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How to add Rythm music Discord Bot to Discord Server (2021)</h1>

Prefer to listen to highquality tune in. your discord server using the rhythm bot. well we have you protected during this. discord academic you're going to study. how to add setup and debug the rhythm. bot to ensure that everything is. operating competently earlier than we get started. if you are a server proprietor ensure that. you copy your invite link for your. discord server and submit it within the . comments part under. that manner we will get you feedback get you. participants and ensure to help your. discord server develop without added ado. let's get on with the academic the 1st. factor you are going to want to do is head. all the way down to the outline section below. there you will see this hyperlink that has. rhythm bot Co head over to this link in. your browser at this point you will see a. little tab in the tip right part that. says add to discord it should also be.
Highlighted in purple click this link. discord will then ask you to authorize. the rhythm bots in your discord server. you will see this little check field here. that allows you to upload the rhythm bot to. your server of your choice however make. sure that you have the manage server. permission if we head lower back to the server. visit server settings we can create a. rule known as admin and make sure that. this both has the admin checkbox or. the manage server checkbox with which you. can add it to your self and you need to. now have the ability to see with the refresh of. the web page that the rhythm bot has this. selection right here for the server you. want to add it to choose this selection and. then click on hold. at this factor the rhythm bot will then. ask you for permissions the permission. we'll supply it is administrator. in order that it may do all of its quite a few.

features play song play sound and get. accomplished effectively after that we are going. to easily click on authorize we will. confirm using the CAPTCHA and clone of. that the rhythm bot has been added. efficaciously now earlier than you leave we're. additionally going to be establishing the bots and. addressing any bugs that you may face. so to feature and established the bots well all. we have to do is head over to this. rhythm icon right here truly click. the call when it joins or head over to. this individuals list on the part and make. certain that it has this rhythm role that. has administrator access now that the. rhythm bot has been further let's gain knowledge of. the way to play track so definitely all you've. to do is head over to a textual content channel of. your choice then make sure that the. rhythm bot has been added and iit's able. to speak you are able to do this by entering the.
Command exclamation red rhythm bot will. reply this tells you how briskly the bot. is currently function after this factor. we are able to now get started with playing. song if we enter the command play we. can enter a youtube link or the call of. a youtube video to play here I go. to play whatever random called. experiment press enter you'll notice that the. rhythm bot will reply you want to be. in a voice channel to use this command. make sure that you are linked to a. voice channel by way of definitely selecting it and. becoming a member of it after that time head returned to. the textual content Channel and sort in the play. command once more it is going to now become a member of that. track channel and celebrity gambling audio if. the rhythm bot is not responding. accurately it can be considered one of things. first the bot might be down the rhythm bot. is truly an 8 million servers and is.

particularly slow at some times so be sure. that it has been further safely and that. it is online if it's not on line you may. be experiencing problems any other. predicament that you're facing is that. the bot does not have the automobile. right prefix there's many other BOTS. which include me six they've used the prefix. of exclamation mark this makes it. totally rough to distinguish. between BOTS with a view to difference this all. we need to do is difference it by means of the. command settings prefix and now the. prefix we'd like which include dollar sign after. that the Bob will now respond with the. prefix of dollar signal you can now. continue to play songs you may discontinue them. you may add matters to the queue and a. lot of different features to entry the full. record of rhythm features genuinely kind the. command assist over right here you'll see a hyperlink.

That sidekick discord bot can entry for the full list of. commands you will find things like playing. disconnecting pinging the bot skipping. songs seeking and much a lot more there's. various cool capabilities that you'll be able to use. with rhythm if you found this video. educational beneficial make sure to supply it a. like if you have any questions or you are. having predicament again just head down. to the remark part below and leave. us a question which will answer you and. get you help instantly if you are a. discord server owner and need to get. thousands of participants in your discourse. server we actually have a complete playlist. with quite a few cool movies on the way to set. up this word field and get your server up. and running so head right down to the. description less than and click that. playlist so you may hold looking. marvelous discord tutorials in case you discovered.

50/50 Discord Tradeup for number one approaching chance</h1>

last night at about 4am i was invited by means of. a few absolute mad men to a discord. referred to as 50 50 for a chunk of csgo history. #1 m4a4 coming near near threat in the. entire global it really is the way it went up. bonjour good nighttime. well nighttime well morning yeah. right here so you may get zero cash or. 47.. why does it exhibit this is the pinnacle like. it has got thiis outlined to be honest this. is 10 times better than maximum of his. tradeups. so we have the possibility of hitting. certainly not anything so it's literally. using up the complete supply of sg risk. pace so if sparkles wants to try to do. this yeah he'll use the single. one left on industry. to witness historical past with any luck that might. be nice it should be a triple 0 eight. five if it heads so that's literally. deleting nearly the entire provide of the. headed. praying for you you got this alright.

let me be aware of while you want me to do it we. just do it do just it bro do exactly it. 3. two. one. i ignored any other one i overlooked the. other one yet i hit this one so i'm. blissful. now you purchased a message to 1 the fellow who. owns the current wide variety no steve that. man this is range two that is disgusting. inspect that. good that guy received i'm so freaking. pleased that head i was anticipating the ssg. to pop up i got to be sincere. dude so changed into i . definitely. um right here it's boys steve steve what what. new watch like that really looks. insane i already made you get a brand new one. that's clear there's like no longer even a. chair. there's articles just sitting right here. crying about all the trains that he is. neglected. glints might have been ninety percent he. may have performed ninety five percent it'd have. been blood within the water i made a decision that i.

How To apply Discord (2021)</h1>
this is how to use Discord. Getting began on giveaway bot discord is simple. If you are using a computing device, navigate to At the landing web page, you will be prompted to both download the machine app or log in to the web platform. The computer edition has extra features, and clicking on "Download" will immediate you to save lots of the setting up dossier in your computer. If you only want to release via your browser, click on "Open in browser" and comply with the activates to sign up or log in. when you are on your phone, look for Discord within the app shop and install the respectable app from Discord Inc. returned on the laptop, release the downloaded installer and follow the simple activates to get the program established.
Once the install runs, your app is able. Simply sign up together with your account. If you are new to Discord, click "Register" and follow the activates. As it is your first time signing in, you must see a immediate to get a guided tutorial through the features. commencing at the left, you will see a big plus button. it truly is the major to commencing and joining conversations. this would open the server's immediate, where you could create a new server or join an existing one. each server is a wide chat room which may host subgroups and personal messages. Let' rhytm discord bot with making a server. Here, you may give it a name and icon.
Hit "Create," and your server is stay. Now that the server is stay, you may explore the structure. On the correct, you'll see the server individuals. At the left, you will see channels. these are the subgroups that are used for various conversations. The small plus button above it enables you to create new channels and judge no matter if it's a text or a voice chat. hovering over the #general channel allows you to create an invitation to proportion with others. if you're already neighbors with someone on Discord, you can immediately invite them by clicking their profile. So, at this factor you have created a server, yet you also can become a member of others.
Seeking a subject will show a range of public servers. hence, we'll request to affix the professional Fortnite one. you'll need to request an invite from a server earlier than you could join it. Once accepted, discord member bot may explore this Fortnite page and spot how a populated server appears. on the left, there's a large collection of committed channels for specific matters and conversations, and on the right, a list of the server moderators, online game employees, and a widespread list of all members. You also can see what some activities everyone is as much as. At the left, you will find the icons of the servers that you join.
Clicking on those will switch you over to that server and its channels. Let's return to the house page and customise a number of Discord's settings. On the bottom left subsequent on your username and icon are a mic, headphone, and cog button. discord how to invite bot will launch our settings. There are many suggestions users can customise, including privacy and security, voice and videochat alternatives, and more. The most used features on Discord is its voice chat. Here, you may make sure your microphone is being picked up and judge no matter if you want your mic always on or in simple terms once you press a button. The Discord web app has almost exact layout and features, and the cellular app retains the middle functions of the platform, including server channels, voice talk, and friend interactions.

the way to Delete a Discord Server</h1>
hiya men welcome to a different discord. educational video. in this video i will show you how. to delete a server and discord. so doing this will let you delete. any server that you've got created perhaps by way of. accident. or you simply want to delete it due to the fact. you now not desire it or use it. i will be performing this academic within the . app on a computer but it will likely be very. similar on a mobile phone or within the . browser. the menus could just be a touch. one-of-a-kind so first thing you must. do is just go to discord and log in. then choose the server that you really want to. delete so i'm. in the server now when you do that move up. to the tip of the server subsequent to the. server name. and select the drop down in the menu. that appears. go to server settings so select server. settings. now in the left sidebar move all of the way. right down to the lowest.

And uncover miki bot discord move forward and. select that. now so as to actually delete it we. have to type the server name. in to this little textual content box right here. and as you can find up at the top it has. the server call so if you need to see. that simply. sort it in to verify that you want to. delete it after which choose delete server. it'll then be removed from the left. sidebar and the server has been deleted. all right so that's the way you delete a. discord server when you have any questions. approximately this leave a comment under i'll. get back to you once i'm able to. if you'd like to see extra discord. tutorial movies verify the hyperlinks in the. description. if this video helped you provide it a. thumbs up and please think about. subscribing to my channel gauging. gadgets for more gadget reports and tech. tutorials. thanks so much for looking.

Discord Rap Battles</h1>
Holy freaking crap dreams raising his. hand come on in here dream. dream brushes rosa parks. we were necessarily within the returned and ii was. always sufficient. rap battles were around due to the fact. before you and that i have been born i positioned funds. on the fact that brugen kirk become. spitting in the caves. bajillion years later you'd assume that. persons would be good at rap fighting. correct. incorrect you guys seriously have got to work on. your bars. deaf persons obtained more rhythm and them. boys. jokking sorta there were some hidden. gem stones. but most you guys have got to move practice in. this video i pinned up random. participants against one another and made them. rap fight like i mentioned some of them understand. what they're doing. others i am going to allow you to be the judge so make. certain you stick around and inform me within the . reviews who become fired. and who became a dumpster if you enjoyed.

This video please let me comprehend with the aid of. subscribing we are. dangerously practically 600k thanks guys. for the recent support and as always. benefit from the video it is enjoyable for me simply to. seize. a boob plus my penis appear what number. reactions we have right here. 10 of them watch this watch this. here we. oh. who is gonna step to which are you all you. all can't both be muted bro cross ahead bro. minecraft screaming reaper blowing up. blocks like alqaeda or delta say. something allow me pay attention it. he couldn't take it may he even rap returned. to me or do i similar to win by way of you. no you win by using default due to the fact she's. muted you ain't acquired not anything. run your assets max ain't right here yet. bro hold on. there he's. what did you say bro. you'll spit a few bars i can not wait until. my editors to subtitle this. in all th's i had an explosion right here i. hit you and then make a tape i caught on.

Your dick. i believe it clipped and that hit your. you have the pain i saw your company. discontinue chokking at the beast larry started. gagging on the beat. yeah pass forward [ __ ] [ __ ]. marijuana i wanna smoke weed everyday. and i'm gonna consume that interval . comma pause. behold the applause i wanna mould and. fold the laws. i'll be ambitious and roll the gauze i wanna. touch your pp. gap now i'm back now we are jogging the. lack now i am gonna placed a smackdown to. this whack down p pu-s-y. until i die i might be lower back my . stay flat. you're telling me you inform me if i if i. google them phrases today. the hell does groovy want to are available in. here. obama among us isaac has randomly joined. a further cat fight one other cat battle you. men gonna be like. being imply to one another. yeah notsobot discord bot invite took you like 30 seconds to. approach. that don't disappoint me o.k. you a.
box bot discord will treat you want an itch. isaac is adorable and possibly owns a caddy. i am smooth that willie's server yet you. can name me daddy. if you believe you could outran me then you. maybe true but i prewrote this rhyme. so allow me pay attention your. iq. i started bouncing too very similar to a. little boy alright very well llama. what you gotta say what'd you men say. to that. i am hoping you know you prompted this circulate yet. i am approximately to tie you up like a ship. you fish have a pacifier of their mouth. i. sound like an epic bars. there you pass i wrote a comeback i don't. oh. no all right i did not think i would cross back. but i'll give it a try out isaac allow me take. you on a date and get you extra fries. your rap sounded like it turned into told by a. dummy once you breathe i'm able to pay attention it. wiggle your tummy. i am not good at driving so i am hoping i variety. of win are you certain you are not a child you.
style of sound like you're useless. genius what happened if corpse husband. become up here you are going to tell me it. seems like he is 10.. courtney's husband ok. mom i am sorry we're amassed here at present. we won't fly excessive brother. yeah i will placed you i will placed your profile. pic on it let's kiss glitz. hello yo no thanks oh she's well mannered. appear a twin of me eric's this occasion bro. this occasion is for each of the band kids and. each of the theater youngsters am i able to invite. somebody please. larry with cat ears larry with caddy. spoke back. are you attempting to rap battle someone you. got you acquire whatever. um i'm still engaged on that but hey i. can do it. oh no ok alright uh. to procure to move first okay alright hiya. yo i'll make this genuine rapid. i got higher to do like sucking. dick. i am gonna pass forward and your chick. and after that. i believe you rhymed speedy and dick four.

instances i'm ill yeah boyfriend what do. you got to claim approximately that boyfriend what. you bought to assert. oh no baby i'm sorry i don't know. toddler your arms are wear two two pieces. of wood and you're crucified at that. sunrise bro. no okay i'm going instantly off the. dome i come in your mom's nostril. make a few coke huh i. i am hurt too. please. valkyrie your voice sounds way distinctive. than on oh. hi there oh my god seem what percentage pokey capacity. there are there. i see them deliver all 5 pokemons in. here. oh my god. pokemon markiplier the true. hello every person my name is markiplier. yo yo ma flip yourself onto this do not. disturb flip your self directly to do not. disturb. dude. you poor factor i. i bet you're adopted identical to your dad. i know you can't fill in the shadow like. your historic man. due to the fact he knew you were a mistake from. the first look.
the first time you study whilst turned into whilst. you have been 11 from an. audiobook audible you ain't. ready for these bars i'm about to drop. since you can't even handle the. melancholy nonstop. it hurts day-to-day you don't sled. even when you score you cannot wait a day. simply sit back. breathe what how to setup a discord music bot say but yeah. guys you obtain a rebuttal. damn she went there nah went there. holy freaking crap dreams raising his. hand come on in right here dream. dream handbags rosa parks. i feel the one that's crying ought to. start i do know you believe you're acting. sleek but you possibly play oc. 80 hours per week you most likely bitch . that you're in a lot discomfort. shut up you are only a tier 3 sub the. pokeman. bubbles up in your chest underneath your. vest you are like an npc individual that. gives out the quests. but no personality you only live with.

Separate Game Audio, Discord, tune in OBS</h1>
In this video i will be displaying. you the way to separate all of your. distinct audio sources for your movement. so that you may have complete independent. handle over your game audio your. discord chat your track and your. microphone without needing to spend any. money on something like a pass xlr or an. elgato wave microphone and do not be disturbed. i am unlikely to be asking you to. install a few splendid intricate software. like voicemeeter this new answer can. be achieved completely within obs studio. in advance of we dive into the educational. i am certain maximum of you are good conscious by using. now that twitch lately suffered a. major information breach and so if you are. reuusing that password somewhere else on the. cyber web you're leaving all your. accounts at risk it's high time that you. began utilizing a password manager like. today's video sponsor nordpass where you.
Can generate discord warframe bot and particular. passwords for each web site and then. shop all of them securely in a single vault. nordpass will then instantly fill. out login data for you from their. browser extensions or mobile apps so. there is not any want to remember passwords or. reuse login data ever lower back so do. yourself a desire and grab the nordpass. top rate plan with 50 off plus an. additional four months for gratis by means of going. to gaming careers or using. code gaming careers at checkout alright. so to start we need to down load. the win catch audio plugin for obs. studio which i have linked down within the . description below it is valued at mentioning. that this plugin continues to be in beta. trying out yet i've been uh utilizing it for. the past few weeks and i've had. absolutely 0 issues so down load. both the executtable for straightforward install.
Or the zip folder so one can drag. and drop this manually into your plugins. folder once iinstalled you'll have. this new alternative in your assets menu. referred to as software audio output trap. yet earlier than we move about adding all of our. person audio sources you must. leap into the settings visit the audio. tab and just ensure that laptop. audio and machine audio 2 are both set. to disabled and this would preclude us. getting any duplicated audio while. we are in right here you may in addition make. certain that your mic auxiliary audio is. set to the right microphone and then. once that is all set up effectively you could. click on okay to shut down the settings. on the grounds that we'll be adding all of. our audio sources separately it may. get particularly repetitive to add them to. every single scene that you've got so. instead i'd suggest developing a.
Nested scene to place all of our. person audio sources within to do. that let's add a new scene and name this. pleasant and easily i love to do ns in. rectangular brackets for nested scene and. then audio assets ok so let's upload our. first audio resource which will be our. track player now you have to be aware. that you even have to have the. software open that you really want to. catch so for me that's spotify but if. you use itunes or deezer or amazon music. you just need to have the application. open and ideally playing a few track as. well so i'll start playing some track. utilizing spotify after which back inside obs. within our nested scene we wish to upload a. new source uh using the recent software. audio output catch and then you. probably want to call thiis just to maintain. matters prepared so i will call. this tune for the reason that we will be.

Shooting hat bot discord have to difference here's. the window we wish to discover the right. executtable for me that's spotify.exe and. then we will leave the window event. priority at tournament identify otherwise discover. window of same executtable which just. capacity whatever music is playing in. spotify it is going to be shooting the. audio from that aapplication every thing. could be left at the defaults and then we. can click okay and if we look down right here at. the audio mixer we can see that we have got. a new meter here for our tune and if i. was to then uh pause spotify you'll discover. the meter comes backpedal returned and this. is completely self reliant of any of the. other sounds going on on my machine so. any manner sounds or online game sounds or. discord audio won't be coming through. this track channel so subsequent you must.

Repeat dj bot discord of adding your audio. resources and capturing the particular. window perhaps you want to do one on your. teammates utilizing discord one for your. game audio one in your procedure sounds or. one in your browser audio if you're the. sort of person that likes to watch. things like youtube whilst you're on. circulation once you've passed through and. further all of the several audio assets. you must catch we can head throughout. to any of our other scenes like this. example video game scene and actually upload the. audio sources nested scene as a source. so come upon to resources here click the. plus icon search for scene and then we're. going to feature our existing nested scene. of audio resources and you'll discover as quickly. as i click on that we then in our audio. mixer get the options for all the. distinct audio sources that we added.

inside that nested scene so now you've. total self sufficient handle over all of. your special audio assets on your. movement so if you should change volumes. or mute sure assets or even add. stepped forward filters to person sources. you can do so about a improved bonus. suggestions in case you possess something like a movement. deck you could add keys to individually. manage each of these audio sources so. without needing to alt tab you may. quickly decrease the quantity of your. teammates in discord to illustrate you do. must use the obs tools plugin from. var radar yet once you've done that you. can just drag onto a certain key on your. stream deck and then handle an obs. audio source straight also if you want . obs studio to automatically. lower and raise your music volume whilst. you begin and stop speaking you can do. that via doing something referred to as audio.
Ducking or invite discord bot chaining straight with. an aovs all you ought to do is add a. clear out to your music resource. that is the compression clear out and then. at the sidechain scale back ducking resource. you place that to be your microphone now. when you've got to play with some of. any other settings here like ratio and. threshold that allows you to gain knowledge of exactly. how to try this i've an exceptionally quick yet. distinct 4 minute guide that i will. leave linked up in the end corner as. good as in the outline down below. ultimately if you haven't yet further any. filters for your microphone i would. certainly recommend you investigate my. 5 steps to make your microphone sound. pro video where i suffer the way to. use obs studio to. add filters to your microphone to make. it sound larger it is a banger i promise. if you have loved this video please do.

We downloaded a knockoff chinese language discord</h1>
Discord is completely banned icon what. is the manage that i do not know what. it's. it's referred to as we do a little. oh my god i'm ecstatic i am so excited. i got into the chinese government. chinese discord. i will go to a soul a soul oh oh. oh why does this look type of higher. although this does appear kind of. that they are gambling osu like frame one. we have already found osu wait it's. simply this. okay. where's my to the sun shades. it's taking so long because they have. like some bizarre chinese guy within like. a field workplace ensuring my message is. like terrifi. oh they're making exciting of me in chinese. or something. oh i am here oh my ping isn't good. wait is your vpn on you're not occurring. no. that's ok i am going to get i will get kicked out. in the hour possibly. oh. whoa it's large that emo it's huge.

Nihao yo what's he announcing. help me i don't know what to assert so cool. what the . nah he is not he's playing a video game or. anything. yo nihal bro. yoko nichi what's up. oh my god that looks precisely like it. it is so she appears exactly like oh. yeah it's just so. unusual discord. oh baby oh no. allow me in what do i must do oh. why is this software high key greater. than discord i do not know chinese people. are loopy. oh is that their i wonder if that became. the confirm button. is that what gives me access to every it. is i knew it that is the verify button. o.k. let's cross this guy's name is. jason. bro. the gambling host in the present day. hey anyone there. dude oh my god they are up there on the. side of the at the sidebar. they could be a mod a chinese language mod. they seem to be a healer. oh word they are a healer. oh left that's it. why do you allow.
i don't think any of them oh what. you're trolling me. that's the bulletins dude. oh that is the owner isaac. what does that say. a bit quandary the how. now jackie chan is on his way to jackie. chan. you will see the flow it really is . strange. oh tremendous oh i'll pass now. i got that xxx. it is not my fault that is the only. chinese language. where is that bonerboy824. oh we received we need to seek advice from him is that. a wing stop. that is wingstop that is right yeah it is a. wingstop prize. look into the owner's profile pic he is. committed. he's playing top-rated editing. r6 what'd you write. visit jonker with that photto please. down load that picture and ship it isaac. which one. oh you bought a dm. oh wait wait he's a faster participant. what is that what is it. very well thank you dude send him that. photograph now dude. dude. we're associates. yeah that is magnificent.
So did you are making your did you make your. first actual buddy on or. whatever me and. my buddy the black i am me and my buddy. at the black are. now pals nice wow you found the right. individual i'm probably the most precious. person you could find in. oh the black. i hate i think that's the name of it. yeah yet what is that little aspect right. next to their name this the crimson thing. no. click on it the purple aspect no it says. pass black. no everybody in china has to benefit. uh. i upload on billy billy i do among us. content chiefly. obtained a server right here for folk to play. among us collectively. i need to observe a number of his video clips wow. he is got 1200 likes. yeah he's on fire thousaand views a video. this video's obtained . looking 20 000 perspectives. make burger wow he places an. attempt those subtitles are . badass dude inform me that is not the intro.
To how to add rythm bot to discord is sweet by using drake. pay attention. tell him be like right here you could watch this. you are welcome. i don't think ok i don't believe you. would legally try this i believe that could. be a little uh. yeah dwelling little you gotta survive the. side repeatedly yeah. right here it is like a fine in the event that they get in. hassle for looking the joker movie. that may be a banned film in china. they get like penitentiary time and their entire. lifestyles. alright you can now send him the joker. yeah yeah they have already regarded up. twitter now he can continue. he gave him an opportunity due to this. retaliation now they are going to penitentiary. for like five years they told me to . off and never come back. we hate those who don't love aceh. they pulled on my twitter they found it. comply with me isaac you are sending all of them. these american hyperlinks a persons' gonna get.  discord clyde bot cant send messages ' gonna get hauled away.

Like i do not believe it's as strict as we. assume it's yet i'd favor. considering it is extra strict than it's. greater secure than sorry. get this bizarre little popup over here. and i'm guessing that. are we too massive yeah that's what's saying. i would i've 5 megabyte upload and. that is it and that i don't know if they have. like. on 80s all set for a giveaway. two of them four monitors. oh he pronounced nah not like my child is in my. students i teach high school. technology holy crap. are you they will name me a. racial slur in about 30 seconds. oh man they are they're genuinely disenchanted. ship me a discord server. yeah hi hello hello. why does all people hate me before everything we. don't believe you are uh. american genuinely i am american born and. raised. in the playground. i am in two voice channels at an analogous. time part. partially for now okay that'll be.

