thiis wouldn't also be possible. since those who have python set up. could on no account execute the script. as it is but when i ran the anarchy. grabber software that i confirmed you. it changed into in all likelihood a similar identical script. just obfuscated and placed it in a manner. that anyone might execute after which bam. same result will be executed so yeah if. you took the extra step or concerned.
In this case to. hide your tracks and make it run then. yeah you could it would actually be as. easy as we confirmed it ok. that is just it's it is wild now style of. the last thing we'll look into. over right here. is back tying to this whole tradition of. false impression. user-friendly safety practices on the web. and iit's aa lot of little ones lately generally. toddlers. who don't have enough money to get. discord nitro which is sort of what the. cool children have. and so they're on google here typing in. discord nitro. loose generator because i heard approximately it. on some bizarre. youtube video almost certainly actually to be. genuine with you there are many. youtube channels. that are definitely giving thiis nonsense. out working example new. discord nitro generator operating 2021. and returned extraordinary suggestion for youtube not. to disable likes and dislikes or keep.
Them hidden. because that's the type of that. you look at and it's oh that's shady. that is weird but this provides you a. instantly down load to a hack. and ii guess we are going to test oh 404. when the. russian uh you recognize. web site that we're using to shop all of. our pirated dmca. dmca files is outright telling you it's. bad it is undesirable. oh discord nitro generator this one is. in fact operating via brute force. assaults you're breaking discord tos. uh this is not a brute force by the way. yet good attempt now obviously it really is. going to steer us to a dossier that's. without a doubt . obviously malware so this is ice hack. let's supply that a down load genuine speedy. see what it's packed with. very well let's let's drop that during there. oh password. one three i think like a nsa. agent do not i. okay so now we have ice hack right. right here able to cross it has got a bunch of.
Scripts data bin default cfg. all thiis nonsense in fact i i just i. simply want to i simply desire to open that up. with like. like notepad today i don't have. anything else. of deagle aim five seven usps ak40 what. is thiis like a cs move script what are we. doing right here. it is a cs cross script i feel i feel okay. let's visit the injector i suppose process. no longer help this file. uh what you just scammed the kid into. downloading some bizarre shady program. and it would not even work at least supply. the kid his discord nitro. oh look into that loose nitro well me. let's go to generate here genuine rapid of. direction there are literally babies who. fall for this and to know how. bad it's they've got you immediate. delivery for your discord. activation url ah you desire me to do. surveys. that might be somewhat much less harmful than.
the rest. oh how many codes do i desire to generate. start producing my codes. five codes hell yeah gotta provide it to. the gotta give it to the friends. i mean it could be five or it may be. ten thousand wouldn't actually matter i. suppose this is actually only a straight. up funny story website. so if you just seize one of these hyperlinks. for discontinue generating ok. grab this kind of hyperlinks and just pass it. over i want. i ponder whether this actually even takes me. at any place i swear to god. wow what a shocker man it didn't work do. you imagine there is a hundred and thirty. seven-hundred and thirty eight thousand. view videos in this god rattling here let's. get the discord nitro right here. i simply want to get my account stolen. it's like a legit. definite down load the actual app maintain. my god what do you need me to do. switch on the addon certain let's go for it.
It's literally making me down load dumb. addons certain install the add-on key discover. it actually sal it actually sounds. like i am getting my account stolen yes . permit notifications find out fascinating. articles dry mouth motives there you go. that's actually type of fascinating. uh yeah sure set up free antivirus who. cares free antivirus 2020. of course of direction it's my enemy. oh yeah oh i'm i am sure there has been 182. 000 downloads. nitro generator certain let's fireplace this one. out what number codes do you need to. generate like six. oh wow dude i got like exact codes. they are not going to paintings a hundred. they are not going to work i can bet my. testicles that they are unlikely to work. all right let's go to nitro checker. nitrile hunter checker. oh microsoft protecting me not child do not. worry don't be concerned. discord look dude all these things is.
Nonsense what do i use do i take advantage of. yeah let's go in http proxy alright. it is strolling threads i assume. what 12 30 nah dude nah. i go proxy less incidentally alright. there we move. threads certain keep one thread look at. that it's. generating fake disc dude this is all. malware that's just siphoning my user. data or perhaps my account tokens off. at any place else it is simply terrible. i think so this is awful wow there you move. there you pass it is just it's simply. undesirable it is it is giving me a ranking you. perhaps like what it is undetected. anywhere else. men it's one of these is bad sufficient. now that is about aas much as i will take. earlier than my sanity genuinely wears thin now. females and gentlemen discord has. its safety flaws and to present discord. credit score they are doing what they are able to to. really make the finest of a condition. concerning them being an exceptionally.
Popular device and of course as all of us. be aware of the more famous. application will become the extra of a goal it. becomes for phishing. scams and capability malware to exist now. we've looked at situations in here that. are very very harmless to situations. that can in all probability be very harmful. but i feel one theme that i have. continuously noticeable by way of discord malware. throughout the years myself personally. and just watching it during this ability. is that there is a lot of vectors of. social engineering that can kick in. you know there's a lot of ways you can. use this malware to truly scare. humans that aren't technically. knowledgeable into believing whatever. nonsense you want. you know no matter if it is anything innocent. like a file case in point. triggering home windows defender to be extreme. you can abuse that. socially to make someone think it is a.
Much bigger situation than it correctly. is so. surely this video is more of kind of a. misinformation clean if whatever. and in terms of your tokens and. situations like that again. the application that i confirmed was so script. kittyish or even my. implementations during this video were ones. that concerned the two parties having. application that if the events have been to. set up which includes python. they would instantly be aware of the scripts. that they have been strolling again. these might be obfuscated and ran in. certain ways that people will never be the. wiser we have seen it with anarchy grabber. and varied other. you know malwares that have hit the uh. what might you say the hot circuit if. you'll. so with discord i i believe the ultimate. message i will surely say over here is. just don't click on shady links simply. don't give your data out to.
People. accessible within the wild because with. discord there is just aa lot of people out. there willing to take. advantage of just ignorance commonly. and ii think in the direction of the last. element of this video you can see that. obstacle right here on youtube tick talker. social media platform wherein. there is gonna be children. who want free nitro or even adults like. me who attempt to get free nitro. and they are willing to offer their. data away no longer understanding any better. so ladies and gentlemen this is all i am. certainly going to assert in this situation. discord malware i assume grew to become out to be. a little bit more cringey than i. predicted. um the real malware available discord is. fighting against and naturally. where in a few capacities it may be slightly. in the back of the times optimistically. they are catching up and dealing with. this as time is going on that being suggested.