My Worst Discord Staff Member... (exposed and i&#39;m pissed)</h1>
There you cross yeah you men can probably. hear me. now i got to do it for the other scenes. so give me one moment. that is my audio replying permit me comprehend. chat if you men can hear me you men. won't listen me for a fast second due to the fact. i gotta alter my audio here. maybe you guys will. yeah you men can listen me on this facet. too o.k. cool so i shall proportion my. display exhibit what i gotta do so allow me. know is my audio good do i need to. adjust aanything um i needed to do a pair. different things i'm going to speak about. loads of stuff here um this goes to. be more of a major circulation um that is. going to be something to seem lower back on if. you'll still desire to either donate. click the links in the description do. all of that pass right ahead i am not. genuinely going to be saying a lot of that. in any respect. throughout that movement thanks men.
For letting me understand that you'll listen me. i'm glad you spot some well-known faces i. imagine like queen lee omega um. i see a couple of the damien drm team. here vandalism um. so a number of my staff individuals i. fully grasp it uh chilled um all of you. guys so um. yeah i'm here to discuss a large number of. stuff yet i am gonna say genuine quick that. i am. you recognize if you're gonna do any of that. ask questions. anything else save that till the tip see. if I actually have time yet i'm surely. pissed off a couple of condition and i am. here to speak about it deliver my side of. things um to all of it and uh simply circulate. forward from it and um it's a very minor. stuff but i know sooner or later i used to be going. to have to address it due to the fact i am going. to be asked questions or it is going to. get stated or somebody's going to. try to apply something opposed to me and i'm.
right here just to lay out everything that i. understand i don't know all information. there's different parties that have got to get. worried for us to know more information. yet i am right here to just demonstrate everything. and everything that i do know everything. that i have heard and go forward from. there so as you'll find the name of the. live movement the live circulation is titled. my worst discord employees member and i'm. going to talk about assorted exstaff. contributors of mine so if you spot anyone in. the chat with a touch wrench their. current employees member they have been doing. an amazing task i. you know i actually do care about them and. i thank them for all the moderating paintings. that they've done and will retain to. do going ahead so thank you right now. to my current employees for now not being a. predicament no longer having to be anything i have. to constantly come back to and feature to.
Manage now and again again. now i will retain to um. clarify plenty of factors so i am gonna test. to describe it so all people knows what i. am talking approximately in case you have questions. as we move i am going to test to examine the chat. yet i am simply gonna hold going. um and then go from there so. my worst discord employees member i'm. talking approximately maid of honor she has a. twitter which i'm blocked which i do not. care if i am blocked i i actually didn't. care um out of admire i necessarily didn't. block my employees individuals even on discord i. avoided to do this i did do it on some . where things simply fell by means of and they. were continuing to simply be a nasty. effect and ii wasn't going to put up. with it or they continuously stored. messaging me yet i typically hold my ex. staff participants unblocked as a result of a. admire factor in the event that they ever want to come.
returned and talk to me or do whatever that. is fine made has blocked me that is best. i believe we're nonetheless. discord neighbors on discord might be i. do not know she might be blocked me. after seeing my tweets the day past yet i. tweeted publicly about some stuff and. i'm here to describe every little thing and move. from there. um. here made from honor 18 it is her. twitter account i do not care about. revealing it don't move over there and. harass bully ship dying threats ship. hate do not cross do this obviously we all. recognize this i'm gonna say several. disclaimers yet this is her twitter. account and the only reason i am. announcing that because she turned into satisfactory utilizing. this twitter account to be observed by using a. massive youtuber wildcat she became fine. tweeting on there whatever she desired to. tweet on there whatsoever she desired to do. on there and i'm gonna exhibit those tweets.
So if she wants to be. on twitter this public sphere and all. this other stuff then she has no hindrance. everybody else knowing her twitter. handle i am not attempting to dox her i am not. trying to ship hate her manner i just desire. to clear that up genuine speedy. so. what i'm attempting to bring up real fast. is. she was a discord employees member of mine. there are various motives on why she was. removed and this is a good caution for. anybody else who has a discord server. whoever else is walking a discord server. whoever's in command of having new. moderators on their server this is why. you would not have maid of honor as your. discord staff member and ii could. actually make an entire sequence about. this since the volume of shitty employees. contributors i've had on discord which on the. conclusion of the day you may call them employees. contributors you may call it a role you are able to do.
All that yet you're actually simply. hopping onto discord to ensure people. comply with guidelines of observer it's the. easiest job in the world but persons like. to express all the time it is so. annoying oh my god it is so bad mentally. well then get the off the internet. why whinge approximately that why make this. bigger than what it should be just. close the up. are you gonna moderate or are you gonna. go away the server and i have certainly not. realize this maid has been certainly one of. these people to constantly say from time. to time again that her intellectual health is. dipping and she or he should take time and a. damage off i completely remember that. i am glad she took her breaks however the. final time she mentioned she should mentally. simply exit and. no longer be part of the discord server or any. of that she became up in different drama. channels live chats following up on.
Drama and arguing with persons in a stay. chat that it cannot be good for your. mental well-being so why the hell are you. doing that but telling us that you want. to take a spoil due to your intellectual. well-being and you need to go away the server. due to this this and that. so i'm sorry yet i don't buy it if you. want a mental wreck get the off the. information superhighway discontinue being in drama chat stop. arguing with persons in live streams. there's receipts for that cross look at. like crows of judgment and sends. move look into their channels they've performed. live streams they've performed live chats. correct when she was taking a wreck and. she become demoted as a staff member she. became over there talking in stay chats so. i am sorry yet the complete mental health. component i find is a gaggle of if. it changed into certainly a mental overall healthiness break get. the faraway from drama in general be.
On youtube watch funny cat videos do. that but being fascinated about arguing cannot. be good and if she had to area. herself simply separately from mine that. would were quality but that is not what. she stated she suggested that she needs the lads. she wishes a destroy from the drama she. needs a smash from all the stressful. drama stuff yet she became immediately. focused on arguing with persons and. debating with people. actually correct over there that's like. the most deficient excuse it is like oh my god. sure i want to play soccer with you but. i'm gonna play i i can not play football on. you know in this grass it is not cut the. correct i gotta go play football on that. grass with them so i am sorry. it is just so stupid oh i am not gonna. play on your backyard you're you know. it is just so stupid and and i i i'm not. pissed off that she left the server or.
whatsoever i used to be happy with it due to the fact she. become simply demoted and all. yet i am going to get into all that why she changed into. demoted and all this different stuff. gooldbizzle too so sorry this happened um. to you retain on residing lit i'll it is. just something i'll get out of. the way so i've stated it once I. moved on i am. a little fuming about it so if i start. to like. communicate quicker get a bit of louder get. a little more stern with my voice it. isn't due to the fact i have a group of oh i. might have a little constructed up anger from. this or yet any like at the tip. of the day i don't really care due to the fact. after this i will cross appreciate my. vacations and all this different stuff yet i. am getting it out of the way since it. did have an effect on me my associates my. employees group and just folks in. popular and she can affect.
Your discord server so i'll give. a warning to uh each discord proprietor. whoever wants to make her a staff member. or actually have her as a member in general. that's your warning i will exhibit. you each of the bad she's done earlier than. and ward off this and ii think i. might make this into aa series because i. haven't any hindrance talking approximately those who. don't know how to use the. cyber web how do do not know how to treat. those with appreciate on discord total. strangers persons do the trolling aspect. all day that is first-class she's not just. trolling okay. and i'll seek advice from i am going to talk extra about. that here in a second 0 two two. subtract i like the waifu rolls tab lol. thanks it means a lot thank you um. moving on though. so. maid aka mel is i think's her name or. she became a discord employees member. i had a gaggle of staff participants depart my.
Discord server at one point all of them . like reported it became too demanding it turned into. too hard all this different oh my god. it's taken a lot from my intellectual well-being. good then get the off discord. dumbass. all this other . maid turned into among the few people who. wanted to become a member of at the time and assist out. i thank her for that and i thank her for. all the work she's accomplished. as time went on. and things saved going and going and. going. she become relocating up as a employees member she. become doing an excellent task i promoted her. quite a few instances she become only a mod she. could basically like warn and kick persons and. then i you know i just you know she simply. saved being good well and well from infant. mom to mod every little thing became first-class. now. maid. i am going to discuss with her as maid maximum the time. because that's what everyone called her. is made her name twitter manage is made.
Of honor. yet uh maid mel wherein textual content you. turn out to be seeing whatsoever reviews i emerge as. proposing to you guys her name is made. and uh. over time made began to grow an. mindset with numerous staff individuals and. i want to just double check if. i am not forcing my employees contributors to be. concerned if they do not want to but if. stat if any staff members are watching. this live move presently and mild. within the chat which i thank you for that. if you guys want to verify. whatever that i'm saying that could be. worthwhile and men inspect the chat to determine. if any staff individuals are confirming she. would develop an attitude through the years. a major mindset whilst she came to sit. right here and suggest things at her server. employees conferences or the workers gets. collectively to speak about it. um. maid might take a seat here and imply matters.
And then when matters did not cross her manner. or did not occur through the years she would. and bitch to different staff. contributors approximately that she's had countless. feuds with persons before over the. smallest component here and there which. lower back happens it is fine but it's just. all of this mixed is what what's. simply too a lot. she sat here and abused her energy and. constantly just used it to kick individuals. push them round bully that bully them. she would take a seat here and do the uppercase. lowercase uppercase lowercase of every. unmarried letter and repeat a quote of. someone to do it satirically and he or she. might do it for all time and iit would. piss off persons but she didn't have that. appreciate as a staff member to treat. contributors respectfully okay and that's. what i search for that is what i tell my. employees individuals if someone's being. disrespectful does not imply you must.
Be disrespectful again and curse at them. or do . i'm usually at fault for doing it and. all each occasionally is ok could. under no circumstances have the decency to regard people. with recognize regardless if she turned into being. handled with appreciate or disrespect. um. she through the years stored sitting here. and. continued. to abuse her energy by kicking persons out. of vcs that she didn't like deleting. chats from people who she did not like. trying to get people in quandary once we. enable one member to do this but this. other member would not know if it is ok. to do it she would abuse her energy and. take a seat here and say no you cannot do it. because she would not just like the. individual or she has a vendetta or a beyond. with the person one person i'll. mention his call is vandalism he is been. a member he's made videos he's tried. remark before he is been curious about.
my very own video clips earlier than vandalism is a. incredible member he's been right here for a while. vandalism and made have a beyond. inspite of what the past is as a. staff member you deal with that person with. respect on line publicly that is what you. do if you are an employee at a job and. your ex walks through the door you could. kindly just step away and walk away. that's one preference but you can not cheat. that person disrespectfully in the front of. all the other clients and workers. you can not do that and ii'm not attempting to. take a seat right here and say it is a activity she has to. try this but it happens quite a few instances and. after quite a few warnings of this it grew to be. worse and worse and worse and i have. more much more stuff to talk about here. too. through the years. vandalism sat right here and became constantly. being warned and all this different stuff. further further the warren rolls kicked uh.
Kicked from bcs deleted messages. disconnected from computers all this other. stuff and there's not a unmarried mod log. and ii'm going to show you a document. right here that indicates pictures on the way to mod. log and she on no account mod logged any of this. so when you do an movement of giving. somebody the role or disconnecting a person. or kicking a consumer from the server or. deleting these messages a staff member. is needed and employees backed me up on. this you guys all be aware of this you're. required to log that so you aren't in basic terms. just doing the motion and never considering. approximately it returned you consider what they. did incorrect you perform the motion that. you would like to immediately then you go to. mod log it it's like a police document. once they pass up to against the law scene they. have to put in writing up a police file after. they are executed with it same element you.
Gotta mod log it just so we've record. of every little thing after which we will search in. one chat for one person about all of this. we upload the user's name we add the guideline. they broke we upload any proof we add. every thing that happened. you ought to do the mod log she not ever did. a unmarried mod log for vandalism in any respect. not ever. and she or he did all of these items over the. course of a number of weeks so simply. up immediately and i'll show you each of the. screenshots each of the receipts each of the. proof in the world occasion okay and iif you. men do not um it's always protocol. thanks uh. um whatever jake is asserting i. realise that um thank you men for. backing me up um. so this would constantly happen over and. over and over again this will be dealt. with a number of times and iit would become a. headache because constantly we would. want to warn her and send her messages.
Caution her and all this other stuff. there was one again and again don't need. to assert it is clone of a task but follow. the same protocols as though it changed into a role. because you can lose this position and. not moderate persons anymore so deal with. those with recognize she would regularly. go on move or go in chats to speak bad. approximately me which i'm technically her boss. so that you can get so technical with it. but at the top of the day she is. moderating my discord server and that i can. eliminate her if i don't love what she has. to say so i ask her when you've got your personal. opinions that is pleasant hold your opinions. separate yet if you're gonna go out and. simply blast and insult me and talk undesirable. approximately me that is a foul factor and he or she has. performed it quite a few instances she has long past out. on list on youtube in stay stream. chats in remark sections to speak bad.
Approximately me because she does not like what i. ought to do she does not like what i do. she would not just like the content i add. well then why are you in my discord she. would whinge approximately the quantity of drama. but you know this is a drama discord a. youtube channel established around drama. why and bitch approximately it depart. and go join one other discord cross. moderate some other youtuber that is a. gamer if you don't want to do drama. don't be right here yet she stored implying. herself to be here she did have friends. on the workers team she became many acquaintances. with absolutely everyone for some time decades. so again i see why she stayed but if. drama isn't for her she should have took. in the stairs to remove herself as a. employees member and just join. the discord and a member of the discord. you do not have to be taken with the.
Drama to be a member of the discord a. lot of the. fixed members who were here for. many years a large number of you men do not give. a concerning the drama anymore you simply. like the neighborhood i will name a pair. queenly she could perhaps supply . shits about any drama. i think queen lee could probably enjoying. this drama due to the fact it's kind of juicy. and pleasing to listen to but she would. care two shits about whatever drama is. going on with this youtuber she simply. likes the community she likes the server. and iif you want to be that member who. wants to be involved yet you are not. related to the drama you don't follow. up on the drama you don't have to simply. know that you'll get pings for it. due to the fact that is the content material i add and. i simply wanted to say that going ahead. and there is quite a few people there are.
a number of people some . so. drop my. cap to this. that's genuine thanks queenly o.k.. on top of this i am just going for walks down. everything she's carried out we're going to. look at all of the facts for this we're. going to look at every thing. she has sat right here and complained approximately. having it be like a task and work yet she. not ever receives paid. whilst various times she has came to me. and requested to have discord nitro that's. like 7.ninety nine it's not that much but i've. given her disco nitro various instances i. on no account disrespected her i in no way saw her. and treated her bad i certainly not bullied her. so there has been no cause of her to be. impolite to me when she desires to sit down right here. and decide me on my content and message. me saying that is a bad notion you. should not do that this and that after i. tell my employees i could care shits. what you think of my content material it is my.
content material you are here to mild a. discord my employees is familiar with which could. certainly not understood that i have had several. staff participants before imagine that they. have a say so or they have an opinion. that is going to affect me now in case you. desire to percentage your opinion that is one. component but each video each circulate i do. she messages me that was a nasty inspiration you. must have said this you will have. been extra calm you've got sat right here. and not do this we don't care we actually. don't care. so. she would constantly take a seat right here and share . her opinion around but bitch she. by no means received paid even though i gave her. discord nitro for all time i always. treated her with admire i gave her. quite a few warnings earlier than she even bought the. discuss with be demoted i gave her a last. talk asserting subsequent time you will be. demanded you must reduce it out you wish.
to forestall after which we ended up discovering she. turned into doing more sneaky and bullying. harassing and focusing on a member of the. discord which turned into vandalism. vandalism has left the discord earlier than. as a result of maid and because of the . that's happened and it's made himself. remote from the neighborhood so if one among. my staff members are making my contributors. distant from my neighborhood from my. content material from my discord that could be a. drawback so she had to be eliminated we. removed her but advised her you could continue to be in. the server you may join the. community she decided to go away and say. no i must paintings on my intellectual health and wellbeing. and all this other bull crap but then. actually a pair days later she's. sitting here or i don't even comprehend if a. couple days i believe it changed into an identical day. or the following day she's in a live flow. debating about drama and speaking about.
Drama over there she even name drops me. a pair times so she didn't break out. from it she just desired to get far from. us which is totally excellent but lower back it. speaks on another level that you you. cannot even be respectable concerning the demotion. you simply know that you up recognize. that you did wrong and circulate the on. you you might she could even be readded. as a staff member if she you know tucked. her tail among her legs and simply. approved that she did anything incorrect. yet she in no way did. now. does she have intellectual health problems she. o.k. could do i think the person. no she's a liar i i do not i'm. sorry but when you are gonna keep mendacity i. do not believe what you have to say she. perhaps does have some style of variety of. intellectual illnesses i'm hoping she receives. her assist i'm hoping every thing is going good for. her in her life and ii hope she lives.
natural and organic happy and all this other stuff. yet what she has completed on line is. certainly awful she doesn't deserve to. have a router or a modem in her house. and she or he ought to be off the web with. the way she disrespects persons the. things that she tweets out the things. that she tries to sit right here and damage. folks. ok and that's completely disrespectful. and ii will talk more approximately this. situation what acquired me to start tweeting. the day prior to this is apparently she was bitching. with sit back venom approximately some sort of. thumbnail that was stolen. and it was it was it became maliciously. done and all this different and i. turned into like wait. that's my pal coda. and he made that thumbnail. i suggest yeah there's some similarities in. the thumbnail but. keemstar stole a thumbnail. not anything occurred to him i suggest it is just. it is a thumbnail with a channel much less.
Than 50 subs like why does it . matter and she or he attempted to at wildcat the. individual that used the thumbnail it's not. his thumbnail he paid a thumbnail artist. or to get that thumbnail but. they're bitching a few thumbnail and. i'm like what so if you want a . about aall these small little such things as. oh my god they're so similar here here. and here i'm like okay well then i am going to. take a seat here and approximately why it's so. stupid that you are bitching approximately it in. the first vicinity. and ii will point this all out and i'll. show you men the thumbnail although it is. hilarious it's aabsolutely hilarious but. the the thing explanation why it's being. stated in the 1st area. i just observed somebody went down the. tip hyperlink and. despatched me a tip i will study the tip off real. quick in case you despatched a message with it so. thank you to whoever despatched the tip.
Whoever's but. what i'm moving into is that the. thumbnail the whole motive she tweeted. at it and caused all this drama and. people to begin hating on coda for it. because he changed into the person who made it. it made him simply totally want to get. off discord and and never do well at all. and it's totally disrespectful now. she may need beef with the those who. used the thumbnail that is excellent then. blame them be mad at them come up with. ever poor excuse yet getting mad because. if somebody did a thumbnail is a deficient. excuse i did it with the keemstar component. i threw everything i could every little. issue i nitpicked of keemstar i even. told him his thumbnail became crap i informed. him oh you include vanoss in the. thumbnail that is a dick move do not do. that. i even did that aand that is petty as. hell it's just a thumbnail when you are.
Going after the folk have whatever. in fact genuine opposed to the people instead. of oh yeah they use that kind of. thumbnail oh yeah their thumbnail is. style of comparable to that yeah yeah yet. but then going accountable the artist who. used it as a reference which they. might be sat down and talked about like. yeah okay i will use the crew their. thumbnails as a reference for this art. so i could make something such as that. for you guys and that become all that was. achieved okay and ii will show you this. tjv did damien take duty for. it no and um i. do not know. i don't know. if damien took duty i'll talk. about all this in a moment and explain. all this yet we're gonna get into the. thumbnail then we are gonna get into. extra that made has said earlier than. and then we're gonna get into a video. that's over an hour long and it suggests.
extra terrible matters that maid has. persisted to do and since chilled venom. or anybody else is within the chat and has. visible this video earlier than you can sort of. shout out timestamps for me and that i can. just show it yet this video is in over. an hour lengthy i'm gonna skip by means of it. and show you some way worse too. that's just awful and the worst . is that she might take a seat here as a staff. member of mine and as a employees member for. damien ritz darkish podcast whatever. she would sit right here and ship exclusive. data from our exclusive chats over. to their staff chat and talk about it. dis on it. you know communicate about us she could. ship screenshots of our chat she might. say what we're saying in the vc she. could say once I got offline and after I. went to bed some creepy ass she did. and despatched it over so yeah. just an fyi if you've thiis far in.
The video or if it's the only aspect. that gets clipped out of this entire. stay circulate. made shouldn't be on discord or any. social media for that topic. do not receive her as a employees member. my evaluation of her is down give some thought to in case you. desire to consider it as a role and if. you're an owner due to the fact regularly you. got to think about it that manner hiya i am. going to rent some staff but it ain't. going to be paid it is simply going to be. volunteer paintings for folks i will. rent them i'll tell them what to. do they obtained to comply with the guidelines in the event that they. don't they get demoted contemplate it like. a role if you wish my recommendation for. someone who used to work for me and do. moderation work and stuff for me maid. gets a huge thumbs down she ought to damage. your modem and her router and not get. on the web again she is a terrible.
And awful human being so that is the purely. thing i need clipped out of this circulation . due to the fact that is my opinion and i am here. to proportion my opinion approximately it and that's. it. made of dishonor whatsoever now lower back. do not go send hate to her do not ship. loss of life threats do not cross her and harass. her that isn't what i'm doing. tjv she became being used guy no she wasn't. she wasn't getting used when she was in my. staff staff group doing most of these. horrible to vandalism no she wasn't. chilled she wasn't utilized by sending the. screenshots i've the each message of. that chat while they were scrolling in. the video. it's she took the initiative and she or he. said she might capture stuff for them. she offered she wasn't getting used she. determined to be a slithery. little snake. she turned into being a little rat. considering that's ok thinking it's ok.
To proportion private conversations people. have announcing what everyone is doing what. people are announcing and when they're. getting off and when they will. mattress. i proportion data with my employees team. due to the fact i believe them i don't desire my. employees group to move left and correct and say. things approximately me and say stuff about me. to other people that is simply. disrespectful and and i've dealt with it. for a very long time i have dealt with it with. employees members chilled she is a slithery. little snake in a rat and he or she does not. need to be on the on the web. interval discord or no longer if she's in a. discord server which you own. banning her is not an underestimation if. you pay attention all this and spot all this. facts and you believe she should be. banned do it do it and this is all the. evidence good keep in mind who condoned it. whilst she received kicked appear who joined them.
out of your higher up how koda ended up. because of it man code koda acquired pissed. as a result of all the detest he became getting. it turned into not anything to do with what damian. and all of them do damien damien dark. and ritz they may all be lousy persons. i'm not asserting that i am now not blat i am not. sitting right here announcing they're not guilty. i'm sure maid had a few outcome from. them chilled but maid still made these. decisions she nonetheless allow blame you can't. sit down right here and say oh this individual became. manipu changed into minnielad manipulated to. touch those women to ship nudes and. images to these women. changed into um edp 455 manipulated to move do that. stuff no maid is accountable for her. activities she did those things. regardless if she changed into motivated or. manipulated and if she changed into that is extra. people to start being mad at and blaming. for this yet maine did what she did.
It's her actions she takes. duty. tjv do you believe kiwi ought to be concerned. to boot i do not believe anybody must be. involved in this drama all this drama is. petty as hell i am simply sharing my. journey so maid can maybe now not have. to join a discord server here and there. i do not care if kiwi's worried if she. has been worried before and she's. brought on drama and stuff like that then no. she shouldn't be worried anymore if. she's worried via helping out and. sharing data and her side of the. tale then i do not care if kiwi's. involved sure i don't care. i i know my facet and ii know each of the. proof that turned into shared to me vandalism. shared his aspect of the tale i got. one more whole aspect of the story with. damien baby and all of you guys with. all the sides of the reports i've. including a message from her that's.
Her facet of the story i now recognize what i. can discuss and what conclusion i'm able to. come up with my conclusion she's a rat. she doesn't should be on the. cyber web point blank interval and i'll. show it all i haven't showed it but it's. been half-hour i've just been right here. trying to seize everyone up now if. you are joining stay live circulation late. you're gonna have to rewind because i'm. unlikely to keep repeating this. oh kick back venom don't be concerned vandalism has. receipts i looked it over. do not know how much the receipts like. move over to like. assist and all but they do help. nonetheless now hold on real fast. i comprehend the tip whoever despatched the. tip by the way i gotta relog in i just. up to date my um windows from home windows 10 to. home windows 11 and then i will show you men. the info right here real speedy. um. wow. okay.
Wherein did that visit then. i would need to open up my email then. he is very fishy okay evidence chilled of. him being fishy. i don't know if i can see the message. but thanks brandon for the ten tip i. certainly do comprehend that. um i appreciate the tip i do not know if. you despatched a message or no longer if you probably did i would. have got to i am going to do a followup and stuff. like that i'll make my own your personal. separate video brandon if you despatched in a. message and that i skipped it yet i can't see. what the information are at this factor in case you. want to pass down send a tip i am going to make a. total video talking approximately you. question you requested if you want i don't. care it is over the dumbest thing. i will make your own video five seconds. lengthy 5 hours lengthy i do not care all. right regardless moving on um i am here. genuine quick i am gonna discuss the.
rfile that coda installed coda helped. set this up a while ago when she started. sitting right here speaking crap going to. exstaff contributors carrying on with to try this. another person to play in all that's. simp he is called simp killer simp. whatsoever he was the next employees member of. mine he's apparently sitting here seeking. to make a document to expose me as a. child predator and all this other. he has but to expose any evidence. he's packed with definitely but if he. comes out with the facts i'm curious. to determine what he will get a hold of. or try to manufacture or what what do. whatsoever. but just an fyi he has a component to play in. this to boot. maid has additionally played an element in sitting. right here and doing it earlier than i show actually. the rfile i'll exhibit what i. tweeted approximately because that's going to be. context for every little thing.
Very well so right here. i made um this tweet made it on honor i. said no person cares there are those who. are only instantly up metal footage and. original thumbnails mae does nothing. better to do together with her life than target. those who discontinue associating along with her plus. those men aren't earning money at all. they have actually 50 subs so that is. the. these two thumbnails down here um you. guys can't genuinely see that one thumbnail. but there's thumbnails here um that. are being used here you will find. it is this one up here this correct left one. and this bottom correct one those are the. two thumbnails that koda made. and these are any other ones i'm gonna. down load this picture. or i will simply open up a picture in a brand new. tab and i'm gonna scroll into these simply. with a purpose to dissect this stuff and see. what we're speaking approximately so this photograph.
Is a copy of. this image now certain the face the eyes the. nose the facial constitution of this one. individual here but it's slightly. modified and adjusted it is traced over. it is whatever i feel damian despatched me a. instagram aspect or whatsoever that the. artist mentioned don't hint over my work and. all this different stuff like that actually. would this hold up legally no if the artwork. ain't copyrighted trademarked whatever. and if damien and them are not making any. coins from it they can get an e-mail or a. detect announcing take down the video or. your video will be taken down um yet. yeah it really is uh some thing right real. rapid. um. correct there that is one thumbnail that is. copied. this is another thumbnail that's copied. from this payday one. to this one. so that's a copied thumbnail right there. curiously um let me understand guys what do.