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המלץ בדבר לינק מאמר הערות הדפס מאמרשתף לינק זה בפייסבוקשתף קישור זה הזמן בטוויטרשתף לינק זה ב-Linkedinשתף קישור זה הזמן ב-שתף עמוד הגיע בין השנים שתף עמוד זה הזמן ב-Redditשתף קישור זה הזמן ב-
שירותי תמלול רפואי הם הליך הפיכת ההכתבה הקולית אצל הדוקטור לתמלולים כתובים, המיומנויות העיקריות הנדרשות בתמלול רפואי הנישות מהירות הקלדה מאובטחת, וידע מקיף במונחים בריאותיים ותרופות.

תמלול ראיונות לסטודנטים בכל האנשים אשר נעשה התמלול רפואי רוצים לעבוד מחוץ לביתם; הגיע נותן לחומרי ריסוס אלו יתרון ליטול הבוס בקרב עצמם, מטופל פונה לתיקון בדירה קליינטים ומקבל דו"ח מהרופא. עשר הדיווחים הללו המוכתבים בידי היומיום אצל הרופאים עובר להתגורר למאות. יש להשתנות את אותו הדוחות האלו לטופס שכתוב ולאחסן אותם במחשב. הגיע השטח אשר בו מתמלל גרף. על ידי אוזניות ודוושת רגל לסירוגין, המתמלל יכול ולשמוע להקלטות המוכתבות ולהקליד את הסתימות במחשב. מהות הדוחות שהם נותנים יוכל להתעורר של כתבתי שחרור, דוחות ניתוח של, היסטוריה ובדיקה גופנית, דוחות התקדמות עד מכתבי תבוצע פנייה בדיוק. תמלול יוטיוב אלה מועברים לאחר מכן לרופא בנוגע על עד לאיש מקצוע בגדר הבריאות צריך להבא נותן אשר.

יחד עם זאת קל 2 שנים לכתוב נותן להפיק, המתמלל חייב להיות שמומחה באנטומיה, פיזיולוגיה, טרמינולוגיה רפואית, וכיצד מתקיימים הליכים אלו או אחרים, פגישת עבודה בעלויות הז'רגון הרפואי והקיצורים שמשמשים, שמות על ידי תרופות ומחלות - כל אלו ישמח לעשות הרבה מאוד המשימה קטנה יותר.

הדרישה למתמללים רפואיים גובר. ארצות נוספות בחו"ל העבירו את אותן עבודתן למיקור למעט למדינות דוגמת הודו, במדינה מתופעל אוכלוסייה השוררת אצל דוברי אנגלית. בהתאם למקום אשר הינם קליינטים, מתמללים מסמכים רפואיים מעדיפים הוצאה כספית בהתאם ל. הגיע מקצועי בעל רווחים, מקום כל אחד יכול להיות יכול להתמודד אלו שיש להן הלחץ של עבודה במהלך שעות רבות באותו עבודת.

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