You guys ponder this do you suspect this. is a copied thumbnail i mean like the. face constitution is a bit comparable. um um. and then every thing else is exclusive i. suggest maybe the eyes of clearly i do. work were reused do you notice which you see. that you guys see that the eyes are. reused i'm gonna zoom into those eyes. since you know that that is anything. yeah those eyes right there essentially i. do work size throw them in jail. um. it is combining them. so yeah apparently it's the terrible. component made had to tweet approximately i stroll i i. am one okay hey a set of folks have. taken a few of your thumbnails traced. over them and are utilizing them for his or her. streams and getting profit off of them. simply suggestion you ought to know that due to the fact that. they're utilizing paintings they are using paintings. you paid your thumbnail artist for right here. are some .
Which incidentally those are the only ones. that she made it sound like there's more. yet there isn't um after which. she perhaps didn't understand uh they have. 50 subs they don't have enough watch. time hours or subscribers to start to be. monetized so no she's. this complete declaration here. they are gaining profit off of them what. income are you talking about are they. getting extra views let's go back how. many views do these get oh 78 views i. recognize you men can't see that permit me zoom. in. this one's 78 views the only over here 63. perspectives i ought to open this picture in. an additional tab too simply with the intention to scroll. down and notice that. yeah so right here i don't know in case you. guys can see it but that is that right. there. 63 perspectives oh my god a lot income and. then seventy eight views so much income so rather. of her sitting here concentrating on um so.
Any of you sixty three views instead of her. sitting here concentrating on some like these. men that she hates she despises she. whatsoever and she just desires to try to. throw him on the bus put him on twitter. or whatever she's additionally sat here and. affected the thumbnail artist who made. it so she referred to the gang in her. tweet she sat right here and said whats up a collection. of people have taken a few of your. thumbnails okay you are might be speaking. about damien and all that i get that but. you furthermore mght damage coda in the process ok. and chilled helped out made with this. interestingly something he can probably. deliver his clarification at the chat but. curiously made and chilled were the two. engaged on it they both did the study. they both came up with this. argument this argument is piss deficient it's. nothing they're not making earnings it. doesn't matter no person it did not.
Gain them one thousand perspectives and whilst. they've never gotten over a hundred. before it's nothing there's actual. persons going out stealing mr beast's. content day-after-day copycat. of whatever he does copycats of his. thumbnails taking his thumbnails and. then placing them over his like placing. new persons over mr beast there are. actually persons making hundreds of thousands of. money copying content material and now you are. going to wish to spotlight. this oh no these those thumbnails are. too similar right here oh no oh no so. yeah everyone inform me in the chat do you. think that this individual the thumbnail. artist coda do you think he is at like. like he's a bad individual for doing this. that i'm wildcat ought to get up and. respond and copyright strike down these. movies do you think wildcats should do. that let me know in the chat let me recognize.
In the chat what you guys think i do not. genuinely assume it things in any respect. and ii think this is quite and this. affected code in a nasty manner and that's. kind of why i am disillusioned and all yet i am. simply saying if you're going to nitpick. about their thumbnails i'm going to decide upon. approximately your argument in the 1st. vicinity so yeah. just announcing. it's not that bad surely it isn't i. do not believe no person ought to care nobody. ought to it could harm the actual artist. extra yeah i am extra worried about the. artist why the did you even tag. whilst like wildcat ain't gonna do. [ __ ] people literally take a seat here. and reddownload his pictures and his. thumbnails forever he is unlikely. to give a if somebody a bit did. this or that that if he did and wanted. to share her to the artist and say howdy. try no longer to trace over their work it's.
Their original stuff nice but this. art is much altered the mouth is. basically the sole factor similar maybe. the face form will be comparable the this. individual right here is absolutely new um. this face. is the same as this face here you. see that these faces are sort of similar. i guess. i i suppose i imply the the mouth is. exclusive yet identical form face is the. equal. shape. the hair is without doubt one of the same form. you recognize what i mean it is like okay yeah. she stole that. coda took that one individual off altered. it to make it appear as if whoever and then. made the remainder of the thumbnail the. thumbnails aren't that undesirable they're. quite well even over traced paintings and. stuff like that it isn't that bad i. don't believe it really matters. yeah it's nothing critical and that is. what i desire to elevate if she desires to.
Have an argument and bitching factor. about this minor thing nice but then i. ain't going to get criticized for. bitching and complaining that your. argument is tiny dumb and not even valued at. being concerned about so that's that's something. that i wanted to exhibit those are the. thumbnails after which she made the tweet. permit me go back to the tweet real speedy. since the tweet is what really matters. um. yet that is style of what it is she. followed up um with this tweet with a. reply announcing i just thought you need to. know be aware of this since they're utilizing work. that won't rightfully theirs and are. getting income off of it. um. i am sorry maid but uh 50 subs channel. darkish grits. guy guy darkish grits guy channel. sorry yet they're not making earnings at. all. never no earnings zero profit now not a. zip. not anything they don't seem to be making profit. they don't seem to be making they don't seem to be monetized.
They're not you will have took in . seconds and truly i'm gonna i am gonna. i'll throw a blue one made and chilled. for this. in case you knew chilled that made became gonna. exit make this tweet and say those. things about them making profit you. could have took two seconds to see what. the qualifications are for them to even. make money off of that. simply asserting. you'll have noticeable that they are no longer. making any cash you will discover that. there's no commercials gambling on their video. you most likely sat here and watched their. movies in any case if you are that targeting. them you'll have prevalent if there's ads. gambling or whatever and even if there is. advertisements gambling you can have advertisements playing on. your movies and not be monetized because. guess what if you employ copyright advertisements. will run on that i mean all of the. revenue will go to the landlord and won't.
go to you so. just let you know um. relocating on. i am i'll maintain to read what i said. so i set all this up here essentially. every thing i just mentioned um this individual. maid of honor has not anything greater to do. um. not anything larger to do than converse detrimental. about people who desire not anything to do with. her she has a hate boner for countless. people um she has done an identical issue . with me for a while now and dm'd me while. i spoke out approximately it she regretted it. and ii will pull up that. that dm soon as i sat right here and openly. mentioned anything and incidentally i was. making like a protracted live movement speaking. approximately whatever else i mentioned her for. like a small bit of life she may. be like 10 mins i i discussed her for. a small moment i got a paragraph an ohm. list sized paragraph from her. for talking approximately her for that little.
Bit good congratulations man you bought. the complete video now due to the fact. you need to continue to continuously opt for. on people all the time and iit's aannoying. you're affecting people you have affected. coda a much more than what you believe and. that is totally disrespectful and i am. no longer okay with it made if you are ever. going to focus on it and if. coda ever does come back on discord which. i do not believe he'll i think he is executed. with being online and trying this . due to the fact he is been so disrespected. through his artwork and everything else. going on that in case you ever dig or ready to. refer to him an apology will be nice. because he worked tough on that he. would not have been getting he shouldn't. have gotten fascinated by that during the. first area and iif you had a problem. with them you will have dm them rather. of just going to twitter to blab approximately.
since you understand going to twitter to. blab about it ain't gonna do anything. you're just gonna draw cognizance and. have somebody like me see it and say oh. yeah you're just bitching on twitter. approximately it all right time for me to . approximately you bitching him out on twitter. and that is all it is. all right. plot twist om has been made the entire. time. i don't know in case you guys heard that my. lady friend just left um. yet. i feel i made a pair different tweets um. lower back an extra reminder i should say this. reminder each 10 mins or. something like that uh don't go harass. ship the threats hate anything towards. me that is not what it's for if you do not. be simply cross and be disrespectful or just. for doing this but if you are in contact. with her. her being accused of this and her having. answers to this would be nice but i. don't expect solutions i expect her to move.
completely silent or hop off the. internet for all i care i do not care i. do not believe she merits to have a. router or a modem in the house that she. lives in she should not that ought to. be smashed immediately. internet is not good for made at all um. i think i persisted to talk about it. extra i used to be surely fumed last night about. it um i was unlikely to discuss this. i am going to click it i was unlikely to chat. about this because i want to be. respectful to people who want to move on. and get away from the drama which she. advised me she did desire to yet she didn't. she continued getting herself extra. concerned um and so did various others. i will discuss that later yet thiis just. proves she is a liar and she or he would not. intellect attempting to begin extra drama if it is. easy for her i got plenty to proportion. live move tomorrow query mark and.
it really is where we are at i needed to live. movement later i was going to live flow. earlier in the day sort of glad i stay. circulate this overdue at night it is 10 p.m. and i've Two hundred people watching i did not. think 2 hundred people could also be here to. talk about it i thought this became just. going to be a vod for folk to seem. back on so i recognize all Two hundred persons. who're right here um. um right here should be tweeted um. speaking and then making your. account exclusive isn't the pass. by the ways um if even if you are not. blocked you cannot certainly view it you. gotta comply with her and she has to approve. of you even seeing her account so she. made her account all locked down in. confidential after it once I tweeted. about it. so far as i do know i i presumed her account. became public previously perhaps she did it. but i assumed she did it um.
I pronounced what should the title be the next day. worst staff member ever maid has no. honor except remember is nuts you men. have had a couple extraordinary reviews. there is a couple persons bitching and. complaining about there i'm not gonna. discuss whatsoever. pathetic element that somebody has to say. like oh do not discuss it oh don't do. this don't do this i'll i will talk about. it if i want to discuss it you have a. predicament with it make your personal youtube. video and complain approximately me speaking. about it i am complaining approximately someone. else speaking approximately for all time. so that's all it truly is i am simply here to. show you all that now. that is just one portion of it one portion of. it now we're going to get to the. evidence and this rfile has a lot. evaluate this to the louis dock examine. this to doc the cyan doc. this record has exact facts.
And evidence and it correctly like does. the article that i am trying to show. in spite of your critiques on google. medical doctors exposing stuff um a google document changed into. just the smartest thing to do i will provide. a link to this um on my twitter after. the circulate so this public this rfile. will be public for anyone to go read. dissect examine do all of this so if you. guys prefer this record it is going to be on my. twitter cross follow me on twitter hyperlinks. down in the description below or simply. type in tjv on twitter i'm sure you will. discover me somewhere um my precise twitter. at is here at trevorvalentine um. cross uh cross comply with me and then i am going to tweet. out it there i might post it in the. discord i will possibly not i do not know i do not. recognize if i am feeling up for it so um. we are gonna get into the google document you. recognize positioned the record in the server too.
okay i will placed it within the server too just. in case you don't want to hop over there. there genuinely there surely is not. whatever that should continue to be. sincere these items should be put aside. she's been removed and it is. putting a lot of stress on all of. thiis better to let it fade for my part. hiya i agree. this could she changed into demoted returned in. october and mentioned she just wanted to flow. on it's almost the top of . december and she's nonetheless inflicting . drama so you tell me mr shibu sh shaibu. shibu. you inform me it has been months seeing that. she's the demoted and said she desired to. flow on from the drama and she's nonetheless. inflicting  drama she's nonetheless. speaking trash she's still sitting right here. going online to share her opinion and. secrets and all this different stuff about. what is going on here sitting here. agreeing that i am an awful individual and that i.
Traded her disrespectfully so that you tell. me genuine quick. yeah i agree we should always move on do you do. you believe maid's gonna circulate on after . months of nonetheless doing it after she pronounced. she become gonna do it she's a liar she's a. huge liar she's gonna maintain to do it. so the only component i'm gonna do is hearth. back with one live move speaking approximately. it after which i will flow on i am not. going to talk about it anymore now if. she sits here and prefer someone a few. different observation path makes a video. approximately me doing it and bitching i might. reply to that um if maid wants to positioned. on a huge google doc of every thing i've. finished incorrect or she desires to compliment simp. and find facts of me being a baby. predator simps attempting to accuse. me of. i will reply to that probably but i'm. not going to keep hashing on made this.
goes to be the sole circulate for it. and this move will be there. um. very well. okay yeah and if you don't know. what is going on you're gonna have got to. rewatch the stay circulate i am not gonna. add clips of this it is gonna be one. live move you watch it it's aa lot of. juicy this or somebody will time. stamp each of the. important components to visit i do not know if. somebody would like to try this i will pin. your remark um but right here on the forty five. minute and 30 moment mark we are here. speaking in regards to the google document that is. what i'm going to be displaying i'm going. to read each little bit of this so this. is clearly on there coda write this up. so he sits here and um does say a few. matters real rapid um sorry if you recognize. he did not type it perfectly or . yet we will talk about it real rapid tjv. discovered owner tjv automobile owners uh coda.

And chambers code is no longer our call. proprietor now because he wanted to. get rid of himself from all this due to the fact he. was getting hate over whatever. he became simply trying to start out and do. reference and hint over parts of a. thumbnail for use on a touch channel. and stuff like that bad on him no longer bad. on him whatever made was sincerely just. pissed off at damien and had not anything. else bigger to do and caused extra flack. on my friend coda so i am a bit pissed. off about it made the action disclaimer. this rfile isn't driven to target. the user or silence them on-line we. tremendously request you not to assault this. consumer if obvious in reviews or live move. as this is going opposed to what the server. stands for users proven in pictures or. outlined in the textual content have their. identification hidden as we admire people's. privacy and if names are discovered through other.
clients we can. sure thank you for the juice field babe. all people say thank you uh thanks hannah for. the juicebox um. if names are discovered by means of different users we. will take rapid motion on them and if. names are mentioned within the server or in. stay flow chats this can be a response to. um fixed insults to tjv and different. individuals of this server we are hoping that this. rfile offers um our angle of. the demotion back people um back. please appreciate those users privateness this. rfile is being published because of. fixed insults to tjv and other. individuals of the server and we've a. correct to safeguard ourselves evaluate a. consumer who was a employees member at the. discord left round october twenty sixth of 2021. and this record explains why to present. users our our attitude and what. happened we are releasing the rfile. of made during the last.
Months to allow people be aware of why she left. the server all with the aid of herself and then it is. broken down into sections and you'll. see over here it is damaged down into. sections as well thank you guys for. telling hannah thanks what type of. juice it is a koolaaid jammers you know. you men be aware of the koolaaid jammers all. i don't want to take a spoil from this. stuff yet time stamp thiis this koolaaid. jammer is at forty seven seconds. forty seven minutes and 50 seconds uh tropical. punch um i am not gonna drink it right. now but i'm gonna drink it in a second. um yeah um regardless. um so yeah that is just aan overview do. now not assault here that is simply our. angle blah blah blah that's me. correctly sitting here. utilizing the to alert you approximately made as. well yet this document changed into in reality just. made to guard the workers member the. neighborhood the server and myself in case.
Maid ever wanted to come out and begin. being like like talking out opposed to us. because we knew she became the kind of. individual to do it and i have facts of her. going to other servers to screenshot. talk negatively about it expose and. lower back is this stuff valued at exposing no. you're going to inspect that aand like. why'd she even take time to try this but. returned i'll show you that here in a. moment um yeah. um facet one warnings in the course of her time on. on lula in the course of her time on the discord. server maid um had prompted many incidents. that had to be solved by means of bigger staff. she was warned approximately breaking employees. rules dissimilar instances and had not. listened to our recommendation i'll zoom. in right here simply to be able to study it larger um. all right you good to vc now yeah unless. whatever comes up um and then that's. whatever communique they had that became.
At the 6th. june 13th or um so this changed into. clear returned in june of this yr after. recent wondering i provide you with a. warning if we pay attention you said whatever. else i am going to query you again this. won't affect your reputation as a employees. member due to the fact that's the single one and. merely caution this turned into a significant breach in. private data i'm dissatisfied. this had to ensue lower back we can communicate. about what these particular incidents are. and all this other stuff yet this is a. conversation that turned into had a caution. message to show this has occurred um we. would be blurring out different employees contributors. and mem random participants we can blur out. their stuff because they favor to stay. hidden vandalism is among the few. contributors who wanted to percentage their. screenshots and have his name be out. there so he's satisfactory with it everyone.
Else their names were blurred so. staff and members are included by way of this. um yet we are able to label who is admin who is. no longer blah blah blah if they seem to be a employees. member if they don't seem to be in order that you can. get perspective on what the location is. here um blake additionally sat right here and. pronounced i simply wanted to attain out and say. that i understand i didn't say anything. at the time and that is my fault but. whatever unfavourable in the direction of trevor should. not um allow me scroll over um. trevor shouldn't be observed so. openly while someone is streaming. particularly so he's simply asserting you can. communicate bad about trevor just don't do it. online due to the fact that just appears undesirable. you are a staff member you slight for. him do not do it yet she was doing it. yeah i would make an apology for this anybody. have been tired and having fun so it just. slipped out it won't ensue lower back on my.
conclusion so you don't have to worry again i am. sorry approximately that that's understandable. and that i comprehend the apology so she's. been not anything yet treated civilly warned. a couple times and that is nothing that. changed into 8 20 so that's august 20th. when that happened. so let's zoom lower back out study this um side. complaints from clients who wants to. who desires to remain anonymous one of the. many lawsuits about maid's habit. in the direction of the sufferer she became harassing she. was attacking a consumer that will remain. nameless she changed into also um she additionally . insulted and bullied other server. contributors and staff individuals about their um. differing views on present matters her. activities and behaviour at the server. created friction between them and other. employees participants it is a a rule that employees. participants should not trigger arguments on. the discord server and should simply.
Dissolve um dissolve them in the event that they arise. however would did not respect our employees. rules uh okay did clean ship each of the. screenshot of what he said approximately made. and do they um need that folks this changed into. again october 25th um we are all for. it to boot additionally koda i do want to say. that the that made did to clean . that's unacceptable as hell. i do wish um that aat least the folks. who want to explain um and did informed you. everything about it as well. on the grounds that with how frequently may did this. to not just blank yet a few other. participants as well the fellow who disagrees. with the complete raccoon video and so on um and. all that different stuff photo two meg. continues talking approximately clean and this. um and is bullying him and um. and is bullying him and he or she lately. 3 weeks ago or so. um instructed me in a vc when ii mentioned him. she just sounded off.
Who is calling me. i am sorry sheepy i am gonna finish. analyzing this i will study your text chat. although real fast um as a way to textual content. me sheepy i am writing this off genuine. rapid um i mentioned just sounded off. on him out of nowhere i feel that. ought to be in personal little doubt but she. being a piece of towards him and. i am surprised no one's noticed so that's. simply more stuff again just hiding who. those are because these contributors probably. don't desire to be worried ask a gaggle of. questions yada yada all any other stuff. so we respected that and blocked it out. side 3 bullying and arguing um. future reference would you utilize at right here. in place of staff please after which this is. her doing the up and down lower case. uppercase all this other stuff you recognize. right here um she died that aall the time. it became so demanding more of a personal.
Gripe yet everybody genuinely did suppose it. become stressful um. each once in a while is ok yet she. did it for everything um it even. halted loads of conversations we have been. attempting to be productive with once we. have been dealing with employees related concerns. she could cross on to argue and complain. approximately stuff um then why convey it up at. all trevor can get into aa lot of dilemma. through displaying a personal e-mail from twitter. so it is talking concerning the possess twitter. element i shared i stated that i saw an. e mail from ohmwrecker i by no means received. whatever to proportion but when i did get. anything i could get in challenge with the aid of. twitter that is what this person is. asserting um i in no way bought anything to share . but delirious and liz later admitted certain. they got he acquired suspended for having alt. accounts so that e-mail that i got which. i knew before he even admitted it and um.
Told discord bot to assign roles and confirmed me the email. i just knew that randomly no there's a. real electronic mail i noticed it and i i haven't got. whatever to proportion so i did not share . whatever i simply shared what i noticed and. that turned into that made sigh here and is going. then why convey it up at all without the. proof to back up the claims simply. feels like a. dude trust me scenario i get that he. wants um the data to get out of to get. accessible but the way he's doing it it. doesn't make him seem well so she's. concerned concerning the way i look um. she stated it herself i simply wanted the. facts to get obtainable that's all i. wanted and since that is what persons. stated if persons pronounced howdy if i saw. something. but i had no proof should i say what. i saw and most of the people said certain say it. duh let us know so i advised people and they. were not happy about what i saw and ii was.
Like sorry yet you told me to let you know i. suppose you would need me to inform you what. i saw so i that is what i did made became. a type of persons complaining being. like oh it is just a tr believe me bro. scenario. sorry. what the am i speculated to do sorry. like like. i am simply telling you what i noticed and maid. changed into a type of few persons she turned into one. of those i believe more smaller minded. people who simply could not do not forget that. i'm just attempting to say what i have to. say and flow the on from it i suggested. it talk about it have critiques about it. ask me questions on it after which let's. circulate on let's now not argue on whether or. now not i saw it legitly because i am not. going to argue that you are not going to. difference my mind if i noticed anything or not. i do know what i noticed i told you in case you. do not believe i saw it great that's in which. the dialogue ends but when you believe i.
Did perhaps see whatever then that is. once we may have a efficient. conversation and move from there. o.k. yeah um any staff participants who. want to join a call and proportion their. opinion my my employees individuals have spent a. lot of time with me i have spent. some time with maid yet i have never spent. as a lot time as folks shaping turned into. a kind of people who desired to hop on. to percentage their evaluations at the tip of. this we can proportion evaluations i will try out. to go through thiis quickly but we're. going to have a second wherein any employees. member who wants to come on to proportion. critiques they are able to come on and share what. their experiences was with made and we. can do that. relocating on although um yet another photo. 3 right here can y'all just stop i. should must have stopped this when it. started um. ok lol this individual hammy positioned yet why.
Make a video about a smaller creator's. video it just. proved that the remark acquired to him if i. turned into trevor i would have um have given. that video my focus at all so lower back. a further if i used to be trevor trevor should. have finished this trevor wouldn't have. done that she always criticized me for. my content material it happened for all time i. wasn't jokking once I stated it. varied pictures displaying it she suggested. this at present at 4 19 p.m. um. today at 4 19 p.m and then this become. 6 21 pm perhaps an analogous day so. hours later she goes can y'all just. stop i must have stopped this when it. started so curiously there has been a. twohour long discuss it and he or she changed into. telling people to forestall but she became. partaking in it and speaking approximately it. what like again this is just extra staff. matters that we are gonna simply. you recognize as an proprietor of a discord server.
Me coder and chambers will inform you howdy. if you don't want something to be talked. about then don't even participate in it. and again these are another things that. we had to warn her about consult with her. about and she changed into on her way to see if. she did bigger a couple weeks later a. couple months later we would run. into another incident and again just. another thing is it small is it minor. yes but it is every thing that we're. displaying um. maid of honor here says um you. imagine an excessive amount of or there's somebody else. announcing it you think an excessive amount of about me. yet i do not blame you yet either manner. it is not gonna fall i i necessarily get back. up all right. um blocked messages or whatsoever goodbye. made i delivers i promise sorry i intended. made defend yourself. um. that's. that is it that's all after which off. message so her being disrespectful and.
This turned into in the course of october 2nd of 2021 she. became a employees member for me at the time. she didn't get to emote until the 25th. twenty sixth or anything like that um of. october she became still currently a employees. member treating persons like this it really is. a member of my discord um which we will. talk about extra later uh photo one. context a staff member used the at employees. command. in the workers chat which is only used for. emergencies but they forgot it become all. um changed into only for emergencies so a further. employees member civilly asked to not use. the at staff command basically to be used for. real issues then at then made um then. antmaid decided to mock that employees. member for trying to with courtesy remind. someone to um to the rules much more. greatly is that maid become instructed to. say sorry to that staff member she. spoke back that. she become jokking while she used this uh.
Same typing to mock users within the . pictures subsequent to it so here can. you please you um now not mock advert admins. ever returned when they've a priority and. say to blank because wasn't being imply. approximately it and then that i used to be just making. a comic story so sorry i will message him correct. now so that they suggested they have been gonna message. him uh maid of honor right here that's. a picture displaying that she mocks people. with it it gets all looked after out just. since you have been uh reprimanded. reprimand yeah reprimanded uh doesn't. let you simply say good they did it. too so lower back she's used thiis constant up. and down lowercase element to mock. folks and if she become just jokking. good you are still mocking a person. no matter if they have been occupied with it just. ask for forgiveness flow on it isn't that enormous of a. deal just again more stuff i am trying to.
Show you back i will provide this. google document you may appear more into it. later photograph two and 3 as a staff. member you acquire and lose benefits one. portion of being a staff member is you. cannot ever preserve arguments or begin. them made still had no longer found out that. for instance if you figure at domino's and. you mentioned i hate dominoes then. dominoes may have an issue now this. isn't saying um the criticism is bad yet. maid is utilizing damaging feedback voicing. an objection to anything in basic terms with the. objective of unveiling that it is incorrect this. is um carrying on with or starting an argument. and placing a nasty light on other staff. contributors. so that's explaining picture and. three um here and 3. just more causes and stuff like. that um photo 4 and five app made. has been targeting um a normal consumer.
regular clients for months now and this. person had did. um person did have a rocky begin with made. we will talk about that extra in a second. um that might piss anybody off yet would. did not see that although you hate a. person you must always treat them quite. and be mature and be the larger person. and not swear at a user yet made. keeps to expose constant court cases. and mod abuse. to thiis user being unprofessional this. is what surely acquired her demoted and this. become the massive decision is that she sat. right here and did not mod log any of this and. became continuously disconnecting the person. from the chat changed into kicking the person you. comprehend from the chat taking piece for the. individual from the server she become. continuously deleting messages he. vandalism left the server a couple instances. and he under no circumstances even chose to left he become. just kicked from the server a pair.
instances it's aabsolutely ridiculous and. we will show you the audit logs um too i. imagine the audit logs are in here um facet. 4 mod abuse during maids final hours. on the server myself tjv and the better. employees have been in a meeting discussing maids. behavior on the server at the time we. were purely targeting. um the many lawsuits from users called. called it ignite then minutes once we. noticed at made audits log displaying her. abusing her energy on a user who she has. been concentrating on for weeks yeah it became a. bit of a crazy night we looked in audit. logs for something and then i realized. maid had a ton of audit logs yet no mod. logs to match that so she in no way logged. what she did the audit logs will show. all of the activities of what is occurring in. the server the mod log will explain why. the action was completed. so lots of people will complain oh she.
just did not do the modblocks ain't that. big of a deal yeah we want to know why. you kick people why you warn people why. you ban persons because if you are in my. server and you're watching my content. but you aren't getting along with a employees. member and a staff member desires to take a seat. right here and simply deal with you poorly is that. unfair and if you return to me to inform me. who am i presupposed to trust my employees. member otherwise you the reason is, we've mod. logs this is because we do it so a every. employees member is accountable to claim why. they took the movement they did you mod. log everything my employees will remind you. again employees please type in the chat now. we have to do monologues they have been. restless we have even rewarded people and. counted the quantity of modblocks persons. are due the extra monologues you get the. larger you know what i suggest if you.
overlook one every every so often that's. great often you may ask yet another employees. member to modlog whatever for you and. they can help out it is nearly you. gotta just write a document of what you. simply did and that is all you should do. it isn't that onerous we've defined it. all my staff have picked up on it and. it's aamazing the amount of work they. have achieved the indisputable fact that made has not. monologued anything to do with thiis user. and has to do that a number of times which. you guys will see is just surely. ridiculous. in the server we had a. modlog method which has been round. since the server became created the explanation. for is that you have a record of your. past actions as a employees member and why. you did it once you mute disconnect kick. guy or delete messages you must log. these actions within the chat as a defense.
for workers in case um a controversy arises. with the user precisely or if if we ever. ought to sit here and soon look up in. mod logs just see how generally persons. were warned and stuff like that i'm. gonna take a seat right here real fast um thunder. cookie suggested it's a drag but i do it out. of admire rules or guidelines thanks . thunder i appreciate it see thunder says. it's even a drag and if might concept it. become a drag she could have talked to us. approximately she never did she on no account got here to. anyone concerning the monologue she just. refused to do it with thiis user jakey. stated you must modblog whatever. thanks yike says it is not even hard. too yikes doesn't even suppose it is tough. shebe says i purely kick people from vcs. as a shaggy dog story and i make an apology right after. and then i don't certainly abuse my staff. situation once I turned into admin a pair.
Months in the past and when i'm on now yeah. sheepy left the server and got here returned as. a mod and stuff like that again persons. may be demoted or. she be left on her account she i don't. imagine she become demoted at all yet persons. can be demoted and added returned as decrease. location and paintings their way back up we. totally believe that it is just a. believe system you acquire to be round for a. when to be up to admin developer. council regardless of the position is um. she. sat there actually takes less than a. minute that became an outstanding test. there you cross yep well i realize it. buddy in here simply asserting e i comprehend. it all right moving on um. instance of this here it truly is made. doing a mailblog on august sixteenth of 2021. gave a small verbal warning to at the. nights so whoever's on the night time or had. at the nights tag at one point um sorry.
If this isn't blurred out because it's. no longer talking about aanything unfavorable it is. just an instance small warming for. sending bot stuff in hashtag memes so. they sat here and pronounced please use bbe. and dank memer changed into. utilized in that chat but within the memes chat. you're not allowed to do bot stuff we. have our own chat that you should variety your. bot commands in so she gave a small. verbal caution yo man try this in hashtag. bot commands is what made stated down right here. so returned exquisite easy right she took a. screenshot of what it become on her cellphone. which you do not have to even take a. screenshot and exhibit facts we the image of. to see the proof so we don't have to move. returned and sort it sort within the date and. what what time it was and all this different. stuff we we do not like certainly doing that. so if you may take a screenshot of it we. can a minimum of simply look at it and then we.
Can then continue to go appear it up if we. have got to lookup extra stuff round that. time yet she took a screenshot she stated. gave a small verbal caution what she did. to what member it was for. for. doing whatsoever in what chat simple stuff. to do now tell me in the chat can you. guys all try this. might all of you men do that. chilled venom i can deliver you in too if. you must talk over with it isn't that enormous of. a deal i suggest you're another commentary. channel we talked last night we're cool. i can convey you into um yet inform me is. this simple to do might all of you guys do. this in your sleep is this easy. simple simple. i suggest it is a drag if you end up. constantly caution lots of people and. you should maintain coming again and doing. this tedious simple component i get it it. could be a drag but it really is simple correct. all right that's easy so why did not she.
Long anything. why did she do all of this muted them. muted them. moved one person to shadow realm that's a. realm in which nobody is there except you. like damage the rules and we need to communicate. to you before we kick or ban you that is. the sole and he or she moved thiis user and. thiis user is vandalism he's perhaps. watching as we speak he's possibly within the . chat. muted unmuted muted unmuted and definite when. you mute somebody once you unmute them. you gotta pass modblog that aas well just. so we know whilst once you unmuted them. how long they were unmuted for you wish. to log when you mute them unmute them. you gotta log once you put a wand roll. or a muted roll on someone you gotta. once you remove it you gotta log that. back you gotta log every motion you do. she under no circumstances did any of this. yeah. this deep yeah it is right here. deleted message from that user.
Deleted 4 messages from that consumer. deleted one message from that consumer. deleted one message from that user three. messages from that person this is all on. the october 13th and october 14th this. turned into like a couple weeks before she changed into. banned yet another list muted them muted. them unmuted them muted them muted them. again this is her. doing a ton of mod abuse to a one unmarried. member because she doesn't like him. because he she hates them because they. had a rough move well yeah you acquire to. positioned that apart he did not anything wrong. to be kicked out of my community in case you. do not like him because of whatsoever y'all. did ain't my obstacle you don't. need to in case you pass. my lady friend works at walmart she. doesn't like all individual that. walks during the door but she has to. deal with it she has to put up with it. she simply smiles and waves.
Hi. kill him with kindness made to not do. that she sat right here and abused it that is. like going to walmart say whats up you would like. to come with me and then taking them to. the lower back and locking them in the back. like that's not ok you cannot try this. ok. so i'm just letting you recognize this is all. the mind abuse ok and that is the only. stuff that we caught we do not even understand. while she moved him to the shadow realm. vc. we do not know what she stated to. him. we do not know what they dm'd. fortunately vandalism despatched his aspect of the. story so he may give a perspective on. what he went by way of what he bought informed with the aid of. her why he thinks he did all of it this. stuff vandalism has his possess facet of the. tale which i'll study off right here in a. second but this is all the mod abuse. oh damn i did not recognize they had a coarse. circulate yeah when you have a role you can not.
carry people and use to have difficulties. with against anymore. so yeah returned. it's ridiculous and lower back i'm simply. saying there thiis this this became what received. her demoted the reason why i am doing. this stay movement isn't because of this. stuff these things i can flow on not. saying whatever about and if i don't say. whatever approximately this it respects her. privateness and it makes it so she will go be. a employees member or a content material author or. she will be able to nonetheless be on-line devoid of being. pasteurized now she's long gone to the point. to try to personally harm persons simply. because she dislikes them and she's. continuously sitting right here bringing up the. drama two months after she's . demoted yeah now i'm gonna sit here and. say and ii hope each discord. proprietor is familiar with the name made up of honor and. would not enable you in their server or. ever as a further employees member in case you have.
Made us a step bar and this is another. warning i am going to say for the 6th time do. not make her a employees member demote her. if you already do and do not . promote her don't make her a snap member. leave her as a daily member see if she. follows the guidelines but she possibly will not. she'll probably sit down right here and get mad at. somebody after which cross on dms and . curse them out. only a caution by the way. i do remember drawing for her that's. unhappy yeah she became really just about. everybody she become so nice to the people. she loved however the one person she did not. like she wanted to trade him like trash. yeah sorry yet we stick up for every person. everyone is equal we deal with every person with. admire we deal with everybody with a similar. decency and iif you want to see here even. if you're my best friend and you deal with. somebody with completely disrespectful.
Just because you don't like them and you. do this and you would be so abusive towards. them approximately it verbally emotionally. online by way of all this volume. of abuse i am sorry yet you're no longer. my best friend anymore i do not like you. i am sticking up for the little man i am. gonna stick up for the those who can't. do not anything approximately it and all they need to. do is hang around and be cool with people. that is so disrespectful so. disrespectful. and. you guys desire to be like anybody desires. to be neighbors with this person and. anybody desires to have her as a staff. member i actually desire no longer the reason is, she. should unplug her modem within the router. pass throw it in the trash and stay off. the internet get a task and live the rest. of your existence with those who live around. you due to the fact you do not know how to treat. persons on line god forbid i hope you're.
Treating persons in person with a lot. more respect because if you are treating. people like this that is awful just. announcing. all right. at tjv what if she changes her discord. call just protecting all bases here if she. adjustments her discord call. i don't know she if she is going by a. completely different name at this factor. and she or he wants to completely rebrand her. name i believe sempet or sempkiller i. imagine he rebranded his call about a. times or converted his discord server call. if she alters     her discord server call. and we discover it's her and she or he makes. alts to come back in the same server she. used to be in or if she finally ends up. doing which will i replace you men oh. hell yeah i'd i'm making this video. as i promise to let you know in case you. don't ever desire to associate with a. person like this i got your lower back as soon.
As i find out who it is i will put. this chord name is or whatever. this again this individual it's ridiculous. discord should have removed or. or cope with this. what am i supposed to do record and say. whats up yeah she could abuse this person but. they are going to sit here and think about. the mob logs within the audit logs and be. like. yeah modlogs is your individual rules to your. server she's not likely breaking she's. she is a moderator and he or she has the power. to ban people we simply do not know why she. did it so this discord can't get rid of her. account or whatever. i imply maybe i'm able to send this complete. aspect over and perhaps they could have a. conversation and electronic mail her about it and. get her facet of the story maybe they can. focus on her account or maybe. preserve a detailed eye on her account but her. her discord account must be banned.
Permanently and she'll possibly simply. make a new one if she does anyhow i. don't know in the event that they do ip bands or now not. yet. that's what it is. mods ought to do their best to remain. unbiased i also believe mod shouldn't. be sharing their opinion on movies they. mod for they must in basic terms be informing. chat of the guidelines and what the video is. approximately well again i do not care if like if. it's whatever they want to percentage their. opinion on genuine rapid that's fine but. the main activity that the main element i would like. out of my moderators and stuff like that. is to moderate the chat simply preserve it. calm and iif you have an issue with it. with me individually simply dm me just communicate. to me approximately it just just say it but she. by no means did she went to a comment section. she went to live streams she dm'd persons. she went to other servers and complained.
about it and infrequently even spoke to me. whilst she did communicate to me it was in. public staff chats in front of all of the. different staff announcing that turned into a nasty idea. you should not have done that. who cares i am doing what i wanna if you. don't like it leave my server do not. moderate for me anymore i don't care. yet. caught around simply wanna preserve throwing. her nostril and every thing forever. um. side five staff discussion as soon as we. discovered that she became abusing her. energy we decided to inform the admins as. an initial verify we wanted to determine. even if we had overlooked whatever on these. audit logs or what action needed to be. taken during this time it was late at. night for everyone so lets purely get. one admin to view the location. currently as everyone become sound asleep so if. you don't know me coda and chambers coda.
was once within the server yet he eliminated. himself due to the fact he wanted to spoil and. even on his smash he become sitting here. making art for people and then getting. slammed through people like maid over. this silly which made him get. off discord altogether that's. totally dumb i am hoping kota if you're. watching you come back lower back all of us leave out you. we all prefer you lower back hashtag coda come. lower back within the chat please um but if koda. ever does return he is on his smash i. have him delight in his holidays but i'm hoping. coda comes back one day hashtag bring. koda again um or koda come back um but. having said that um me kota and chambers. have been talking about we all agreed it became. bad but we must always get yet another opinion. just so we hide our ass let's conceal our. ass and let's sit here and ask for. a different opinion we had an additional admin. assist us and just clarify hey what ought to.

We do. what are your thoughts on this that is. all we sat right here and said. ok and it's what what it become. picture one and here who's up and will. take a look at anything for tjv coda. and myself that became obviously blake um. speedy during this chat um okay well a minimum of. you will be one additional set of eyes we. have found those all from just aa couple. days and there is no mod logs of any. type from her either this admin says i. do not know what's going on with maid. appears very. angry recent seems very irritated lately. um turned into jokking with that dan man in. trev's movement last night and then she. joined the movement and iinstantly timed. out like two people because they. didn't accept as true with trev. that is something more than admins all. don't know what admin it become in the event that they. desire to discuss it they can speak. approximately it but whoever um.
Whoever if the admin doesn't want to be. public about it they don't have to but. admin witnessed that and. witnessed. her timing out persons simply because they. disagree and by the ways no i don't. promote to my staff participants to. employees individuals can again me up on this too. if people disagree with me that's pleasant. if they are being disrespectful with. their disagreements and they are seeking. to be rude and crude and. simply shut any other argument out and say. call your names and insult then you we. take motion and time them out and mute. them or warn them or do whatsoever but we. allow one of a kind critiques you may argue. you could debate you are able to do it within the . discord server you can do it in distinct. chats you can do it in one's live chat. you could disagree with me we don't time. out people we don't warn persons we do not.
Punish those who have an additional. opinion who argue who debate. made all the time shut up people who had. arguments questions debates all the time. that changed into whatever too that i forgot to. mention previous i remember quite a few. participants were coming out to be like howdy. all i did became send this to you they sent. a screenshot of what they sent to me and. they're like why did i get timed out for. this and i'm like oh permit me see who did. that aand then i finished up figuring out. maid did it and ii was like oh okay inform. me hello made it is ok for folks to. disagree with me. and then she offers her explanation on. why she did it so. um. all right. admin abuse and selective focusing on um. in the direction of blank and what number of people have. come to us backing the announcement that. they consider she is bullying him we want. wanted admin evaluations as we have been heavily.
taking into account demotion from staff team at. least she has been faraway from. moderating. his youtube chat already we're. discussing discord fame at a second so. she become already moved because she might. she could not stop timing out persons and. doing that simply for disagreeing image. three the admin sits here and replies. i've heard about thiis too ever considering the fact that way. lower back with the stuff among um whoever. um opposed to maid and a few a few. blah blah blah blah depended on made um. every time i s i see her she appears to. always have some renegade action shading. someone i believe we'd like extra than simply. one admins opinion notwithstanding taking into account. how lately she mocked me for desiring. to be pinged during the night as if i. wasn't an argument and going opposed to kodo. on multiple occasion for different. matters including a staff ping um and.
Sneaky function i don't think she gets on. well with certain larger ups we are able to. surely get a hold of more admins yet. those studying this when they can wake up. and positioned their thoughts under and at me. within the chat might you believe the. decision to take away her though because it. stands now at admin dm me your thoughts. and um when you all wake up please and. then photograph four um and we decided to. get rid of her after some time we stayed up. all night expecting people to wake up. we did get a few conversations or. going but it wasn't a lot yet as. you will see can you men believe me. at least in the present day can you may you compromise. with me at the moment did i take a seat right here and check out. to get diverse reviews be sure we. weren't jumping to a end we. were not just ok we don't desire to just. kick out made for no rationale did i take.
The right steps by way of asserting hi there we must always. refer to our admins our admins were. doing an excellent job made become only a mod at. the time so. did we do a good job on talking to the. admins or no longer. just allow me recognize within the chat due to the fact. again this is a good evaluation in case you guys. let us know what we did then my staff. can be taught from this because my staff's. watching live movement they are going to watch. they're watching the stay chat so i. appreciate it um to all these saying certain. i feel we did the correct thing right. right here by using asking our admins and getting. them concerned and say hey what is your. evaluations on this this is what we found. we are taking into account demoting her. your thoughts real rapid and ii thought. that became ok. alright so. um admin we're removing her from the. employees group after further discussion. notwithstanding we might still desire to listen your.
thoughts so both dm me or um dm me. personally about it or sort um sort them. in. this including tjv coda and myself thank. you men returned and i make an apology pers. in my opinion we could we could not discuss. this with you before the ultimate decision. changed into made so we needed to make the call. we did not want her to awaken and act. irrational as a staff member and kick. random people or go around deleting. stuff or any of that or modifying stuff so. because mods do have a few permission for. certain matters so we just eliminated her. immediately and then we all despatched her dms. and stuff like that that is what you men. will be seeing here shortly. sure. uh are they making aanything downstairs. hamburgers. i am not hungry for amber hamburgers i. nonetheless obtained my juice i got a drink you. want to come say hello. you do not appear as if trash you appear. attractive.
Hi guys that's my female friend hannah she. wanted to say hello real speedy yeah i am not. hungry in the present day i'll perhaps make nutrition. later. or i will make you free. that could be sexist. if the woman cooks the. meal it is only sexist if you're making it. sexist. okay. um. yeah. um alright so photo one photograph two. photo 3 in picture four with the. quantity of evidence of harassing. harassment bullying and mod abuse that. we exposed we decided that night time we. would simply demo made due to the fact we wanted to. be safer than sorry we still wish to. retain connections with her on the server. and not tether friendships um so we. waited um. we waited during the night to work out when. she become online so lets get her aspect. of the tale what did you get. captain united states of america. oh hiya we received a touch mystery field factor. and you normally in no way get the character.
You want i got a captain america one out. of the mystery field so that's cool thank. you to procure to put them next to the loki. we acquired. i did not really want loki yet loki's. quite cool um. very well part six made leaves um so. again just simply let you know we we. didn't want to break friendships we. wanted her to stay as a member and. after time she could possibly come again. that turned into even in the dialogue additionally i. desired to sit down right here and say that real. quick everyone is dabbing in the chat. for you they're placing little dab. emojis for you you pull it up on your. telephone go to my channel and you may communicate. within the chat if you wish. see all this yeah the dabs okay um. oh that's so lovable for hannah that is so. lovable yeah. um. side six made leaves during um during. maid's demotion she determined to. immediately depart the server after being.
caught i asked a few other folks if she. apologized to anyone or left a so long. message but she did not she possibly left. the server after being stuck so again. while a lot of people have left the. server before i think sheepy has put one. out earlier than if she with a bit of luck she would not. mind me saying it yet she has put like a. see you later message um before out there um. and uh some staff members will do this. they will put a see you later message koda placed. out a see you later message before he ended up. leaving the server and leaving his. discord account um people will go away. goodbye misters due to the fact again we're. associates we have been collectively for so long. we talked in vcs for all time we performed. video games collectively we were all operating. together to mild the server. and uh she never left a so long she. by no means even dm'd anyone a goodbye i feel.
She dm'd. neon. but. neon hasn't really been round the. server a lot so i do not know in which neon. is status on all this he hasn't been. around for the last month or . a lot i mean he has been here and there. but now not a lot. yet yeah so like again usually you are. leaving see you later messages usually you are. telling people you're dming people. you'll be like howdy i gotta depart the. server howdy i got demoted i simply want to. say with any luck we we are still well. buddies and returned that might have been. great she simply can't be trusted to be a. employees member because she takes out. reason she's mad and mod. abuses people um so uh we just can't. allow that um so yeah um this turned into a stat. uh i believe a uh. i believe i put the staff assertion. here. yeah i feel i did uh maid changed into demoted. from staff the workers crew with all staff.
Related roles being removed we have a. couple distinct staff roles the explanation. the reasoning being employees abuse. selective concentrating on um are detailed and. bullying towards blank none of these. have mod logs for them anyway the 14th. one right here messages above show. all of that with all the facts up there. we have already checked out all of that no. mod logs no well we have seen all the. audit logs yet no mod logs with them on. coda as of currently we're. investigating lawsuits which have been. given to us with the aid of numerous people part of the. server as we're we have been seeking into it. we've found clean mod abuse on clean . and there and consequently we've demoted. you it's code is message to made um. it is possible for you to to um ship your web site of. matters to clean tjv or i about these. proceedings and activities you have taken so.
That's coda's message highly respectful. allows her to explain and communicate. side seven comments online. the fact that maine has persisted. continuously proven herself insulting tjv. in stay streams tweets and other. comments because her departure from the. server indicates that staffing at the. server is a nightmare that is infrequently. the case taking into account we've sixteen staff. participants who disagree she has additionally long gone. out of her manner to affix former employees. members and asserting our server is hell so. my ex staff members she just ran to them. she's striking out with them she's. speaking trash with them yadda yadda. spreading pass over. spreading incorrect information uh yeah she. tried being my girlfriend's pal on. the discord that is a bit weird but. i i do not know much about it uh. spreading this spreading incorrect information. in an try to gather an even bigger.
Team of person individuals who. can't go away a discord server within the . beyond um to the purpose wherein they are wherein. it has tethered friendships as if it become. politics so maid she's replying to. someone at the liz cats put up or. whatsoever saying hello i used to cite on. quote work for him i am going to zoom into this. due to the fact this is quite funny hi there i used. to work for him too. i used to paintings for him too i would not. have put that in parentheses if he. handled it like work and paid me i used to be a. mod in his discord server i have to ask. in which have been you one of his uh staff in. his server too so communicate replying to. somebody else um. so i shouldn't have put in parentheses if. he uh treated it like work and paid me. so returned. i do not know this is as much as opinion if it. feels like work or no longer i do have a set. of guidelines you do the rules if you need to.
be taught we do we do a coaching interval . a dead ringer for a task could and you are a toddler. mod and then you get promoted to mod. once you're. done. or discovering the ropes you produce other. people persons take unique shifts. people interact people are. collaborating it is almost like a task i. guess kind of like work but if she. doesn't desire to view it as paintings excellent she. complain about no longer being paid right here. on liz katz's remark. inform me men in the chat. do you believe i should pay people. to. moderate a discord server. that does not have lots of recreation. like barely. and tell people what the rules are and. remind them and prefer click on a few buttons. and it takes just a little out of your. time ought to i pay people for that why is. she expecting charge or even declaring. whatever approximately me paying her. no i i tell people forever it's.
Voluntary and incidentally last christmas. i sent christmas presents out to my employees. this year i am not doing but due to the fact. bet what staff participants come and move all. the time and iit's a lot tougher now i'm. now not attempting to blame my present staff. individuals at all yet i will take. a different yr to wait and perhaps birthdays. i will ship out birthday playing cards to my staff. members but final 12 months i spent lots of. money on on my my staff mem my staff. group that i had i purely had them for 4. months after which they. left most of them left correct. when they got their gifts they prefer it. became a pair weeks later after which increase. they left the discord um which become. ridiculous but um. tjv do not imply to be a monkey yet i. assume it changed into sarcasm whether it is. sarcasm why even shaggy dog story whatever concerning the. paintings and the paid thing at present and. she's sitting right here asserting i used to be a.
Mod in the discord server when. commenting on a twitter issue where. all people else is opposed to me any in any case. she suggested right here says i used to work for. him too i do not have installed the front if. he handled it like paintings and paid me good. she's implying whatever there that it. either not treated like work and she's. now not getting paid and the total paid. element does not you are a discord mod you. anticipate to be paid sheepy has in fact. been a discord mod for people cheat me. have you ever gotten paid to be a employees. member earlier than. to all the mods i'm not being a headache. love you fascinated about the paintings you do oh i. comprehend i wager they appreciate that a. lot. you recognize she proposal she turned into going to be. admin uh sheepy i wager you acquire plenty to. say made additionally complained about get no longer. getting paid on the drm circulation aspect. what oh yeah they had a podcast or.
mate became portion of the podcast. she complained approximately now not getting paid. does made have cash difficulties the . oh boy. huh. we shouldn't make exciting of bro. well we must always make exciting of brooke well. then take a seat here and beg for funds. for being part of a discord. employees group i don't even assume bigger. youtubers even pay discord staff sheep. says i am approximately to move. in on a few stuff i've heard from simp. hyperlinks and made oh boy. that is going to be enjoyable. it's your garage i. i'm not announcing fairly to any extent further well. i'll have the ability to pull in employees members. after i'm executed with the document. um okay so moving on um. though the reason why the entire paid. aspect is pointed out um during this tweet. it is not that enormous of a deal it's aanother. grievance but the explanation why that is. mentioned is i brought up various times. or i i did not deliver it up she.
Or. i brought up in my discord that i. repeatedly supply out discord nitro i visit. ping chat i visit chat and i'll. be like howdy who wants discord nitro and. then the first individual to say the wide variety. i'm deliberating in my head i'll dm. them announcing hey you won this chord nitro. you you guessed right and then i am going to. gift them discord nitro so. i used to present participants discord night. show and contributors is who i have the desire to make. pleased i don't have to make employees. completely satisfied and provides them discord nitro but. maid has constantly requested for discord. nitro from me um these are dms of her. requesting it uh can ii have nitro oo woo. flush regardless of the emoji is i sent it to. her coronary heart i sent two to her due to the fact i. idea it was going to be respectful. where's my nitro doing the uppercase and. lowercase. sends it you better increase the server i.
Will i am going to there boosted it after which. she boosted the server with the discord. nitro yet by the ways i sent discord. nitro a couple times to her many of the. time she certainly not even i feel that turned into. like one of the few instances she actually. like boosted the server with the discord. night time show that i paid for because i. remember giving her discord nitro now not. seeing any boost on this server in any respect. so just an fyi um i i have simply seen her. do like she's boosted the server other. times while she paid for it or someone. else paid for it maybe. she has boosted it once or twice but she. merely boosted the server once I gave it. to her that one time i requested her good day. would you boost the server um which it. didn't really matter i used to be a dead ringer for howdy. higher increase the server you know because. i i am providing you with the discord nitro so. increase the server but yeah um.
Turned into this psycho hooked on discord. nature i do not know um. picture one two and 3 we'll examine. thiis part after which with any luck we are able to get. directly to staff becoming a member of him uh jogging comic story. in the employees crew is that we ought to be. getting paid to handle all of the crap. that happens within the server yeah persons. say oh you do not pay me enough tjv employees. have reported it forever that is which. is the end which ultimately is just a. comic story we do not anticipate to be getting paid. to moderate a discord server her asserting. if he handled it like work and paid me. simply suggests a disgusting volume of greed. and self selfishness back whether she. mentions our cats sarcasm and stuff like. that pointing out it in twitter in a respond. wherein everyone there is going to be. against the fellow that liz simply made a. video about and. confirmed that she blocked me and asserting.
which you used to paintings like paintings for me. or point out whatever remotely like that. and saying that i don't pay you and that i. do not treat it like paintings instantly he's. gonna increase eyes questions theories. allegations approximately and returned it became. simply the incorrect location for her to do it. and especially after she simply received. demoted she must have performed larger she. must have proposal somewhat about it and. been respectful and say she turned into gonna. flow on like she said she turned into um. her asserting if you i just read that. and that she has publicly shown on. twitter or even much more slimy now. understanding she has been getting paid. particularly during the amount of nitro she. become giving and actively turned into asking and. those are not the sole messages admid has. despatched this is mainly mainly ones which are. crossing on that line. side 8 maid's reaction made response.
On um. 212. 2021. i believe that's. december second maybe i do not know it's at. a few factor yet it is a response um. after she left the server and after I. mentioned it in the chat she stored coming. to my chats as an everyday viewer to. talk about. stuff and she i believe she changed into like. asserting okay. maid suggested anything like oh trevor's. in no way gonna look a chat trevor not ever. reads chat he's gonna forget about this or. and i said made no i'm busy. speaking approximately anything you only. acquired demoted you are only a viewer i do not. have to answer to every little thing you do i am. gonna look out for the participants of my. channel like zero his name is green. i'm gonna look out for his name and then. i'm gonna look out for blue the staff. i am not gonna investigate every single white. username. on there and each message being despatched i. have stuff to speak about but maid might.
continuously installed chat he not ever looks. chat he is just ignoring people he is just. doing thiis this and that which maid. might get pissy when she would not have. the attention whilst she types whatever. in chat she does not view it she gets. busy we all get upset that that we do not. get observed many times but she might cross. to the extent to having sarcasm and. insulting and doing like that over. and again and again you might even. call that aa little selfish i do not know. um on the other hand although. uh once I known as her out publicly on. circulate i said you're demoted you are not. a employees member anymore you are sitting. right here speaking in right here attempting to. hooked up a large game like you were a staff. member you probably did it once you were now. you're doing it lower back and carrying on with the. drama again you are demoted made simply. stop i'd i would actually such as you .
to not watch my content anymore simply. go away like it's traumatic you cross coming. in here and sitting here saying he will. by no means do this he'll not ever do that as if. you recognize what i'll do you do not you are. the image of a discord employees member you. don't know me. and he or she could communicate like she does all of the. time so returned when I pronounced that publicly. and that i spent like. literally like under 10 minutes. talking approximately that in this few hour. live flow. she dm'd me a big reaction and uh an. homeworker length response so we're gonna. read it genuine fast and everything she. has to say. may's reaction. i remember when tjv virtually threw me. under the bus in a video wherein he. explained why. he went after a youtube account with. under a hundred subscribers or so she pronounced. that i threw her below the bus. apparently um om might be paid off tjv.
To part with him. which she is familiar with better than anybody she's. a staff member she is familiar with what i did and. did not do she is aware exactly all of that. yet she thinks that own paid me. do people actually is me. the reason for this is that i call her like like small. mind power right here she it is her. brain this small she in fact thinks ohm. paid me coins. to side with him when I i'm opposed to. every thing he has achieved and everything he. has stored beside a couple matters. heavily. you truly suppose possess paid me. how silly can you be i see people. talking about this for all time as a. funny story it is excellent asserting oh yeah i'm. maybe paid that person you recognize as a. funny story it is great yet you truly assume oh. wrecker despatched the time to send me money. he stressed out money over to me. are you that dumb. i am sorry but. um i do not know what else to say. it's so dumb.
Sheepy fitting a degree three supporter. i actually have an understanding of that i think you are. yeah i don't believe you're the first. staff ever become a member but um. a member of the channel yet i appreciate. i believe emerge as a level 3 supporter. with any luck utilizing your call within the chat. responsible which i do know you will. because you're a stephan murphy coming. level three support thanks fitting a. member form of spit on that one but i. tried to saying it rapid. um paid me to be your staff member brad. the you imply. yeah i'm simply asserting i do not know ohm. threatened to sue this man yeah oh om. threatened to sue me you suspect he's. paying me funds now so made saying this. comment is both one a funny story and she's. attempting to insult me or make or make me. say something bad and what i do not know. if that's my stay circulation or someone.
Else's live circulation it is possibly somebody. else's stay move but it is something. that uh occurred oh men once you comprehend. when you become a member the yoshi it's. a rainbow yoshi whilst whilst somebody. subscribes it's only a green one whilst. someone becomes a member of their. rainbow one um darkish puppy uh yeti player. welcome to becoming a degree 3 one. supporter thank you for coming a member. of he is the fairway name within the chat. responsibly thank you coming a degree one. supporter i believe becoming a member i. gotta like get back into the rhythm of. saying that it's been some time um all. correct relocating on although let's read her. large response. oh this goes to be a lie i go. to ought to do thiis constantly. actually i'm going to zoom out sorry if. the textual content is too tiny but i don't desire to. have got to scroll backward and forward continuously.
alright trevor you wanted me to dm you. i feel i said anything like hey. rather than simply talking my live chat. just dm me you've my discord um i. assume that's maybe what that's um. you stated that me leaving the server. intended i did not care about anyone on the. staff team if i didn't care i would not. have blocked everybody and simply cut all. communications um brandon's becoming a. point one supporter thank you for coming. level one supporter hopefully you see. the great name of the chat responsibly. thank you for coming point one recreation. then fitting a member that one changed into. fantastically well i really appreciate each of the. contributors and you may see the rainbow yoshi. pop up if it they perhaps already did i. maybe missed it yet thanks i. fully grasp it ok um. so she's saying here within the . starting saying. i i feel i pronounced anything like you.
Don't you on no account messaged anybody you. in no way left a see you later message you have not. messaged a unmarried employees member in a. whilst so. you continue to have not to this present day you do not. genuinely care about us and if you probably did you. could have reached out to us and stated. anything or suggested that you are no longer. operating with us it might have intended a. lot more and a lot of people were. curious being like why did not made ever. send me a message we were cool we were. buddies or um good she never. did and she or he is going oh if i didn't care. about them i would have i would have. blocked them and cut all communique. if i didn't care about them. ok that is a twin of your friend who. ain't gonna seek advice from you for the next six. years if you not ever hit him up says oh i. might have blocked you if i didn't care. approximately you yeah no i am sorry um cole.
Bizzle member for 3 months level. three supporter we have to just forgive. and forget yet. get a few warm dogs with them burgers. thanks for coming um a degree 3. supporter i really comprehend it uh. with a bit of luck you screen the call the chat. obligation aspect becoming a degree. three supporter thank you coming. remember such a lot of participants i believe sheepy. style of started a member train . every few comments there is going to be a. new member who joined i realise get. the train going longer i do not intellect all. the golf green names within the chow are gonna be. nuts i suggest i'd love to have like. 60 contributors at one factor that would be. cool um regardless although um she's. sitting right here talking well-nigh about. um she could have blocked and reduce ties. good yeah those that you do not confer with. because you have been back in high school you.
have not talked to them in years do you. imagine they care approximately you or do you. imagine that it is just an historical pal or. whatever like that i'm announcing if you. really really really cared about these. persons you will have reached out to him. you would have reported so long you'll. have talked to him. there wasn't much of that she just saved. him on the buddies lift pals record but. left the server perhaps on no account going to. seek advice from him lower back except that she wants. something i assume i do not know um. left the server i left the server. because i had to my intellectual state become. and ii needed a smash in retrospect. on it i took. took a break in the incorrect location within the . live circulate you claimed that the stuff. became. was dissatisfied that i was removed if that's. the case then why did all why did they. all simply cut conversation the only. person that messaged me when I changed into.
Demoted except me uh. um except neon turned into sheepy and all. she pronounced. uh turned into that she turned into upset alex. uni and smurfa basically check with me on. sundays for dnd due to the fact they have to the. in basic terms person that messages me or calls me. anymore is neon ok good she's talking. approximately good nobody reaches out to me so. why should not i attain out to them good. they are currently busy and. they are talking to lots of people too. and then the undeniable fact that you are now not. in this within the server in which you. continuously talk to people in these chats. i am sorry yet with a purpose to keep. communication it isn't their task. to now hold the verbal exchange out you're. the one demoted so that you can maintain. chatting with these people like you were in. my server then you ought to take it to. dms and truly contact them it is not. their task to do it if they need to they.
Can neon did it that's satisfactory but you. cannot expect each of the stuff to do it if. you wanted to communicate you have to. reach out because you're the single demoted. you are the one eliminated my employees want to. simply retain matters in my server or in. someone else's server they identical to. talking in servers as opposed to dms all. the time dms are stressful to always communicate. in and iif you're speaking in a set or. in a chat or in a collection chat it is just a. lot less difficult and back all this would have. been higher. oh oh she informed me liar and. interestingly she lied um asserting that. due to the fact right here she says the sole. person that reached out to me except. neon become sheepy and all she reported that. all she mentioned was that she turned into. dissatisfied. the x here announcing i barely use my. dms precisely tj remember. remember that we received that that called.
This night yep yep we received it um. i am gonna look through this again this. will all be within the google doc and stuff. like that um. the sheepy stuff is here in which my. mouse is um you may examine all of this i'm. gonna experiment via it real speedy. um here she is going i'm trying to. move beyond all of this i really am. bull. you have been in live chat continuing to. communicate approximately me you persisted to sit. right here and cause drama beyond you being. demoted she also the full i. had to take a destroy because my mental. state become and ii needed a spoil. yeah you have been in live streams. carrying on with to chat bad about me. but you need a smash so what you actually. want is persons to step away people to. step away and stop talking undesirable approximately you. but once you communicate bad about them it's. ok explain that does that make experience. chat thunder cookie with 50 funds holy.
Forgot to donate for some rationale do. i get to remain the undisputed king of. dono's also uh do piano practice circulate. i see that piano within the background i do. desire to learn a few things on piano i do. be aware of some things um yet yeah i'll have. to do it someday it'd be cool to pull. it out i want to do a 24 hour live. movement and just mess around with in. my room and do something like that factor. recognize um all people. visit the emojis within the chat and give. thunder cookie the crown because he's. the king of dono's thank you for the 50. fantastic chat i do not believe anybody's. taking that aaway from you um but yeah um. she says her mental state turned into i. do not believe her i don't believe her. for a second due to the fact she become in a different. live stream chats speaking about drama. she was constantly sitting right here speaking. bad about me after she changed into demoted it.
Wasn't due to just because of her. mental wreck she did not just depart the. server she was perhaps embarrassed and. humiliated that the whole staff. might be knew why she became demoted and. she left the server she became so salty. that she changed into no longer a employees member. ok this is because we don't desire to. go along with her anymore we don't want. to be uh. employees are having you on the workers group. anymore we really don't want that. anymore we just don't. and um. it is simply ridiculous 50 splendid chat from. jaybird dylan 98 one other 50 that's. loopy um. i mean that is like one penny off i imply. i guess you can also get a crown deliver. crowns to jaybird as well holy crap men. are nuts um yet. um. i forgot where i was speaking approximately i am. sorry i ought to i shouldn't be doing. that i gotta be higher uh bro i got. evidence in dms okay i'll hold it up.
i'll i will carry it up sheepy um yet yeah. um. the audit log messages i deleted from. vandalism warfare presents actually scratched. that it became equal present sent persistently. which is taken into account spamming i forgot to. log it that time the days i muted at. vandal and vc that very same night time have been. due to the fact he changed into announcing some petty nasty. stuff approximately me a kind of matters being. made why don't you be like your call and. go clear something there were different. employees participants in the bc who had no hindrance. with me mutant him for that which none. of my employees members came to confirm this. afterward when we talked to him approximately it. i don't feel like um the context for. that off is there so i am going to. gladly explain um some nights before. the demotion so it's her announcing . off i used to be told vandal turned into still speaking. about me and. there's aa lot more stuff to discuss.
There again this is confidential stuff. between them to be able to read into it. and see who deserves this and who. merits to say this yada yada um. it's um if you wish the entire. communication i'll give it to you i'm. performed with all of thiis if you expected. whatever else i don't know what to inform. you i'll discontinue ignore every little thing. and i will not bring up your. name up back hell i'll even delete the. tweets simply hold my call from your. stay streams i am ill and bored with this. additionally i would want to variety one more fast. factor the complete you men getting banned. from that server aspect i had nothing to. do with i don't know who banned you all. but i am sure as i i certain as hell did it. so don't move round announcing that i did. since it um it seriously is not genuine so this. turned into there has been a like one more server of. the darkish ritz damien.
Podcast server and he or she was a part of the. podcast at one point. she become a employees member she changed into getting. annoyed and deleted messages of mine and. other people's once we have been just having. a fun time in a chat attempting to be. respectful and actually pleasant to made. countless instances yet she simply refused and. stored deleting our messages then we were. all kicked or banned or from. the server i got advised from them that. made similar to pronounced whatever about it or. someone did it maybe they did it i sat. here and that i reported it became probably made. because she was deleting our chats and. she hates us anyways due to the fact she does. nothing yet talk bad about me and. definitely she has nothing pleasant to assert. concerning the staff so that's why i reported. what i pronounced um. after which. she says continuously i will stop shoot. right here i will discontinue forget about.
every little thing i will not elevate your name. back i am going to even delete these tweets. o.k. go delete these tweets i'm not. deleting this video although everything. mad approximately you goes to remain on-line. maid of honor 18 sir twitter manage maid. of honor is her discord. if you ever see that pop up just. warning you be careful approximately that. um. scrolling down lower back with the intention to study . the entire response i am going to the google doc. will submit it on my twitter and in my. discord so find it at a kind of. locations um right here it is funny louis. quality had whatever to claim about maid. here. louis quality at maid get out of my dms. returned please made respond asserting at louis. caliber brah do not know if it is a. funny story do not know at all but if mate. correctly has dm's with louis caliber. that may be a that that is a bit frightening. just to tell you i i do not know.
What that involves or what yet i do not. know if it's a joke or what. yet that is what louis had to claim about. made one time during the circulate that changed into. positioned in there um. at one factor part 9 conclusion i'm. going to study this off real fast. wait is that. i don't know i don't know what made in. louis if if they really had dms or if. it become simply joe clew he stated i haven't any. notion i haven't begun to listen to affirmation. from either one i do not like how trevor. and the server are becoming hated on in. the past um it is a end from. coda so it's certainly one of koda's messages. it is among the final messages we are going to. perhaps ever listen from kota if he never. joins again returned over all of these things. i do not like how trevor and the server. are becoming hated on by means of beyond staff if if. it turned into so undesirable undoubtedly you will have pronounced. something to us or trevor in my opinion.
in preference to publicly that's what you. were doing once you left the server. tethering friendships we proposal we made. with you. and ii feel ill that it had to uh result. in making a rfile caution other users. and to look after my present acquaintances picture. at the server when you've gotten moved. on and in all likelihood been introduced back to. employees a few months later showing. maturity. speaking about a activity you once had. is not isn't a superb outlook notwithstanding. who you are. from what you've said on twitter. you're purposely false impression. matters just to make us seem bad however it. turns into even more absurd for maid to. faux that this drama is to assist. people understand why to hate tjv. um it truly is probably the most disgusting. and disingenuous webs of cyber web. webs of lies that thiis user has ever. spun um it's from a person whose.
actions of bullying harassment and. going for walks from the fact because of. mendacity but it's part of a broader lie. being bought to tjv followers and those that. mention him of their content. via a discord mod whose messages 80. percentage of the time are that tjv's a foul. person to guard the people but it's. solely about holding your self and. your critiques on drama and utilizing mental. health for now not typing out a sentence. modlog is extremely a funny story we have the. witness we've the screenshots and now. we all know which you target tjv since you. don't believe his movies and critiques. i certainly not notion in discord we will be. specified by using an exdiscord mod thiis much. for having differing reviews you tried. to touch louis caliber you tried to. guest like conversations on twitter and. in stay movement chats you are trying you. try out involving beyond staff due to the fact nobody.
Will talk with you except the beyond. employees you failed and you failed because. you don't have empathy for past employees. in basic terms your image which you must. support your opinion on a few youtube. drama and if this became due to mental. health why could you cross directly to stay. streams only a day after you left and. unfold lies and trigger drama my contempt. is um unreserved um unreservedly uh. directed. at you and no one else this is not cyber. bullying her actions converse louder than. her words on twitter if anyone is. cyberbullying her. uh right here it is her this document is. keeping a friend's profession from lies. and personal reap if this final paragraph. is somewhat harsh for some discord drama i. consider you completely yet this how. some distance she this is how a long way she has taken. from coda this rfile changed into made. solely by myself coda so do not carry.
Anybody else down in this sinking deliver. other than me in case you submit a debunking. reaction so aim your pitchfork and um. and torch at me made for simply telling. the fact on your demotion see you on. twitter because it's perhaps gonna be. on twitter this rfile changed into made by using. coda major apologies if this document. had any grammar or spelling blunders or. images that are not high quality ok so. that is the record and there is there's. not nothing else that coda has made he. sent it over he requested me double checked. on matters that may be in there what. can't be in there yada yada yada we are. still keeping maids privacy we are not. attempting to doxx her or show anything. personal about her or whatever she suggested. privately approximately us um. but i am going to say that that is something. that coda sat right here and reported. what your guys's ideas on in case you men.
Are gonna study this later. allow me be aware of um yet. um. uh that's anything that coda uh rid up. and stuff stuff like that it is the final. element that i i have ever heard from coda. become this document um he just desired to. ensure that every thing is out there. he prepared it the way he can and. he placed explanations that he did i second. this 100 percent every thing that is in. here um and i do imagine that this does. show plenty approximately maid if there is more. motives or even reasonings to why. those actions are performed those weren't. spoken out and they were not taken the. correct way and he or she didn't do the correct. actions in any respect i do believe that. every thing on right here um is uh. very important and i'm not likely to be. sitting here constantly making videos. but this goes to be the only and basically. video which will have the same thumbnail.
And an analogous name all the time necessarily. invariably and ever and it isn't. taken down because i believe people ought to. be aware of what this staff member has accomplished i am. possibly going to emerge as making another. video like thiis if another exstaff. member wants to test to check me or test. my employees and take a look at to try this trust me. there is numerous my ex employees participants. who have sat right here and attempted to say. adverse matters about me. months. nearly an entire year when they left and. they want to hold to increase old. drama just to make me look worse. so i am not going to name all people simp. is one of them you guys could remember. ab nation she's been one going to. twitter about this there's persons. that i assumed left on good terms and. they only wanted to depart the server and. not go back that but they left. peacefully they came back onto twitter.
Or discord and i have had it sent to me. in which they are speaking trash approximately me and. saying unfavourable matters approximately my discord. server and how they interacted with me. so returned i am going to retain to do this if i. have to i am not doing this to have. anyone assault harass pass assault her or. anything i don't desire that to ensue so. don't assault harass and loss of life threats do. anything towards made that is not my goal. however it is my target to sit down here and spill. the truth so if you ever run into these. individuals again you no longer know not to. go together with them or not to get too. near with them because these are the. matters that they will attempt to do. those are the nasty matters and the. little rat like behaviors that they're. going to end up pulling off and ii want. every person right here to be undoubtedly cautious. so. having mentioned this it will turn into.
a bit of more of a kick back circulate i. received a couple other things that i'm going. to expose here and there yet i am all gonna. have. that to do with people becoming a member of a decision. and speaking i am gonna do separately. and that i want anyone. any staff member or any member who has. well not any member i'm simply gonna take. employees member and pry chilled venom um. um. i'm going to maybe simply take uh. the staff members who have had. interactions with them that wish. to share and then chilled venom that is. going to be the sole thing. mention the things drm did this stay. circulate will never be approximately. drm damien ritz and them all they. have some kind of. capacity influence on made yet. every thing among drm and chilled venom. that is not the subject of this it really is. basically made they do have a few. involvement but there is something.
going on of their server that they. allowed that's incorrect of them to allow. but they allowed made to be a employees. member for a while and ii am going to. discuss that here in a moment bloodless. bizzle 2 superb chat um have a merry. christmas cjv cross get some chocolate good. thanks a great deal i should have. to head get a few chocolate obviously i. realise it. sorry men i gotta do something real. fast and then i'll i will pull in someone. all any staff member who desires to become a member of. just dm me genuine fast now and we are going to get. a short opinion reports um in case you men. have any evidence any evidence you may. share it and i'll proportion my display um and. show it um yet we're gonna have staff. contributors join genuine speedy conclude that up. after which if we have time at the tip. kick back venom if he desires to come directly to. discuss it a bit of he can this.
is not i did not certainly say a lot. about util denim and ii don't really need. to talk about a number of drm if you move. for another hours i'll join. i do not know if it'll be yet another two. hours or not um the fog has drm and made. received to do with the tjv discord there is. whatever posh that i should proportion. right here in a second um. i just have to seem. one moment. uh. um. any questions too the rest um if. you were ready to do any great chats. any memberships anything like that. in addition this will be a great time to do. it um. and all that different good things. very well. cool cool cool. blah blah blah blah all right so we're. gonna go to discord genuine fast. o.k. so. there's something to proportion. thank you for the merry christmas. anyone else. o.k. thunder i will cue you in final. sheepy i'm gonna call you real speedy i.
comprehend you wanted to come on. i do not know if they could hear everything. so i'm gonna attempt to set that up genuine. quick. um. machine. all right sheepy you wanna talk genuine. quick see if they are able to listen you. y'all should sub. it is it's only it's totally it's totally. little funds you recognize. alright cool cool cool very well um. yeah i'll flip it up a bit. very well so sheepy um. what did you want to speak about. specially did you send it over. discord or uh. yeah so you know that part in which she. pretty much said uh like hey so sheepy. reached out i did reach out yet she. driven me away. so technically it is her fault. of now not having somebody be there for her. due to the fact i attempted being her yeah so she. she she claimed that you reported that you. were just disappointed. i used to be disappointed and ii was trying to. get whatever out of her.
You know and i sent you the screenshots. of the messages essentially yeah so i am going to. pull that up real rapid um. i am going to first. go ahead. i nearly reported to you i'm like i am. simply right here to present my opinion on the. entire made on a maid of honor situation. maid of honor is my buddy an excellent. person for that subject she had her. difficulties and was there for me for. every thing without a doubt there's a quality line. among being toxic and just straight up. being a dick. mate has crossed the line assorted instances. and it hurts me to assert this yet maid you. are hereby expelled from friendship from. me since you damage my buddies and could. now not quit your infantile behaviors this. is part of what i want to say. and yada yada and then i send you the. screenshots of. what she despatched to me. right um so i'm on display screen i am here. showing what maid suggested to me asserting.
Sheepy um turned into sheepy and all she mentioned. changed into that she was disenchanted that's the. in simple terms element she suggested well here in. discord we have pictures showing right. here announcing well hi i simply heard with. chippy starting the communication she positioned. dot dot dot so i do know you don't need to. discuss it but like i am somewhat. greatly surprised as all when you are here to claim. that you are disenchanted which made. mentioned the disappointing aspect first. actually i actually don't want it i is as. mean as that sounds i don't need to chat. about it i am not disappointed i'm just. curious as to why i am simply very curious. why is every person talking about it no i. just saw the mod log asserting you bought. demoted oh staggering as though she understands. that even i each action that i take. additionally has to be mod log so she understands if i. demoted her it needs to be i eliminated.
Roles for her so she does want that. does not must be mod log so everyone. would have noticed it and we don't retain. secrets of demoting we don't attempt to conceal. that um you didn't even. does the second one screenshot say that. you're dissatisfied or no. no no i assume i certainly not said i was. disappointed no she she cited oh i. guess you're right here to assert you're. dissatisfied she goes i'm not. disillusioned and i quote i am not. disappointed so she just instantly up. lied again saying oh she she made her. situation seem worse than what it turned into. and she desired pity she wanted sympathy. she desired me to prevent doing it because. she felt like i'm. lying and making up this i am. unlike sheepy is a friend we have been we. were all still acquaintances with you even. after you received demoted you took it to the. point extreme you're thinking that every person. was against you after we were not what.
occurred changed into you went online to maintain. to go the line bring up extra drama. on persons [ __ ] on me for that. topic and i've necessarily said for the. longest time i do not care if persons . on me i'm able to take it i am not a . about this [ __ ] yet what i'm. disillusioned approximately is if you are gonna keep. continuously doing it and lie about it. liars are only disturbing and that i hate. persons mendacity so lower back. as a result of sheepy sharing. her facet of the dms. she be not ever even pronounced she became. dissatisfied she. uh. made mentioned that she notion like oh. you are maybe here to inform me you're. disenchanted and sheepy said the exact. contrary saying i'm simply curious i'm. concerned. i'm not disappointed i just desired to. seek advice from you and made. like sheepy stated maid became the one who. pushed sheepy away so returned an additional. thing that. maid is mendacity about so lower back when you are.
Near with maid if you are friends with. me simply be careful she can lie she has. finished this stuff before and that's all i. want to put available she is not again. she wishes her modem and her router. faraway from her residence and get off the. cyber web i don't think she's capable of. being responsible on the internet and. that's all i think but thanks very. much did you want to percentage the rest. oh yeah uh so you understand how like the actual fact. whilst simp become still on staff participants. right yeah. he actually the sole explanation why i'm. exposing this now's due to the fact i'm getting. this out of my manner and iit's been in. my method for months okay. um. so nearly i was the scapegoat and. the type of the secret agent with every thing. approximately getting. trying to get different employees individuals. demoted and every thing. basically. and trying to get whatever bad and i.
don't desire to say names yet i will. mention one that often came up and that. changed into exclusive. um like like simp could bring up uni or. mmhmm he's. he has. blatantly informed me he doesn't want uni. as a employees member anymore and i'm just. like. i am identical to. certain. so he simp is anticipating you to be a spy. and so that you can come over and somehow get. uni. demoted. pretty much keep in mind that total like. condition in which we had like a whole. bunch of drama and every little thing i referred to as. you yeah like a pair months in the past saying. like the full drama that became part of. that situation after which i needed to lie. about it asserting it wasn't due to the fact. of that yet. i didn't believe too good approximately it. right. in case you guys don't know um and that i. comprehend your honesty um simp is the. next employees member he ended up leaving. while a 2 my employees group left a half of .
Them left after sending them gifts and. uh facing christmas 1 them. left. there was a large argument between the. staff group half of them determined to depart. and then through the years more and more persons. have been leaving um many people got here on as. employees participants and um. simp turned into a kind of who left and has. been gone for a very long time he has suggested a. bunch of lousy matters consisting of he introduced. up he was jokking approximately strapping a. a bomb to my automobile my corvette he is joked. approximately that he sat right here and stated that. i have despatched him presents to hurt himself like. i was selling for him to kill himself. he's lied approximately that. he has sat here and uh reported that um i'm. a child predator and he's gaining. facts to expose me apparently and. then now could be she announcing this he is needing. people to be demoted and he thinks he. can talk over with sheepy or staff members of.
Mine to try to fire up drama or whatever. so now this is all public this is all. going to be accessible i'm hoping they come. out with a response and we have plenty. of witnesses saying definite you probably did say this. you stated this to me so i would really like to. see what they need to say if they're. simply going to flat out tonight or if. they're going to pop out and promote inform. the fact or if they are simply going to head. run and conceal and say it in no way occurred. so um i recognize you bringing that up. although that that's uh. the object is i don't need like extraordinary bad. matters due to the fact like i don't i don't. always like having undesirable. relationships like i want them all good. it is just. i'm worn-out of folk you recognize utilizing me. for information or utilizing me for you recognize. different stuff as a result of kindness and . good that's the aspect like we. a big unexpected element that occurred.
Recently kenzie was an exstaff member. she went around and said undesirable matters. approximately me but she got here back to she obtained in. touch with uh posh and posh told me. and that i unblocked her and everything. because she turned into a kind of employees. members that i just blocked they have been. kind of talking crap all the time and um. uh. she reached out apologized for. every little thing moved on suggested good day i simply prefer. again to the community you recognize. i'm sorry but i used to be childish back then. i am more mature now and that i. instructed her thank you thank you a lot for. being mature yeah you are welcome to come. lower back and then i want that for all i need. each one and all of my exstaff contributors. even made i would wish everybody to be. cool like that and do it whilst they begin. taking it over over the road like simp. or maid has completed. that is style of where i call it quits i.
Mean we have had staff contributors simply take. it way too a ways they are under no circumstances going to be. allowed again yet a lot of them can nonetheless. come back they just got to be respect. they obtained to be pleasant simply respectful just. have in mind you don't have to be a employees. member you could come back as a member. most of them wouldn't even. be a staff member ever lower back but they're. welcome again i'm always right down to. be respectful and feature a conversation. final night i used to be having a talk. with dino. she changed into respectful nice pork was there. it changed into all extremely good and that i i presumed dinos i. got informed that dino become speaking trash. about me and asserting thiis this and this. approximately me and he or she clarified nope certainly not. pronounced it dumb no concept they've no facts. of it by no means reported it and ii was like oh. ok well till i get proof of you. announcing it. i'm not going to imagine that you are.
mendacity you know i'll i will give you the. benefit of the doll i will be respectful. approximately that so returned you'll be. respectful you are able to do this and. kenzie did it kenzie became an excellent example. of what a staff member would do to. clear up this drama and have an excellent. relationship still with everybody that. they were on the workers team with so. it is simply unfortunate people like made. and simp cannot surely get over it and i. hope they would and i am fleshing all. this out i don't care like i i i stored it. personal and did not say anything approximately it. for over the past yr and a 1 i have. been. blowing up on youtube the explanation why. i've on no account spoken approximately it's because i. don't desire to disrespect them i wanted. to respect them and hold it exclusive. i am not ashamed of it i don't believe i am. wrong in any of it and that's no longer why. i am talking i'm not talking approximately it.
Because it's respectful to all parties. if it just receives resolved in the back of the. scenes now i'm to the purpose where hiya if. you must retain pulling your . it's going to be uncovered on-line because. i am accomplished i'm now not if i expose it. on-line and every thing that i got and. share my facet of the story it's performed. it is over anyone who comes throughout my. video and talks about it or acknowledges. those ex employees members from like me or. my videos or my discord server they will. be aware of exactly hiya good we all know his aspect. what is your facet what is your answers for. this and folk will instantly stop. associating with them and definite i believe it. is essential for. persons to not associate with certain. persons if they'll prove. repetitive undesirable habit persistently. returned across the line so um is there. anything else you wanted to.
Uh comprise chibi. uh i mean i remember i used to be walking abby. server and ii guess there's like some . guidelines. or whatnot. and that i remember. a choice cause i was i assume in tears as. good as a result of like a gaggle of pressure. when I turned into admin and i went to him. and he was feeding me data i. wager trying to paint you as a bad. person who was this. i believe this turned into. before i. left like i left the server for a few. months and then i got here returned after summer season. so this become rather recent. i feel while did i depart the server. the last time. i do not know it become a couple months ago. i feel i i do not recall it was the. final time it happened. yeah. it's been multiple instances. chilled venom says in the chat good simply. to inform you tjv you ought to might be. be careful approximately somebody who has intellectual. health and wellbeing issues whilst a group of folks. like this add pressure to at least one individual.
it is a lot to address whats up i desire they. would you know cross cross someplace in individual. to handle those mental health problems. if they need to stay on the. information superhighway and communicate they are going to. get on i am sorry but you obtain to be. smarter than that people we are able to tell. you all the time get off the net if. you have mental health problems go search. out help pass get help and ii want those. persons i would like them natural and organic lives i hope. maid has an outstanding christmas with their. household i do not want unwell cause between her. i wish ill reason. i i don't i don't want any all purpose i. simply desire she under no circumstances gets on the internet. returned that is all i hope for i hope she. on no account gets turns into another mod because i. do not believe she's terrifi to do it. she's harm me and several other people. over and over she's proved. repetitive undesirable behavior i don't care if.
She has mental illnesses go settle. that during individual. internet's not the place for it and if. she desires to stay at the. cyber web. and she gets trapped on that's her possess. decision. one thing i am going to say is that any. youtuber who is going by means of these. allegations and stuff like that if they. get off the internet which we've seen a. lot of youtubers like get off their. channels to go larger themselves that is. what these guys ought to do they have to. get off the net and better. themselves and a lot of them just need . to easy methods to be first rate human beings. and recognize others that's what most of. them and ii think that's what mae desires. to do i do not provide a rattling she has mental. health problems i ain't going to forestall me. from speaking about what she's finished undesirable. her activities or her actions she's to. blame she has responsibility of those.
And if she desires her intellectual wellbeing and fitness to be. bigger she gets off the web and. get better. factor blank interval . so again i'm not going to take pity simply. due to the fact somebody has a intellectual well-being. limitation if i had a intellectual health problem. why might i blame it on other people. on line no you cross manage that during individual. sure could it's an influence certain would it. have it could be portion of the trigger certain. yeah i'm not saying it isn't but i'm. saying your solution your answer is not. for folks to be quiet approximately it. their answer is to get off the. internet and separate themselves from it. and if maid ain't capable of getting off. the net and isolating herself from. it that is her own damn fault. then i don't care what happens i do not. care if she you recognize any of that i am hoping. she does well i'm hoping she makes the correct.
decision but if she will maintain. make bad judgements i do not care wherein. you end up. you'll you will end up in which you find yourself if. you must maintain to make undesirable. decisions. so. yeah no i that is why why i left i. become like now not in a good vicinity and it. wasn't fair for you men so i left and. then i got here back once I turned into ready which. changed into back in september. yeah so well i i yeah you are a remarkable. example of ways. these employees members must have dealt with. it and back i'm hoping everyone strives to. do extra like what you probably did because you. handled it best you were open you have been. honest about it you always message me or. somebody or even the crowd like you. might ping staff and simply allow everyone. know on how you're doing and how. everything's going like that that's a. excellent example of what others like made. must have accomplished and what people should.
Have achieved in the past toddlers venom. persisted via asserting i am just saying. due to the fact i don't want ever. ever want to be installed a niche in which. somebody is going to selfharming hyperlinks whilst. i hear what occurred with coda i used to be. pissed that nearly nobody went to head. assist him well lower back like i said he did. the right component by using getting off and going. to do what he has to do. that that is what i am saying like i'm able to. be pissed approximately other people making the. situation worse you'll be pissed about. me if i made this situation worse made. you'll be pissed at me but the only. component that is going to help her is via. getting off the internet and ii'm not. trying to push her off the net she. can retaliate she will be able to argue returned and. discover that's her correct to do so but if. her mental well-being continues getting worse. and she's not going out to get assist to.
Fix that that's her own damn fault. that is not my fault because i spoke out. approximately this i've every correct to talk. out approximately this look at how many times. she's crossed the lines had bad behavior. treated people disrespectfully. look at the amount of drama she maintains. attempting to bring up all the time i believe. nearly obligated to do it through being a. buddy dakota and being a very good. friend of my different employees. she flat out simply lied to me approximately what. she suggested you want do we want to dig into. extra lies that she mentioned do we actually. want to investigate this and talk about maid. for six months directly examining each. little message she stated because i am i. tr i promise me i very well i promise you. there's aa lot more lies that she has. said and you just don't know that kid. venom so again all i am asserting is. it is her own damn fault i do not if she.
Is going to the lengths of selfharming i. really hope she does not i really hope. she is going seeks out help and never gets. to that point but if she does and he or she. refuses to move get help and she's not. operating immediately to raised herself. due to the fact she has mental illnesses. that is on her she must cross do that. and sit back venom if you're in. communique along with her you need to tell. her to go do that. she should not be dissatisfied approximately what a few. random youtuber with 120 viewers on-line. are announcing approximately her she shouldn't deliver. a damn. her existence should imply so much more than. this her life should cross so much further. than this. all of your eyes lives ought to move added. than this but if at present what is on the. middle of your life at present is my live. circulation and my channel you're sad and. pathetic pass get a life this could be.
Anything you do as an aspect factor you can. be a fan you would be a part of the community. it could be a large portion of your lives. sure but it should not be the center of. your lives you'll have whatever. else going on in your lifestyles the sole. individual ought to that ought to be at the. center of it really is me due to the fact this is. what i'm doing as a task it really is what i. need to live with and discuss each. day that's anything i'm continuously. working at i'm the only person that has. to address this 100. meg can depart this at any factor off the. information superhighway and pass do what she has to do to. better herself that is not on me so i'm. simply letting you recognize. it took care of so oh cross forward oh sorry. i also favor to determine it is like uh. what's it referred to as i don't desire anything. as well i'm just exp not i don't i do not. desire to say exposing due to the fact i do not.
Want to appear like a good you're. defending your self too like she simply sat. right here and pronounced that you messaged her just. to inform her. you recognize that you were disenchanted in. her which if she were to ever do. whatever. you know like selfharming people could. run to you and blame you if i never if. you on no account despatched me proof that that is a. lie that truly you mentioned the other. you desired to seek advice from her you desired to. be there for her. so. she is refusing help and it nearly seems. like she desires the attention she wants a. good recognition but when it is undesirable. recognition she's attempting to run away and. if i did that on my channel i will be. in an incredibly one of a kind spot i will be it. will be a terrible component for me if i. you recognize attempted to shut out every undesirable. goal bad recognition that i've gotten. you know so that you were simply here to protect.
your self sheepy there's nothing wrong. that you did yet yeah i i do know from from. the total statue i will converse on behalf. of my entire staff group all of us want maid. to be in a great place we do not want. whatever illintent among her none of us. are that mad approximately it but am i mad that. she is. am i mad approximately exstaff participants going to. those lengths forever sure that's. why i'm speaking approximately it and iif you have. intellectual health problems get off the. information superhighway and move handle it it. ain't artwork it isn't our job to censor. what we are saying and what we discuss it. ain't and i'm amazed infant venom that. you even desire to go to the audacity to. say hello be careful tjv about what you. say or be careful about saying any of. these things no show venom you recognize greater. than anyone that. observation channels commonly they are going to. say what they say you obtain a problem with.
It you hit the dislike button and you. hit the like button that that's it. that is it if you say something so undesirable. and get canceled you get canceled yet at. the end of the day as a way to get. faraway from it get off the net and. i am surprised safeguard venom. you need to care approximately her a lot she's a. friend of yours and iif so tremendous. with a bit of luck you guys are good friends yet. i am simply saying you can not maintain babying. her you can't preserve considering that every one of. us are going to talk nice approximately her simply. to make her consider higher it ain't going. to take place. i'm sorry yet returned if she if she took. this a further way and turned into respectful. i'd have under no circumstances completed this i'm purely. doing this due to amount of. disrespect she's shown i am unlikely to. maintain giving admire to her by using maintaining. this personal i will share it.
One live move get it over with get. finished flow on if it maintains getting delivered. up lower back and i've to answer it. that often is the merely time i. make more content material about it. so yeah. um do you need to upload anything else. earlier than i invite anybody else. um just. if you got a little message although. if you guys are feeling that style of manner. please get help i suggest myself has dealt. have i have more than likely handled. it i have. talked to trevor approximately it i am i'm. greater now i've distanced myself from. everything. um but if you men are feeling like that. please get yourself some help and don't. clone of lash out on folks do not. blame other people because if you. keep to visit an identical issue that. hurts you the foremost then it's technically. on you you want to make the. initiative and really get yourself.
some help it is going to be more durable it is. more durable to. it's hard to um what is like it's easier. mentioned than accomplished however it once you take that. first step of getting assist it's a lot it. receives a lot less complicated with time. correct and that i and that i do want to say real. rapid that um. we have been. to chill venom p we us staff crew we. have been there we have been always there for coda. you know we we were you recognize it is others. who were not examine like we. i'm saying if damian ritz and all of. them have been making the thumbnail and stuff. like that i didn't see a lot of them. achieving out ritz did exhibit that he did. confer with him somewhat but damien and dark. did not certainly attain out to him or they. did not exhibit anything that they did attain. out to him us employees group we've been. there for him we have always been there. for him we have reached out to him posh. isn't mendacity you recognize when you are saying.
That none of us none of us employees team. was there for him that is like like i. do not blame posh for desirous to say . you because we were all there for him. posh became you recognize really near plenty. closer than the other employees turned into so yeah. we were there for coda before he left. you recognize i he always reached out to me. he even advised me while his break changed into going. to ensue and everything he was maintaining. me up to date and every little thing and i. necessarily respond to them the best i can. ok but the final couple months i. have not been ready to seek advice from many staff. or be on discord a lot you recognize that is. why i'm type of throwing off being like. rattling you recognize i wish i was on more usually. i did not understand this become maybe going to. be the last couple months koda changed into going. to be off optimistically he returns again. hashtag koda come again you know.
it is like the gary come domestic track. from spongebob i'm gonna make a jingle. coda come again. yet yeah. um. so yeah um thanks sheepy for hopping. on is there whatever final you need to. say. uh yeah you. i admire her. alright see you sheepy ok bye. okay. um. all right so i am gonna shop vandalism. and chilled you guys are going to be in. an identical call. i'm going to be reviewing that rfile. right here in a second i'll go over. with thunder thunder suggested uh cue me and. close final so i'm going to cue you in. genuine rapid. thunder hopefully you are within the chat. with a bit of luck he's on. hey thunder. hello permit me simply mute the circulation . o.k.. there we cross okay we're well to go. all right chat allow me know if i need to. turn them up or down or anything i'll. flip them up just a little in the present day but. yeah um thunder did you need to say.
Whatever in regards to the homemade condition. and all that. certainly. there's surely now not much to claim because of. the indisputable fact that this whole condition in. specific isn't really presupposed to be. thiis big firstly it simply acquired big. due to what maid become doing and. it become whatever that i didn't certainly. anticipate and you know. every time i noticed. the total decision of demoting her i. just. found out that ok she did anything. wrong. she'll probably you know express regret and. everything will be hunkydory and stuff. like that. yet. she simply. left and did whatever that turned into. you know very immature and unforeseen. you recognize. i. idea made knew higher yet till i saw. what she did i simply began losing. wish that she might maybe come again. and then she began tweeting about it. and doing all that sort of good things. and. so afterwards i just kind of actually.
You know. misplaced all faith in her and you recognize just. cut her off of anything that i you know. any memories that i've ever had together with her. and all that kind of good things because. i've had drama along with her earlier than but. that's approximately anything else not anything to. do with this. and i have noticed that usually once we. do mod logs she. has a tendency to uh. you recognize cross a little bit off course or. her monologues aren't really that. justified you know they're kind of shaky. mostly even very shaky and i am sure. most of. you recognize everybody in the staffing can. believe me also so you are saying like. her activities to both. like warn persons verbally worn persons to. mute them to kick them to whatsoever her. motion is. her activities are slightly shaky they're not. like like you oh you should have. maybe performed whatever exclusive than. that or you need to probably shouldn't.
Have executed it in any respect. yeah it's also partially because i was. yet. at the start after I became a employees. member i used to be a little too nice. but it's possibly additionally because the fact. that she's. now making the right resolution so let's. say someone as an example says a banned. observe and then. made i am simply asserting as an instance she. takes irrational decision. which. leads to the monologue being a touch. shaky or you recognize. just doesn't suppose before she acts. that's something i've already agreed. on. with most employees and. you recognize. what i'm attempting to get at here's that. maid does stuff she. does lots of stuff in her daily life. you know regularly with out thinking. i wait hold on permit me simply pull that. declaration again i do not know what she. does daily what i ought to say. actually is that i know in keeping with what i. learn about her on discord is that she.

typically would not assume earlier than she acts. and that is a major problem. and that is what i wanted to also get at. some other stuff. that to illustrate chilled venom has been. announcing you recognize the undeniable fact that we haven't. been helping coda or stuff like that. i have additionally tried to ensure that i. don't have an exceedingly biased opinion. to what he is announcing because me myself i. do not genuinely understand precisely what occurred. at the hours of darkness ritz podcast server and with. you know all that good things. so. when I examine his reviews i attempt to additionally . installed mind that i am probably not within the . situation to be making aa proper statement. or opinion. all i can do is just safeguard my fellow. employees individuals safeguard what you're asserting. and. simply ensure that no. shiit's being thrown in every single place. and it's not likely the greatest in any respect. so as an instance uh the artwork that kota made.
And everybody's asserting oh yeah art's. been traced that's definitely ok and. they are just saying that mockingly. and you know you can tell you can tell. the mild you recognize uh ameliorations but. you know you can find a few similarities. it's just that. they form of still desire to attain like. what you've reported time and time lower back. that. coda isn't earning profits off of this. nor is raccoon ritz or anyone else. from his organization that have been playing. you recognize uno or doing stuff like that. correct. it is like it's like a primary time he's. trying out oh maybe i can be a thumbnail. artist permit me like my my first attempt let. me attempt to reference off of this and also you. understand take liberties off of this and all. that other stuff and as a primary time. element lower back if persons like chilled venom. or maid seemed into that and requested them. approximately it and requested coda about that.
instead of just. blasting about it on-line they might have. gotten the full story and that would. have been much more fascinating to. file on or say anything in the event that they. wanted to do this or they may have. just aavoided saying whatever about it if. they received the complete story reached out. returned i don't believe that is maid's. goal in any respect so yeah. no yeah exactly it's it is all simply it. simply wishes a touch step again to imagine. about aand most people often really. do just irrational decisions simply so. that both they can get a story or just. you know you know get clout or stuff. like that but i don't want to imagine. yet there's also something else i've. been seeing in chat recently which is. that folk assume that. plenty of um. a lot of people imagine that almost all of you. comprehend us employees contributors are not allowed to. communicate about your videos or talk [ __ ].
about you. at all due to the fact if we do we're gonna get. demoted or like that i imply. we obviously do not do this due to the fact we are. portion of your employees group. yet. even if we do we don't really do it as. to shame you it is simply you recognize we all. have a different set of critiques and. stuff like that and again it isn't like. you are going to difference anything it's not. like it is going to difference anything from. what you are doing. or stuff like which you do whatever the. hell you need to do it's just that. frequently when we communicate with each other. we all have our set of critiques and we. surely don't. discuss it in public due to the fact. there is not any motive to talk about it in. public we simply talk about it among. each other and many people suppose. that us as a staff crew. uh in which like. that that we've got like transformed to our. palms and on our necks and then if we.
Say anything we are gonna get beheaded. or anything like that no. we are at no cost to do whatever we. desire it is just todd i trust you the. artwork isn't a similar in any respect and. chilled venom i know that you may have. reached out to damien and ritz and all. of them but koda became by no means reached out. to and he was the artists that ended up. making the thumbnail that same query. and stuff like that that could have been. whatever to bring up back no longer trying. to shame chilled or made perhaps they were. in a condition wherein it really looked. bad but again there could have been more. examine more inquiries to be done more. attaining out to the correct people to talk. about it before just me leaping on-line i. chilled i didn't see you going online to. talk about it i don't know in case you made. out tweets about it i noticed maids tweets.
And that is what i'm dissatisfied about so might. could have done more earlier than she said. whatever and that's the main component i'm. attempting to spotlight jill but i'll have. you on here in an effort to communicate right here in a. second. alright retain thunder when you've got. anything else. i'm simply trying to recollect. uh. um. yeah i mean. in the end this is all simply. in my view all of what maid did was. simply. completely. petty and insignificant there has been no. point whatever in what she did and it. changed into very pointless and very immature. of her to do that do you compromise that like. how sheepy has to took in breaks or how. kenzie has again. very peacefully and respectfully again to. the server do you suspect maid must have. executed stuff like them like what they did. or do you suspect she she changed into just. incapable from the beginning on doing. whatever like that no i didn't think.
Maid might do it i knew maid could try out. it i simply did not count on her to do the. opposite factor due to the fact i used to be pals. with me to the purpose where i could believe. her but then she pulled off this . and now i am simply sitting here looking. like a dumbass just announcing well . me if we're attempting to believe you. i assumed that you have been gonna take the. correct judgements and take your depart for. slightly test to remember yourself. after which get back and we will start this. factor all over again but no she simply. didn't think she did everything she. wanted to do in response to what she desires. after which it just all happened and it led. to all this you recognize. total shebang to occurring it even ended. up to you live streaming which become. totally unnecessary yet it really is your. choice and also you get to do whatever the. hell you desire i need everybody to.
understand that because nonetheless i nonetheless. think like people think that us as staff. members on your server are constrained to. what we do in our offerings we're not. it is just we have to select what's. right to do. it is also in part to what we say. it is simply what i desired to get. by way of to some people. and that is all i want to say it is. very well well i really comprehend. thunder thanks for becoming a member of and. every little thing i appreciate that. yep see you man i am gonna go to mattress. um yeah real query um there's no ban. function for the chat you could hide a person. and that is almost like banning them. and that they cannot remark or you. can not see the reviews from. them um and chilled venom i know how are. you supposed to be aware of back that is simply. extra digging asking them who made it i. do not know when you've got receipts in case you.
Asked them did you guys make the. thumbnail and iif they pronounced definite then. that is on them i'd agree but if you. don't have receipts or dms or proof that. you requested them then it's aa matter of you. just aassumed they made it and that they. did not outsource it to coda so lower back. receipts double checking. you had the equipment to arrive out to ask. that stuff the question is relax did you. try this um and all that other stuff. real rapid gonna take a small ruin from. bringing persons in i am gonna show the. video and skip via sure parts of. the video um it is a video that became. shared by way of me um from dino uh remarkable. as a result of nano for sharing this video. wherein she was able to record stuff in. going on within the drm darkish ritz. or darkish or damien darkish ritz. whatsoever server those three individuals are. at the end they own the server they are.
Together or um they sat or. dinos right here which is the next staff. member of mine she's been certainly. respectful for the previous few months me. and her had a number of beef lower back we got here. together apologized on the two ends. made amends turned into respectful pleasant respectable. human beings she took the time to view. this and record these items because of. the shady taking place and having a. list of all of this and it grew to become. beneficial because now we can see more . that made has achieved and the owners which. you'll see is raccoon ritz darkish spectre. and damien all three of them had made as. a employees member. and although she turned into doing undesirable things. they in no way removed her they ended up. removing her way later down the line. after she's doing this so i'm gonna attempt. to skip genuine fast um. i'll uh skip genuine quick and i'm. going to chat extra approximately each condition.
On why both events are incorrect drm is. when ii'm going to answer the 3. men damien dark spectre and raccoon. ritz drm i'm going to refer to him as. and made they are the two in the wrong and. i am gonna clarify why but i'm gonna sit down. here and do it i will skip by means of this. um. and notice uh. their communicate they talk about chilled venom. here there's gonna be a lot of stuff. here and there a few bunch of. one of a kind stuff so. yeah. uh videos and stuff like that send. they're talking chilled venoms up in. right here. again there's just aa lot of stuff. there was something correct there i simply. i'm simply skipping by way of this so i'm. just going to go through this real fast. i reacted to it last night i have no. inspiration um me makes a video on ohm and tjv. every person else we did not like that so i am. just speaking in regards to the old beef that.
Happened many years in the past then talk about. the pete's pirate account oh wrecker. extra chilled venom stuff they have had. stuff against infant venom for quite a. when who's drm drms raccoon ritz dark. spectre and damien the three men who. own this server and they've their own. channel in which they do podcasts and. gaming and other stuff like that um they. talk more about this. messing round. all these items i am getting to specific. components right here they are sharing my movies and. stuff like that i've noticeable thiis a lot. there is a sunny individual that works with. them um. you know talk speaking approximately that you. recognize they communicate a lot about a lot. of stuff. um. there's a aspect in here i desired to. proportion. that's creepy there is stuff approximately. vandalism in there and this is all when. maid is a employees member made's a employees. member across all this.
Um. and back now not right here to trash on drm. that is gonna be a video that chilled. venom can make or it will need to be made. via someone if somebody wants to. examine them i'm here to discuss. this so right here engaged on every. account he certainly not received under my epidermis i. on no account informed persons to harass him nor do i. warn them not to all those viewers who. are doing it will get their due. so i made sharing stuff over from my. server into that server lower back if that. became in a personal chat that's incorrect but. there's a few stuff that made shares. from a personal chat which is not. like it she doesn't demonstrate anything bad. but the indisputable fact that she became revealing. exclusive data from a personal chat. that she shouldn't have been sharing to. a different server. proves. you recognize simply just some. in indecency from her and um. it is certainly disrespectful um really.
Disrespectful personal dms might be with. chilled are all shared in right here um. they have been retaining like like a large um. uh list of like a bunch of stuff. between them do not know why more. reviews from my videos that they are. talking approximately um again not now not it isn't. an argument them sharing their opinions and. speaking approximately if they want to focus on. that target that it is not a big of a. deal like i pronounced what gets really creepy. is me talking about might be recording. stuff and other stuff i'm trying to skip. via it so i will discover wherein it's. at specifically. um. correct. so watch it made stocks my video. um. right here maid shares this made i suggested. finishing a vid now in which i discussed it. for the. for the last 2 first 2 is different. drama you shouldn't have delivered it up. in any respect why even make a jab at a smaller.
creator who sincerely suggested it to get less than. your skin just bringing it up proves. that the reviews acquired to you also in the. video um you probably did inform. your followers not to assault harass the child. since it sounds like they're doing the. exact opposite as though i have control i. can tell people to not do it but if they. do it then all i can say is that they're. doing undesirable and produce recognition to that. that they're doing something bad so um. wait is this a youtube vid there is a. unlisted video to it i am not going to. share the hyperlink due to the fact i am not going to. well i guess you guys can form of see. the hyperlink right up right here that allows you to. make an effort to but i ain't going to. percentage this hyperlink around again just. displaying a pair different different examples if. you need to leaf through this video and. look at all this you can um and all this.
Stuff um. there is ritz being ok with me creating a. video about him he's the smaller channel. i made a video approximately he changed into making dumb. features and i desired to point that out i. don't think just because a channel is. small he is exempt from being criticized. so i criticized him on my channel um and. reported that the things you have been asserting are. dumb and that they could have been bigger and. ritz took it like a champ and mentioned hey i. was incorrect you are correct and moved on and. made appear to have a huge challenge with it. yet ritz he didn't appear to care he become. like ok whatsoever. i am in a call with neon simply talking. approximately some stuff like the like the video. trevor made. um. i do not know what that is yeah i am. telling him how i felt approximately it and how. i felt believe that trevor change and . asserting that i changed it's back in. september you know.
complete last month earlier than she turned into even. demoted and stuff like that um yet she's. been speaking behind the scenes and. announcing this confidential stuff lower back talking. about about me behind the curtain that is. occurred before and also you communicate bad about. your boss or on the way to. view me as that i presumed we have been. buddies so again i feel like it's more. disrespectful due to the fact i've the. point of view that we're associates it is not. genuinely a business enterprise in an worker. relationship. um. here she calls me an effing fool. someone stated los angeles mao investigate the bratty. 35 dislikes they the ones doing all the. so this individual sitting right here announcing. there is 35 dislikes whoever is disliking. the movies and stuff are doing the . and ii was like oh yeah i type of agree. with that so i hearted it and then made. honest is going wow and trevor beloved it.
Effing idiot. ok. oh you probably did that you bought there ready up. you know you could put like 4 in them. at one time that is cool did you simply placed. one in there okay. yep. so yeah um all these items occurred so. again more of her i just assume it became. form of disrespectful what you did you. cannot handle the mass exactly but. maid likes to throw it at me. um. right here sincerely trevor is simply. milking the f out of occasions nobody. cares that minnie is getting no views. and likes trevor is simply bringing um. silly is bringing silly this to his. video to get more perspectives like for genuine. bro no person cares this is damien. and damian turned into cool with me but he was. speaking too so caught uncovered in 4k. and then maid sits here and says yeah he. perhaps thought he turned into gonna get extra. perspectives on the grounds that that is what made his channel.
On in charges famous but it did not paintings. out as he hoped so they are speaking approximately. a video which i'm this is going to be. the largest oh my god that is so humorous. kind element so they are sitting here buddies. out here and says oh he hoped that. mini lab video talking approximately his perspectives. and analytics it didn't workout good. for him because it didn't get a large number of. views. when little do they be aware of . it picked up views and it obtained what they. had to they're speaking approximately this. video here mini lad is going. downhiill this video i'm gonna zoom in. each of the way so it is the only video on. right here. uh where is it where is it where is it. where is it where is it. i do not believe it is it might be thiis far. backtrack yep right there. yeah. it is going to be a it is going to be genuine. massive it is i will pull it up because the . leading video goes to be humorous.
Um. scroll scroll scroll scroll. correct. here investigate this and look at the view. count number. oh you men can't even see it dang. that's disappointing i did all that. scrolling and you didn't even get to see. the view expect it good regardless. there's 60 000 views on it and that's a. extraordinarily high number for my channel with the aid of the. manner so that's variety of cool um but yeah. 60 000 views and that they pronounced oh it didn't. surely exercise routine like he desired to well. kind joke's on you i suggest it style of did. work out um. but whatsoever um. right here yeah so this video here. mini light is going downhiill 60 000. perspectives wish it didn't workout like he. hoped though so. just wanted to factor that out due to the fact i. concept that changed into humorous um. here he might be idea he was. going to get more views however it didn't. exercise session as he hoped good day it type of did.
You just see i do not. maid doesn't know anything that is. another thing too she'll sit down right here and. communicate like like i don't know if she will be able to. anymore after this yet she could sit down. right here and talk about. like. what is good what's no longer so like if i. uploaded a video people playing minecraft. and got 10 000 perspectives oh. that did exceptional wow common content 10. 000 views after which if i add a. observation video and it receives 30 000. perspectives she is going oh that kind of bomb that. was kind of bad and ii was like mate what. are you speaking about like 30 000 views. is 30 000 views i'm not i'm not gonna. take that for granted that is still amazing. you know i remember returned when I become i. basically had like 13 subs and most of that. changed into my family and my buddies and. i was simply getting at 50 views in step with video. i do not care if i purely get four hundred perspectives of.
Video that's still four hundred those who. watched it i am grateful for that. nevertheless yet persons like me she is going. no 30 000 views is low and ii was like oh. ok i assume it's low i mean i did not. imagine it become low but ok. remember that you. which you rest view. remember that you rest views after. you hit 9.9 k perspectives i don't know what we. mean by relaxation. um let me suffer this. see if i'm able to uncover more. so again. me talking approximately chilled. i know i believe um children understand damn. good what he became doing so maid become mad. at chilled at one factor it feels like. uh. i'm talking approximately more stuff right here. optimistically there's nothing beside the point. they shared during this chat i ran via. it yesterday it didn't seem like there. was whatever inappropriate or anything. like that or anything that's. exposing it is simply. conversations it is their admin chat.
and that they they talk and they unfold . around private data from other. discord servers in right here which is just. ridiculous um. youtube top class. this is an hour and 40 mins of. scrolling by means of and there is a lot of. stuff it is just all separate and stuff. like that. trevor added employees that he changed into going he. become about to visit bed sleep and changed into. bored. incidentally i noticed lots of people in. destroy from what happened lol so we have been. all in break room and you will see who is. in damage room after which she's sitting. here saying why it become and stuff like. that again i think like it is creepy as. hell like why the might you inform. people like what i was speaking approximately in. there like it's between us i do not pass. round telling. my mom what the hell my staff participants. are announcing that could be weird as hell. if i went to head inform an extra discord.
Member that that would be bizarre as hell. i think it become weird but her sitting. here asserting oh yeah trevor did this you. ever did that you be aware of and and say that. why could you even say that that is so. dumb. backyard paint i asked trevor what he despatched. you for christmas final 12 months he introduced. up the topic about it uh good what you. stated alcohol due to the fact he is irish question. mark he reported that he sent you bottle. openers and a catch a predator kit and a. christmas card yeah a little gay present. and a gaggle of other stuff after which um. backyard paints backyard paint is simp through. the way that is one more among the names. simp has gone by his backyard paint and. then he sat here and tried to spin it. and stated that i the kesha predator kit. was a suicide factor like i was promoting. him to kill himself that's another wild. accusation he is attempted making before i'd.
Love for him to explain this and somehow. prove that it became yet he spread out presents. in front of staff individuals and sat right here. and is going wow and began guffawing and. having a great time none of that ought to. ever happen and he in no way shared with me. or anybody else that he has intellectual. problems or he desired to do this um. so i feel he changed into simply making it to attempt. to make me appear undesirable. but one again one as soon as he comes out with. it you guys desire to turn out to be know-how. like oh. yeah you actually are attempting to make him. look bad you are surely attempting to fall. through each false allegation you may. so yeah. um. he stated that became before the threatened. to place a bomb less than my vehicle in u.s.a. or. some  like that which surely he. wouldn't have stated at all. um understanding them they turn and tell. trevor i'm being bizarre for asking to.
Verify. um. oh here right here at the tip examine. this and before you ask for a recording. of him announcing that i did not have my. stuff up so i couldn't seize it. that she has done it before or she become. making plans on recording personal. conversations to share with people. maid. sits here and i quote and earlier than you ask. for a recording of him asserting it i. didn't have my stuff up so i couldn't. seize it. so. you were gonna do it in case your stuff changed into. up if your seize stuff was pulled up. you were gonna record it. that is completely disgusting of a human. being wanting to seize private. conversations just to percentage together with your. possess little server over here that's. completely impolite disrespectful it. completely violates everybody's pi uh. privateness that was in that call and that. is absolutely disciple you may have.
Privacy on the internet in like discord. calls and stuff like that you'll communicate. to folks and feature that personal. data persons have confidential dms on. fb snapchat twitter. discord you employ you could have. confidential conversations and what our staff. calls are and our snapchats are are. personal it is intended for us staff to seem. at ok and there hasn't ever been. whatever to come out that shows that. we have misused them have finished whatever. and there's no cause to only. immediately assume we have imagine you. be aware of you do not imagine that someone's. automatically responsible they are innocent. before established responsible i am a strong. believer of that. this is actually pointing in the direction. that she could have sat here and. recorded conversations people and ii don't. be aware of if she has she may have and that i. have no idea if anyone has ever.
acquired anything personal like a. screenshot of a chat. that is confidential from made or obtained a. god forbid a recording of a vc or persons. on video. in a employees call that is creepy that is. like a huge invasion of privateness that become. so wrong on a moral standpoint for for. me a minimum of i don't know for you men if. you men think that is weird or creepy at. all but it's creepy for me and i am simply. so disgusted i'm scared if she in fact. had anything recorded because if she. does that just makes it appear way worse. manner worse what was she going to capture. us sitting down just speaking having a. extremely good time. us talking a few server staff update. us talking about problems that we've got. in our lives and stuff occurring because. we're a large organization of buddies as well as . a employees crew and those that work. collectively that's just creepy as hell.
Oh no it is it is . bruh okay that's type of insane incorrect in. a breach of privacy precisely it's also. in sure methods looking on information. recorded illegal perhaps. trevor why is this turned into a yearly. issue the whole ab issue happened in. january i don't know go ask them they are. the ones who left they are the ones who. want to initiate drama i'm i am being. calm i'm enjoying my life uploading my. drama content material approximately different youtubers and. having fun on my discord i am not inflicting . the drama they are i'm just responding. to a great number of this and placing my. part of the tale obtainable that's simply. name 91-1 now correct like i i do not know. you cannot surely show that to a legislation. enforcement and be like yeah she. perhaps has whatever i suggest they may. have their very own reviews but they don't seem to be. certainly going to proportion that um until she.
actually sat here and said that she did. it and she knew it become illegal or like. there has been facts that she turned into sharing. this around there's nothing you can do. i'm unlikely to go report her to. discord it ain't going to do nothing. discord ain't going to do whatever about. it. it is just that's my video and if. discord desires to watch this 3 hour. lengthy stay move have a good time watch it. yet they're not gonna do anything about. it police ain't gonna do nothing approximately. it the worst i can perhaps do is take. her to court docket for whatever yet what. could i take her to court docket for there's. probably nothing. defamation. we gotta show that she has unwell purpose. but i do not know lower back not involved approximately. it not likely to take anything yet i will. publicly say what she did and perhaps. public opinion would be enough to maintain. shut her up and get her to actually do.
The right issue to be a decent human. being that's what i hope for. matters ensue behind the curtain all the. time the timing is simply weird tjv what. do you mean by means of. i don't know what you are relating. timing being bizarre. oh you suggest the timing of 365 days in the past. the abbey ought to take place the abbey . occurred lower back in january so it is. correctly like eleven months in the past um and then. the item that happened a 12 months in the past become a. completely separate condition that ended. up going on i am not here to discuss. it due to the fact. the people who find themselves excited about that like. abby in them i nonetheless have sufficient respect. not to take a seat right here and just reveal the. entire information and every thing and. hopefully she has the honor equal lower back. yet she has gone on twitter to chat . about me she has talked to different. persons and she has gone to my some of my.
Older different associates that i don't hang. out with anymore and talk about me. she has done that so i can take a seat right here and. talk my yet i'm not gonna take a seat right here. and demonstrate about her and with any luck. she does not do that about me that allows you to. nonetheless have some type of decency admire. there so i'm not gonna talk about it. a lot right here um or in any respect um but if she. finally ends up coming out and inflicting more. drama and doing that which she would not. it is only once each four or 5 months. there's something that pops up that abby. mentioned this abby suggested that i'm like ok. whatsoever she's still salty over it i. don't care um and that is it. um. trevor left the call to visit mattress creepy. as . people knowing that i used to be going to bed. that night. i didn't even understand barely who these. persons were. not anything about them that turned into creepy. um and ii think at the tip there is.
whatever oh yeah right here it is a. screenshot made places. correct up it truly is ruin room this is a. personal employees a personal snapchat she. just sends a screenshot and they have a. whole final communication about it too. it is me sharing this. and employees rep i shared a video link of. zombie fox's video. the day that it occurred. all right does not subject i pronounced. that i publicly checked out it and i. shared it with my staff genuine speedy to. get their opinions so that video. actually concerned a few employees members. that these persons talk to so. looked as if it would kind of find me just sharing. the video never commented on it not ever. sent people to head like hate on it or. anything never did any of that i simply. passed over the video because i don't certainly. have a reaction to it did a type of a. mature element i believe there after which. she become out here sharing the screenshot.
To other people like just what it become i. suggest it's not that giant of a video like i. suggested there is not a there is not like. whatever she shared she didn't like doc. somebody and shared it with persons did i. not show my display by the way. i do not know if i was showing my screen. during that. maybe i did and i am just blanking right. now but here. so it really is the screenshot. and then correct there is wherein she. she shared it once uh. they get out of this so yeah maid shared. this screenshot of the damage room and. stuff like that hi there lower back it's just. creepy it is just creepy i don't know. what else she could have despatched i don't. comprehend what she could have sent in dms i. just aassume everyone's harmless i do not. imagine maid turned into doing this but now that. she's performed it earlier than i'm like ok what. else did you ship then what are you.
Sending what are you telling persons. like that's so disrespectful mate has. instructed me a good number of stuff yet i don't pass. around telling i am not telling her. personal data i am unlikely round. sharing our private dms or whatever like. that i am simply doing sharing my part of. the story with the proof that i must. percentage and that is it that's all i'm doing. at this point but i used to be never gonna do. this i used to be just gonna retain it all behind. the scenes and perhaps one day we will work. it out and i'll in no way have to talk. publicly approximately it. you are sending screenshots of employees. champs. yeah. yep mate is. made is sharing it round mate has been. tearing round she shared out she shares. around personal dms they all proportion. private dms that they've had with. chilled venom they've completed it for a. when. they've shared they are sharing chats.
From the youtuber chat damien sharing. conversations among him and chilled. venom. now i am just skipping during the video. i'm not likely to move by means of slowly and skip. so i am simply going to go through it. tweets they might move take screenshots of. tweets and send it into this. chat too. um. they shared exclusive dms between. vandalism and other people. returned i am not likely to show all of this. here she's sitting here sharing. whilst coda warned her. whilst koda warned her and said are you able to. no longer mock people please she screenshotted. that and despatched it into this admin chat. whatever that coda coda had a personal. communique. just despatched it did not care. curiously me jokking is bad now due to the fact. it turned into aimed towards posh f coda. she just immediately up reported kota. after being pleasant and respectful in that. dm. considering that ok she she became worn.
She tried her finest she by no means did the. lacking back no she got here right here coda. he desires us all to be handled equivalent but. then get receives pissy whilst a guy makes a. joke about an admin. you see this you notice this like i am not. jokking she's an lousy human. being and she or he doesn't need to have a. router or modem she does not. she. deserves no wifi no cyber web no not anything. bro make sure your door is locked these. fools gonna come and screenshot you. sleeping yeah it's almost appears that way. i locked it it's ok. thanks . oh. yeah. i was there for that dude that turned into. instantly up disrespectful yeah she's. sitting right here mocking people she mocked. posh right here whilst posh pronounced. hey could you please just use the at. right here in preference to at staff and all she had. to do is reply respectfully nope she. did not do that she sat here rather and.
Mocked the man after which while koda. warned her she was all pleasant and. respectful with dakota and dms but then. came over right here and said what you are. seeing here. yeah simply begin talking crap interestingly. me jokking's undesirable trigger it become aimed. towards posh coda. she has no selfcontrol she has to head. rant and approximately every little thing. like get the off the web pass. learn how to be a good human being you. were awning staff team all of us cared. about you we all putting out having a. super time and now you have grudges. against people and you're insulting. people over on different servers and stuff. like that this is just disrespectful and. i don't i don't get it. many people thought that made had a. overwhelm on me too i'm not even getting. into that i have no idea if she had a. overwhelm on me or now not. do not really care if she did or not.
Yet that is a funny no that is a funny. joke she. no i i am getting it. employees group gets that. um. here is dark darkish spectre he's talking. right here bro. trevor has no concept what the he's. talking approximately so do not assume those. persons at drm are so nice both kick back. venom has a huge beef with them if. chilled venom comes on he is not likely. to talk about that because we aren't. talking approximately drm until it's concerning. made it's well-nigh made so chilled. if you wanted to come back on you could. virtually tgv this is simply incorrect like. this what i am showing you or this what. i'm doing. a group of other screenshots. screenshots of chilled i am seeing. i wasn't gonna i am not gonna show you. guys the display screen due to the fact i am simply seeking. for anything that's valued at showing lower back. there is simply more tweets and creepy ass. i imply they're just sitting here.
Sending tweets and speaking about it i. imply i suppose it is great i suggest i keep in mind. i shared tweets that keemstar changed into making. about me on the time yet. they those these individuals are obsessing. over chilled. i'll in somewhat if you are still. streaming later after this i am gonna. show one last thing after which i'm accomplished. after that. no the placement the indisputable fact that she has. performed this yeah it is it's ridiculous. it is creepy as hell it it it is crossing. the road at this factor and you were a. staff member of mine i'm so . disgusted i am i'm so upset in. myself that i made the decision to make. you employees. and ii'm not afraid to assert that you've. made every one of these judgements you are. a fullgrown grownup maid she is above the. age of 18 she is a fullgrown adult and. she's making decisions that a . fouryear-old is making maybe not a.
Fouryear-old i'll go nine or ten yet. nothing greater than that. that is what she's acting like she wants. to hop off and learn how to treat persons. respectable i used to be i i by no means got a cellular phone. i never obtained. a working laptop or computer or whatever like that i. performed on my dad's computer but i was. in no way allowed to go surfing i on no account even. had social media accounts till i was. 16. 2016 is wherein most of my social. media accounts are made some in 2015 but. i was certainly not allowed to have a working laptop or computer. my old-fashioned my historical high school used to. provide out laptops and stuff like that and. my moms and dads wish like be throughout. ensuring and regulating what we do i. was now not allowed to get on a computer or. have a cellular phone till i earned the. money to do it or the faculty gave it to. me and ii was even regulated to try this. and the indisputable fact that persons in recent times like.
Maid who maybe acquired a mobile phone. surpassed to her or might be went out and. had no. no no uh. persons looking over her whilst she's on. those devices and acting any way she. desires that's what individuals are going to. do they'll act entitled they're. going to take a seat right here and act like they're. the largest baddest and meanest factor. behind their keyboards at the back of their. cellphone monitors. and it's simply no longer pleasant be respectful i. necessarily got taught to be respectful in. individual to anyone in spite of who it is. and even if they deal with you with. disrespect you admire them kill them. with kindness my mother taught me that my. dad taught me that and from that point. on i've always tried to regard persons. with appreciate whatever. but. there are morals and stuff like that. which are wearing over to this day and i. do think this can be a massive part where i like.
To share my morals and what i stand by way of. and what i think in and that i do suppose. admire is the biggest aspect out. of anything on the web if you treat. those with respect you guys can get. anything performed or a conversation finished. nowadays it's nothing yet trolls. people yelling and screaming and. refusing to believe the other part it's. people simply sitting right here trying to. cancel persons because they don't love. them it is a . throw cash everywhere and exhibit how much. how wealthy you are look how many muscle groups. you are look how thin you are inspect. the clothes you're donning look at the. matters you can do it is not really about. speaking anymore which was the. original setup i mean such a lot of these. social media accounts and stuff like. that such a lot of web content commonly are. intended a fashion to communicate both from.
vendors to customers or. persons backward and forward or assist in case you. ever need assistance and or customer service. or anything that's what communication. must be you have to be ready to communicate and. identical component with youtube it's changed into. like a global communication sort element. and admire is crucial so on discord. if you are not going to be respectful to. persons kindly off please. disrespectful individuals are simply rude and that i. made is simply disrespectful i am sorry if. you suspect i have been doing nothing but. trashing on made. sorry but i gotta repeat it 1000. extra times that made us disrespectful. ok it truly is the sole stay movement i plan. on speaking approximately it so i am gonna make. certain you men pay attention till i am blue within the . face until you pay attention it you're gonna hear. it ringing tonight when you visit bed. made us disrespectful do not have her as.
Your staff member do not even allow her. in your server due to the fact she doesn't be aware of . how to regard people respectfully she. would not at all dms on twitter in public. in personal no matter what she breaches. people's privacy forever so do all. those drm persons you simply percentage. screenshots and different data in case you. assume it's whatever that you absolutely. have to do i feel it is important to. to look at screenshots for statement. channels which have already been leaked. the commentary channels didn't try this. they're just reviewing and speaking approximately. them due to the fact that is what everyone is. going to need to work out but the people who. are originally leaking them purely leak. them if they need to be leaked if you are. just leaking it to make someone seem undesirable. or to proportion personal data of. theirs that's simply up dude simply.
discontinue there's no factor oh yeah one time. he sat right here and received all pissy and didn't. desire to listen me out appear how bad that. individual is yeah so what friends do. which you guys were neighbors you men received. in a battle who cares. it doesn't matter why the hell become made. sharing all these things in the first. vicinity the only reason why i'm sharing is. i'm attempting to prove some extent you know i am. attempting to get like like i stated i'm. attempting to take a seat right here and exhibit proof. that it is what these everyone is. doing do i go and proportion dms randomly. about every thing i have no i don't desire. to i am simply right here to attempt to prove a point. when I can. i do not even comprehend what else is in here. i will wait and to determine if i will discover. the rest i reviewed this final night. there has been quite a few stuff in here yet. it is scattered out there's a lot of.
Memes being shared in the present day. um. it really is her sitting here speaking approximately. she's joyful that someone's discord. right here. uh it wasn't simply tjv making the. conspiracy lots of people did besides. so that is again. it is a respond to chilled venom i agree it. become a rumor that aa lot of people desired. to trust and became blown out of. share to the point wherein many. people believed unreservably. reservedly i don't know that's the obstacle. so numerous people offered it as actuality. tjv's vid that it grew to be fact in preference to. the speculation that it changed into i'm comfortable his. discord discord changed into hacked ability i do not. have to address his . as mean as that sounds. that is until he creates a new one doubt. it he is stubborn. somebody's discord server is hacked are. they speaking about my discord server my. discord well people's accounts were. hacked through mine for what i.
Don't know what. oh vandalism. discord was hacked she goes well. i'm blissful he became hacked. maid is simply so impolite. it really is wherein she goes to vent. she's complaining about chilled at this. point in the video. talking about about him extra homewrecker. stuff. chilled venom tweets my video being. shared. um wrecker comments possibly from my. circulate or crow stream or somebody's. movement. liz cats. them communicate maids talking extra about. vandalism now. this become. this changed into possibly right round the time. she all started mod abusing in my server. maid become. um towards vandalism she become speaking a. bunch of crap over there. um. what's this one say. not anything. simply memes being shared. them sharing my video returned and speaking. like this can be a big factor oh after a protracted. whilst there's like a group of um there's. like. like after a gaggle of memes being shared.
And they haven't talked for somewhat my. video they'll proportion a hyperlink to my video. like somebody will put up it and they are. like sonny sonny does it all the time. whoever this sonny person is they will. post it within the discord server and then. they will just begin speaking concerning the. video and prefer trashing on me for this. this and that and all this different stuff. it is like so obsessive and it occurs. over the course of like three months and. there is continuously each video i upload. is just. submit it in there and prefer talk about it. all raccoon ritz is in chat he says that. tj you have been correct approximately on who i should. have chose on employees wisely and that i. alas noticed that too late. good i do not good now not necessarily i i. do not blame you for having made as a. staff member you simply chose somebody to. be your employees member i don't care about.
Your reasoning to choose her employees. member my quandary with you ritz is that. as soon as she all started sharing personal. information from different chats. and dms and your individual neighbors like damien. and darkish are sharing that aas well you. are at the back of that you are helping it. you're not speaking out opposed to any of. that stuff you're a dead ringer for oh whenever. they are sharing confidential like you don't. care you actually don't care like this. admin chat has just been nothing but. on other people it occurs in. discord chats it is what it's but if. you're constantly doing it such as you . have been that is up dude and the very fact. that like you are not even mad at your. acquaintances for that damien and darkish they're. doing it too i'm sure you have finished it too. yet in within the chat you were actually. sitting here asserting no tjv is ideal he. he must have referred to as me out i am a small.
Channel i can be criticized too i. fully grasp you talking opposed to me. because maid changed into trying to make it look. like i used to be. deliberately attempting to close down your. channel or whatsoever for criticizing you. i criticize you due to the fact i criticize any. length channel i do not care if you're. 5 billion subs or you obtain 5 subs i. imply. any channel may well be criticized you're. uploading movies of the internet it is. open to feedback okay we've a liking. a twin of but we have a comment section. and people can make movies approximately. it it's not that giant of a deal. so i am comfortable record charges that you can. name that out but it is what it is she. certainly not damned me i reported that as a funny story. like i pronounced i said that previous that it. could have been a shaggy dog story like this she's. going to be one among my destiny jane does. right louie i suggested that earlier that it.
Could have been a funny story might have been a. conversation a group of folks in chat. have been like oh my god. louie and meg had dms i'm like oh i i. don't it possibly is a shaggy dog story due to the fact i. see you. happening jokking about it for all time. so i i reported it earlier it could have. been a funny story so um. however it became one small little issue within the . google doc i don't know why coda. featured it in the google document but. um. yeah realise i really do not care approximately. the reason why you did it it's just the. undeniable fact that you allowed it to occur for. months and months on-line and you didn't. care you didn't you by no means saw it as a. difficulty you possibly certainly not noticed it as a. hassle until i or chilled venom brought. it up like whats up that is up you would like. to forestall sitting right here sending exclusive. stuff into this chat and then just. continuously hating in this chat it's like.
You're going to this chat occasion and just. spend spread your hate in right here and then. growth you are gonna wear a contented face. hello we're all cool what is up although. you have been just talking like 5 . mins in the past in this other chat i imply at. the tip of the day you are able to do what you. want to do but it's open to feedback. it's open to have other people's. opinions and ii think that's up. i mean i haven't got i don't think my. different staff individuals are doing it and if. they are and i end up deciding then. i'll do a similar element. um. list pronounced tjv i should have said. anything about it i should have had it. stopped many years in the past yet no i was. just an idiot on the sidelines. good a minimum of you cannot admit it i suggest. i'll provide you with props out louie i'm able to. verify that the that that girl made and. i have never damned one another yet.
We will appreciate that. yeah they had a bunch of archived stuff. some . my videos too and this from my chat. too they've archived of a group of. every tweet that kids perhaps positioned. out is in there each dm damien. hand iis probably in there it's so. up the amount of archive [ __ ]. they've had as if they. it's almost as in the event that they hate him and that they. prefer. the worst to occur to him. um. allow me appear. oh made i did not capture this final night. but. dark right here pronounced whats up is this the. screenshot you have been searching for and this. screenshot is a bot kicked vandalism um. kicked for making me the landlord. uncomfortable i'm a miner and that i. ask for forgiveness. for having to kick you your local loser. whatever the that's about but. that is something that's being shared in. there and again more of the talking. vandalism constantly through this video.
happening all the time is that this real is. this a bot is it's it. some other person using it and then just. typing the reasoning after which the entire. minor component was only a lot i don't have any. suggestion i do not know what it truly is from this. is from a chat this ain't questions for. me i am just reviewing it being like well. there's some  [ __ ] in right here uh. maybe vandalism although i've the total. story behind that and again if you wish. to come on and talk about it talk about. it i imply receipts are the major element i. mean if you have a receipt you can simply. show it i imply screenshot of anything. simply show it and then be like oh yeah. ok. or if you know the owner of the discord. server. um. searching through. a large number of different drama. stuff like that. more screenshots of what i'm asserting in a. server. like actually this is like stalkerish. kind.
and it is usually like sunny or made. or damien it's it's like these 3 who. are coming in here and constantly doing. it dark's doing it each every so often. and i haven't really obvious ritz do it a. lot so i am not really. i'm not really jumping at ritz approximately it. because i haven't obvious ritz do it a lot. after which backyard paint uh simp he's in. right here every now and again blue moon. dino's coming in here giving her opinion. on stuff partaking in it. um i do not know specially what she. mentioned she could be against it um. darkish calling me a hypocrite or whatever. returned i am probably not going to expose you. this since it doesn't actually matter. it is just them speaking yet like i. said. um. and then at the top uh dino who recorded. all of this. um does a search of my call. sunny sharing more of my tweets. um. i'll have you guys gazing thiis this.
Is more stuff from me and chilled venom. here damien putting up. them talking concerning the podcast stuff. i think it is a search for. what's it trevor. yeah. whatever with the call trevor in it so. they're looking through. all this stuff talking approximately me it truly is. all of it. each of the drama continuing to happen. over and over and over widespread. chat. that's now they're looking. dino seek and tjv everything from tjv. me being in that server so i was in this. server but they have been in a employees chat for. this it really is the drm server or whatsoever. so again speaking about my streams again. if it's obsessive behavior if there is. not anything incorrect even at a moral perspective. persons may be obsessive or whatever. it doesn't actually matter yet what i'm. getting at is that it is just it is simply. weird the full shared confidential.
Screenshots confidential dms and stuff like. that sitting right here simply totally. trashing up and obsessing on vandalism. on chilled and on myself. it's simply it's just a lot to assert the. least. at tgv so she blocked me on discord yet. it i am in assorted servers with her so. am i able to say whatever or no longer be respectful. obviously do not stoop right down to her level. obviously yet so as to sit right here. and say hello why did you misinform people. and announcing that i. mentioned there i don't think it is wrong for. you to go as much as her and ask her that. easy question i don't believe it's you. attacking her i do not believe it's you. crossing the line i think you. drawing close her and asking why did you. lie about what happened between us about. our conversation there's nothing wrong. with that surely that's a lot better. than sitting right here just maintaining a.
Distance and both you all talking your. stories it is greater for you all to. talk and come to a. floor on it but when she blocked you she. has possibly no interest in chatting with. you so good luck i would say. i want to communicate wherein can i join louie. it is gonna be on discord yet i have no. thought how you would even fit on to. speaking about any of these things so. the answer is no because what would you. ought to say about it i suggest. you're just going to share an outsider's. opinion. relax already tjv you have one in her. eyes you mustn't kick someone whilst. they're down. you recognize. what are you talking approximately sheldon she'd. be going up asking her a question about. something there's nothing incorrect with. that aand especially if she wants to. continue to be on discord and confer with other. persons. sheepy can go up and ask her a query.
There's nothing wrong with that see you. men whoever's hopping off and going. there i am gonna call. look after and get chilled venom in right here and. see what he desires to say about aall of it. um again just don't stoop right down to her. point. obviously don't harass ship dying. threats uh ship hate all that other. stuff i do not condoone that that is like. the entire stream. um. no that is fine i used to be speaking approximately you. digging at maid lol i don't know what. you imply digging at made. i don't know what you're talking approximately. you can not right this moment. good there's nothing then almond saying. i am staying out of it ok. completely happy olmen you are right here i imply to the. people desirous to chat not the circulate. do you are you wanting to come on simply. talk about the movement and discuss. something else due to the fact i'm. down to chat for maybe 15 more mins. i believe i had everything.

No privacy oh good yeah possibly a great. factor to have privateness returned hello chilled. if you want to do a stay circulation in your. channel or anything like that we will. have a stay circulation in your channel i'll. help market it and stuff if i am going. to be in it and all. and we could do something like that. i am in the course of a stay stream correct. now cannot answer that. tyler. i dropped to assert hi merry christmas well. thank you very much for that i really do. fully grasp that. um. raccoon ritz there's not likely much. opposed to the only factor i have to say do. you advise is why all that . occurred and you would discuss damien. and all of them but i am back i am not. seeking to talk about them i'm just. seeking to speak about made and what i've. went by way of with them i do know that you. men had a falling out but i can not converse.
On that because it's your guys's facet of. the tale i will speak about what i've. and invite my staff on here because. they have went in the course of the equal issue and. then chilled is simply occupied with the. total. her sending stuff she's sent stuff approximately. chilled venom in there too many to set. a few undesirable things in there permit vandalism. in oh yeah vandalism. i will have you ever coming because you have. your situation i have yet to move over. your stuff too so you can help talk. about it too. and then after this i will give about 5 . ten mins after which we're gonna hop off. and speak to it a night yet hiya how's it. going vandalism let me just mute the. element there we cross ok uh howdy um. so first of all i do desire to discuss a. couple of factors that was mentioned like in. the little video the screenshot. drm. um in order that screenshot is actually about.
Maya and the tale of that turned into that and. there i do have screenshots to show it. which i'll send to you um but. sincerely i used to be playing warzone along with her. and uh it changed into initially me and this. different dude and then the other dude received. off and so it's simply me and her we are. simply casually gambling she receives off um. and since her boyfriend wasn't. responding she had like a panic attack. and a few tension taking place and as somebody. who reports like healthcare and knows. all this tips on how to manage. that sort she's often consolation like. you recognize uh you recognize achieving out to. someone that you know in person you know. a family you may like talk to someone to. hug and stuff like that i oft i i didn't. offer myself asserting i'd hug her whatever. yet i did say if you want somebody to hug. you recognize find something to hug she took.
It the opposite direction and proposal i used to be. correctly attempting to get entangled along with her. but it wasn't like that so she. confronted me about it we discussed i. apologize we made up and we have been all. well on that so i do want to confron i. do desire to substantiate i am not in any respect. form or form. anything involved with any sexual. family with anyone underage i can. promise you all my existence not anything like. that. um and that i additionally desired to speak about uh. maid herself have you ever sat right here and feature. you sat right here and um dm otherwise you dm to the. person and also you men are cool correct. yeah like um so i am unable to yammer because. their games are confined but even. in spite of everything this the last thing we did become. i was in your server i used to be in the vc. with her and we have been just having to talk. like casual civil and simply putting out. what's the discord call. uh her name's like maya dots.
Uh let me get the tag for you give me. one moment oh no you do not say it out. loud i just questioned in general so if i. recognize the person or now not um do you. have like like you men settled it. during in dms correct. yeah undoubtedly do you've screenshots. of you men settling it and you're all. cool. i just despatched it to you okay cool after which. that might sincerely sit down here and simply. show that howdy there's nothing by way of the. manner. uh. yet yeah i do want to verify that um it. turned into. all but a false impression of me just. attempting to assist her and. she simply felt uncomfortable about it and. so i say sorry she accepted the apology. we made up and we were all well. afterwards on that so it is only a 16. 12 months historical and then what was it yeah. you said something like he desired to hug. her. no i on no account said i desired to. i mentioned that. uh do you need a hug yet now not implying i.
would because it's unlike i will drive. all of the manner as much as in which the she. lives and just hug her you know or even. so i wouldn't do that i would need to do. whatever like that. and i in basic terms implied for her to arrive out. to family because i knew she had family. due to the fact we even like performed along with her. brother as well like her brother become. there uh one time after we played warzone. with this different buddy of ours who turned into. additionally there you recognize. and um yeah. okay i'm able to confirm that did you understand how. historic she was before she damned you. undoubtedly yeah. okay so. y'all she become already sixteen and we were all. well afterwards besides. so. like after every little thing that occurred we. have been all good like she we made it clear. that i'd get kicked out server i was. totally cool with it i made it we made. that clear i don't know like. i can recognise people considered it.
Being a false impression thing. thinking that i used to be doing a little such . when it turned into in no way like that but she she. not ever said nate are you satisfactory with me. sharing these dm's or no. surely you were loose to proportion those. dms what so right here i'm practically. announcing that last night time you instructed me you. wanted to hug me i'll be sincere. with you maybe uncomfortable i do know you. comprehend this yet i am sixteen you are 21. um i am. sorry but i'm it turned into an adult announcing it. to a minor i talked to my boyfriend. approximately it and ii wasn't completely happy we. both discovered it very beside the point i. significantly say sorry vandal yet i go. to need to demote you and kick you from. my server after the remark i don't feel. like um although i i form of um have a. server member not to mention certainly one of my. new mods saying anything like that. making me uncomfortable over again i.
Say sorry i am sorry i didn't suggest um you. simply looked tensed up and frightened and i. in no way um intended it within the context at all. um. i just wanted to help and ii know what i. did become incorrect and that i promise i will not do. it back my uh uh i actually am am i. asserting that right maya. yeah ok i really did not suggest to make. you're feeling uncomfortable i am sorry that. night time it appeared demanding and ii wanted. to. simply test to help and that i certainly not intended. that seemed incorrect yet i understand how. you're feeling it changed into wrong me i'm sorry i. realise you were trying to calm me. down yet in the method um i took it the. way i. i did and you can't go back on and that i do. accept your apology yet it isn't gonna. change uh what i've completed i is absolutely not. changing my intellect i express regret after which. remainder she's speaking approximately. you won't get another opportunity at the. server.
now not. um. and all that stuff and now i'll say i. will say that's weird it is really. bizarre that if you did you know the age. once you said you wanted to hug her. so i did not say instantly that i'm gonna. hug her and i pronounced it like do you. need a hug yet now not implying that i'd. she just aassumed it in that context. um because i knew she had family i knew. she would like consult with the household she. can deal with that on that aspect the most. i can do is just talk over with her besides um. and. so basically she just took it the incorrect. manner it turned into a complete false impression. um so what did you are saying exactly. so i i as i suggested do you want a hug it. was just taken out of the incorrect context. and so that's why she took it as extra. like i'd hug her but i wasn't gonna. do any of that due to the fact back i ain't. approximately that existence. so what what it what changed into exactly like.
This become over vcn you mentioned what. i stated do you need a hug. and and that's the in simple terms element it's being. stemmed off of. yep. nothing else. literally not anything else. well if it's only that aand that's the. in simple terms issue in the vc and if she's ever. requested about it and she or he can verify. that's the only aspect that become requested yet. you she took it the other way then. there's nothing incorrect i mean certain at. worst individuals are gonna say you're creepy. yet you on no account acted upon whatever and. for if they wanted to. throw the entire pedal thing that could. be weird as hell vandalism um you're through. some distance the sole one which can actually again. up. they say from drm part congratulations. returned. in an effort to call a pedo best whatsoever. i i at maximum i'd call it creepy and. stuff like that yet going to the lengths. of of asserting that i don't know. in my view i'd say that.
I i wouldn't blame folks because. returned if they take it the other way they. take it the other way yet i'm asserting if. need or maybe um damien and all of them. wanted to use it opposed to you and stuff. like that so they might have the weakest. they'd have the weakest . sauce to do it and ii know maid. became sharing it in there due to the fact darkish. spectre wanted the screenshot of it so. whatever. so. the tale. yeah no it turned into definitely poor observe. selection uh todd yet um sincerely the. tale on that turned into due to the fact i only desired. to assist but it's like at the time it's. like i could not certainly do much besides. during that situation it was just me and. her it become a dead ringer for i don't even understand. what went through my head i used to be just. pondering yeah comfort that's the purely. aspect you can think about right it simply it. got here out incorrect and it become simply my.
Mistake and that is why i make an apology after. we talked and we made up for it. um. now i do wanna uh also mention um. approximately that again. so i i do know uh the members of drm i've. contacted some of them recently. um i also be aware of that made become one of the. leading reasons why i was being talked. round. uh that's that's one of the leading reasons. that i am mindful from my in my view on. past that and i additionally . uh do have the document up and. everything so in case you ever need to know. the entire explanation in the back of everything. i will completely get to you on that. and provde the complete details of. every thing in that record to boot the. rfile does not incorporate anything approximately. drm it would not incorporate anything about. um it's simply among you and mate. it's among myself and maid and likewise. comprises someone else afterwards uh who. also dm'd me after following up for maid.
Who became attempting to become involved in i. looked through a lot of the record and. the a lot of the stuff that i've shown in. the rfile and that i am going to put up. on my twitter after this stay flow is. over and ii'm going to publish it in my. discord in addition for anyone to seem. during the rfile that coda made. about why made changed into demoted and all of the. things that she did and each of the. screenshots and receipts and proofreader. in there i'll put up that only for. anyone who desires to move see that. themselves. and so persons recognize what mate has done. earlier than and all this different stuff um. i'm not gonna necessarily show. everything in there because. one the things that i am i am seeing all. in there have been already kind of covered in. the total mod abuse aspect earlier than and. a few of those screenshots and reports. and every thing were already shared i was.
Simply gonna have you ever on-line to discuss. your reports with maid what has gone. on because i am right here just to talk about. me after she's type of persevered the. drama for goodbye and i've informed her. assorted times and she's instructed me. distinctive instances that she's gonna move on. not discuss it um but yeah that. that is it um. so yeah all that different stuff um. i would like to just state one fast. component although if that's okay with you move. forward. after I don't know if any i don't know if. any of y'all have not seen end video game yet. y'all know tony stark gave peter parker. a hug who was like what sixteen.. i am simply asserting you know. it occurs. adults do hug young ones i don't surely say. it is pedophilia but i would say it can. be condemned creepy if it's aa stranger. yeah lower back like i stated like i pronounced if. people desire to say it i guess cross forward.
Rant at it but like i mentioned. earlier than it's going to be susceptible sauce it is. going to be not anything at all it's yeah i. could name it creepy and that's that's. why i will be settled at it but lower back. what it would. did you have the intention to do it no. it is the screenshots which you showed me. from maya kind of proven that she took. it the wrong way yeah she admits that. she took it away that. wasn't the way. it become intended or whatsoever so she's. admitting it on that the front after which if. she admits that oh yeah. um you simply said do you need a hug and. it changed into just that one line and if she. took it wrong way it's what it's it's. yeah lower back way persons want to. take it take it yet like like i reported. you are simply. somebody small i don't certainly imagine many. people are going to care and plus. not anything in fact ended up going on you.
stated one line it was it out the wrong. manner yeah if people want to spotlight it. discuss i don't care but i believe at. most if persons wanted to call it. pedophilia or predatorlike or anything. like that. it's a bit susceptible softs for any of that. but it's maximum creepy i think but it is. but i believe uh i am wasting too much time. with that so i think like we should always just. get to the document no no it's high-quality it's. first-rate um i used to be i wasn't gonna i wasn't. gonna exhibit whatever specifically um. i i do not know who steve is or what what. the hell they're on about all this . if you in an effort to sit right here and simply. attempt to take a seat right here and in this this. overall time pass forward steve. i do not really don't give a i. in no way reported it become okay to name a man a. pedo yet sure if he's doing pedo like. habit call him a pedo people. call people names all the man named time.
Are you new to insults it happens people. do it to insult persons do it persons do. it to explain people persons do it to. label persons it happens. i haven't got handle over it but i'm. simply announcing if someone acts like a. pedo i feel minnie laads a. pedo. you got an issue with people calling. persons pedos i aren't getting what you are on. steve you have suggested that like three or. four instances in my chat are you attempting to. prove some extent you must get in the. call and try to make some extent or. whatever like that sorry but. just let you know um yeah i was just. going to discuss what yours. stories were worth made. so with made i'm gonna it's that is a. very lengthy story in the record but i'm. going to aim to style of cut a few stuff. out unless you desire the whole story then. via all means i can provide out the entire. tale it's as much as you i'd i would.
Simply say what became your stories with. it due to the fact i'm unlikely to be on for. too for much longer yet i realise. yeah. okay so. uh once I first met maid i met her. in your server but i didn't certainly talk. to her at the time you recognize like i just. noticed her you recognize in actual fact that was it. we then grew to be buddies over the man you. comprehend valley lucifer who had an argument. with you and all that and yada yada you. understand maid changed into basically below sexual. wrestling from this man i'd assist. maid um subsequently guy and that i just became. associates and we might simply start putting. out we would be chilled you recognize um. then over the years. uh. i started simping for her i will not deny. it. uh i then also discovered because. another one in every of your admins gave me the. content material author function. and um i was ready to see the mod chat of. how she might talk at the back of my back to.
a few of the different mods and calling me. demanding asserting i would reduce people off and. simply making enjoyable of me for my loss of. impulse manage and all that which is. no longer something i am at fault for it's just. anything i have you understand um and. so then. i brazenly to to get off my chest i brazenly. admit to how i felt uh you recognize exposing. my feelings sir got rejected didn't. certainly care. next component you recognize it uh persons dm'd me. you know people might insult me during this. organization like she bought one in all her friends. after which that pal received one in all his. buddies to just pass after me and gang up. on me and ii was at my lowest point. due to distinctive motives i was going. via a few concerns i used to be going through. a lot of personal and then it. added me to a low point in which i will be. honest i almost took my lifestyles i am not. jokking this can be a lie due to the fact i would.
in no way joke about this sort of stuff. that is a real declaration from yours. basically. um. after that she might begin calling me. you recognize simp she could name me all. right so a lot of these just stop correct there. i want to address a comment um. she all started calling you a few we will opt for. returned up there eric mentioned so is it so is. it pedo lessen weirdo while a firefighter. hugs a child after they're pulled out of a. building built burning building we're. talking about apples and oranges here. this is a man on discord asking a lady. who is explaining that she's disenchanted approximately. whatsoever or regardless of the context the. communication is and then him asserting that. you are comparing apples to oranges it. isn't like like a dire condition in which a. kid is good in front of you crying and. is disillusioned you must comfort the child to. make the kid suppose greater or calm the child.
Down there there is a difference and. we're not speaking about aa little kid. as opposed to like this is a sixteen year ancient female. and then a 21 year old so the location. can look enormously terrible and those. who desire to take a seat here and guard. vandalism cross right ahead but i am announcing. people who do uncover it weird or creepy or. whatsoever definite people will name it that. due to the fact that would that is what what. occurs plenty on line it happens on. discord it occurs on twitter it occurs. anywhere there are creepy. weird people obtainable did vandalism act. upon whatever no did he do whatever no. he asked a simple query do you need a. hug and it became taken out of context. that's what we need to work with is it. creepy is it now not i think convinced it's a. little creepy but like i said and you're. allowed to assert that because you're. entitled in your reviews there's no.
Right or wrong sure we are not evaluating. apple's oranges he is not a firefighter. pulling this sixteen yr old lady out of a. burning constructing who wants a hug we're. now not talking about that it is a. communique in the vc on discord. simply favor to point that out i am making. the argument that the act of hugging a. child isn't bizarre it is the context and. the intent that things and that is what. i am asserting with what i heard and with. her saying that she needed a hug and he. provided announcing hi there do you need a hug or. announcing whats up do you want a hug cross hug. someone i would even hug how would he. even hug someone over discord so like. people could make that argument being. like do you want a hug you need to go hug. a family member if you're with a family. member vandalism stated he was attempting to. make that point. like that is what he become going for whilst.
He mentioned that but she took it as oh. you are being creepy you are being a pedo. whatever um that's the wrong way she. took it she felt uncomfortable so lower back. at the end of the day she had every. correct to take away him from her server or. whatever she did what she did it's over. however it is anything that made shared a. screenshot into aa private chat and then. i'm going and so persons wanted to bring this. up because even on twitter um you. mentioned him earlier than neon he even dm'd. me about it or even i was careworn. due to the fact i used to be like what the is he. on about dude like he pronounced he outlined. about having facts he under no circumstances confirmed me. any evidence you recognize and. uh that occurred and so till then i. just stated yeah no there's nothing bizarre. taking place like that aat all such as you know. a lot of people could give it some thought. due to the fact in this time i used to be additionally .
Hacked on discord i had no access to my. account i couldn't answer anyone's. questions i could not you recognize discuss with. anybody about any of this uh in the course of the. time because i in simple terms the sole places i. had access to changed into twitter and youtube. that was it. so. you recognize um. it become till a month later i got my. account back that some persons did talk. to me approximately it a few persons desired to. understand and i gave them my data and. shared it among them and that they. understood completely that it wasn't. like that aat all so. but like let's prefer lower back up and um test. to wrap it up right here soon yet uh you suggested. turned into calling you or calling you so. yeah she could call me simp and her. phrases a comic story again. to me i can inform from her it is not a. comic story and what's even worse is because. this turned into in one of the overall chats uh. when you have been pinging somebody as a comic story.
and he or she just randomly referred to as me out for. being a symph i got prompted i reported. some  to her was it uncalled for. you're rattling right it became i was angry i. will not i can't deny that i was. certainly disappointed i was surely indignant and so i. did name her insulting uh i did. name her out for being an attractive. insulting time period not like asserting i called. her an f note or you know the r be aware or. the n be aware even i don't say that . yet i would say anything along the. traces of like her being an entire . you know and stuff like that. um. that is authentic i'd by no means say it to her. in vc i'd only say in text chat. due to the fact in the course of that time i was indignant. i've made that clear besides a few people. ask me questions in the text chat i pronounced. yeah i do know mate and that i are buddies even. um among the other higher up uh council. participants even understood the entire memo.
They understood why i pronounced what become pronounced. i'm gonna bounce just a little ahead. although because it receives uh even a much bigger. image here so truly um. later on. i would get uh harassment uh harassment. for um from her getting server muted. getting kicked you know. um getting all this crap from her you. recognize i would get gifts sent to me yet. from her each time she would reply. um and many of the screenshots in the. document it talks approximately um. how she suggested she become gonna block me and. i was totally ok with that you know. that is what i wanted from the starting. due to the fact i didn't want to deal with her. you know. louie. it's enjoyable joke incidentally but no it is not. like that's one more sort of counsel. um. besides but back to what i am saying. clearly. um she would harass me she might send. some of these gifts and clearly one of the.
Screenshots she talks approximately blocking me. i used to be totally ok with it she outlined. about how she uh. might uh block me no longer check with me now not vc. with me even when this happened she. still did ok even if i'd say hello. in uh the the ping chat she would be she. might ship a gift and be like oh it's. vandalism and all that you know she. could say like that. and ii couldn't do anything now for the. longest amount of time i would search help. i would try to reach out to someone who. knew her that i will refer to and so i did. but then they idea i was being a liar. so they went to maid approximately it uncovered me. in the general public and folk started hating. on me you know i suggest and clearly. persons went against me lots of people. did not like me some people have been impartial. which i was grateful for some people. have been you recognize expertise of the full.
Condition or even like. understood that i made become dick so later. ahmad dm's me uh an extremely magnificent mod. i'm not gonna say their call or anything. like that for their respect um and so i. i gave him my tale you know and then. this mod types a group chat with a. couple other mods and a few those who. also have an problem with made and we. might all form up collectively to try to . talk to i feel it become among the. councilmembers code on the time or at. least someone of the council members to. attempt to deal with the location. uh i'm gonna make thiis clear maid is the. form of person that in case you remove her. energy she receives surely butt damage approximately it. she gets genuinely dissatisfied about it. uh that is what kind of we've been. handling it due to the fact i do know like i. understand that y'all took her a lot away. everybody become telling me yeah that.
occurred you know i am safe and all that. um you know and. i used to be chilled with at the time because i. knew that she would not say anything. about anybody i know sooner or later she. might raise the explanation why i am. mentioning my story now although whether. it's like drama from. that went on between may and june up. until like around september october became. due to the fact um. uh turned into due to the indisputable fact that. uh she's been targeting my associates. and iit's been scary me and that is. why i got brought on and that's why i. want to increase my stories in public i. knew that if i made this a video on my. possess channel thiis would not get sufficient. um awareness not to mention i feel like i'd. perhaps get much more for just. exposing someone that people do not even. know about you recognize i suggest and i figured. that if that was the case. i would.
you recognize you recognize if that was the case i. don't even know wherein i'd pass from. there so i'm glad that i'm able to percentage. my tale to you men i even shared my. story to crows of judgement because i have. been attempting to like get the tale. immediately with. many commentators o.k. so uh that. can help me out you know so so just to. wrap this up do you settle that you've. done a few wrongdoings between you and. mate's past yet that flow has been. between y'all and simply between y'all and. but you've made errors similar to how. she's made mistakes. so the sole errors that i've ever made. that i can actually verify and stuff. that i have pronounced i have stated some noticeably. offensive stuff not offensive to the. factor where i would offend any. communities available anything like that. but to the purpose where it'd dissatisfied.
Her which i won't deny i've had moments. in which i would annoy her convinced i've even. had a moment in which i would even reduce her. off in mid vc yes these are possibly the. most matters that i consider that i'm able to. in fact verify that i've done wrong. okay so um. if. if. you recognize. what you are saying is correct and both. aspects have been incorrect about stuff earlier than. and you men have had it do you suspect. that the extent of her sitting here. having being a mod in my server and simply. constantly doing stuff and not mod. logging it not saying whatever about it. removing you constantly do you think. that become fabulous for her to do. despite how how you have been. treating her. so during this time now i'm gonna say. that once she was muting me while she turned into. uh kicking me out during this time i had. by no means suggested whatever wrong to her i never.
Did anything like that i used to be in a. standard vc with like 4 other people. who have been also dealing with an identical crap. from her as well yet i used to be normally. concerned with it and so. you recognize the other people definitely they. do not have powers they can not do anything. they couldn't really stand up for. themselves opposed to her you know i am simply. a lone guy facing this . you recognize and so. sincerely from my own point of view. um i did nothing incorrect i used to be simply. getting kicked for no intent i would. make. one joke not even an offensive shaggy dog story. approximately her or anybody i'd make jokes out. you recognize be a comic among the. persons of the vc. and um i would get kicked i'd get muted. for might be being demanding to her i. don't know. i could not give you full answers you'd. probably. discuss with her being honest and so. you know that's what uh the harassment.
That changed into taking place that aand also her. replying to each message with some . presents or even getting rid of you know my. gift perms and uh all that so you recognize. it's been it's been rather a wild trip. for me as a whole to handle this and. not release i did try out to chat out to. people i am going to admit but you recognize i um. yeah uh so jakey makes an excellent factor on. this i did dm jakey uh approximately this i advised. him if he might unmute me due to the fact i used to be. muted as a result of uh maids you recognize. i attempted to arrive out to any she's on no account. logged any of that stuff it feels like. she changed into doing it no she did it just for. the with me that's her complete component. she become trolling so what i am getting at. is like inspite of y'all's past and. i've outlined this before they have a. past she could hate his guts for. cause and not like the guy and.
All do you believe like i mentioned earlier than simply. solution it genuine speedy do you believe it's. fabulous for her to apply her power in. my server as a mod to take a seat here and. and and select on you and do some of these. matters and never log any of it no longer do any. of it yet do it excessively. it is completely incorrect to not log on it. and to just abuse powers like that this. is just a instantly solution from me you. know if you find yourself a employees member with. brilliant power comes fantastic obligation i. anticipate that from all employees individuals. all right um. chilled just sat right here and sat right here and. asked for us to stop sheepy if you want . to go away made alone then tell vandalism. tjv to stop chilled returned i have no idea . what you are on approximately you sat right here and. you have been focused on this circulate you have been. talking during this movement citing. points you even wanted to become a member of the call.
And join this nighttime. don't begin sitting right here and acting like. a hypocrite i'm like oh you desire this to. stop it's getting taken too some distance and no. it is not it become too far made sitting. right here asserting that she become not going to do. this and he or she become going to be out of this. but then she's been sporting the drama. months after lower back. she has you hook like hook line and. sinker chilled i do not know what you are. all approximately to talk about the drm bra what. do you suggest i advised you i am not speaking. in regards to the drm issue i told you varied. instances final night time i'm not talking about. the dr m element right here the only factor i am. bringing up is that that uh. that video of their admin chat and you. can discuss that. yet i am not talking about all the drm. stuff they did to you i'm not announcing all. the drm stuff i am saying if it includes.
Made and drm that is high-quality i am not. mentioning what drm has privately and. all that i am not speaking about that. so back like i said if you wanted to if. you wanted to take a seat right here it's totally. hypocritical for you must all of a. sudden a stop just because you're are. you hearing anything you don't love. certainly. yeah you begin a string kick back like i. stated make a video i have been awaiting. you to cope with thiis if. they're certainly doing this to . talk about it make a video. pull up your part chill do not sit down here. and hounder me and tell me to stop i can. discuss it all i need if you do not. love it hit the detest button and depart. i do not know why you are so opposed to me. hearing vandalism facet i am just listening to. him out you've been attempting to sit down right here. and constantly cut him off and phone. every little thing he's announcing rather.
Of just listening to him out i am just listening to. him out he is admitted he is doing . wrong that is beyonce ii can't inform you. that i have made blunders ok and iif you. cannot move relax i'll do one other. movement right in the midst of . christmas when you've got time and i'll take. time far from christmas to circulation and. i will have your aspect viewpoint on a. live stream where we can talk about it i. informed you you're welcome to hitch yet you. simply can't join right this moment. so i don't care. do do what you desire i don't care. like i reported make make a video about this. make a video speaking about livestream or. your drm stuff or whatever defend me if. you need to look after me simply announcing it's. not a great route to move down that street. and protect me. like i'm gonna just say this in an hour. then i will join no i will bed right here. in about 510 mins it is like almost 1.
30. i just i just want to say this like. i although i have made blunders i'm. inclined to admit that i've made blunders. um. and you recognize if i ever do you know if. something ever bad ever occurs i'll. definitely make sure attain out to the. public the entire story. uh with me the explanation why i want to keep. it exclusive due to the fact on the time i felt. that become the finest answer for you recognize. between either one of us as well but at the. equal time it's like because she's doing. all this i want her to back off for good. you know i desired to stop all this. nonsense and that is why i'm putting my. tale out now uh into the public i also. am mindful that kid has been calling me. out diverse times in chat so i am necessarily. retaining my eye out even the employees has. been retaining their eyes out so thanks . employees for you recognize being there. o.k..
Uh is there anything last minute. you desired to bring up though um just to. close all of it off because i am approximately to. near it down the sketch. i realise uh so last item i do desire. to mention is that firstly uh thank. you for letting me submit the tale right here. thanks for having me right here uh i also. wanna. just mention that uh again i do know that i. see i am mindful that safeguard is um you know. he is protecting maid i even warn chilled. about maids actions about maids. manipulation about maids you know many. ways of moving into people's heads uh. chilled he claims he'll aspect with the. fact and the truth by myself implying that. he'll protect made by any means form or. shape yet you know that is all i am gonna. say i on no account desired to fight chilled. anything like that it feels like relax. that is pork with me uh he can but even i.
haven't any red meat with him he simply. happens to have whatever opposed to me i. suppose that is simply what i feel although. ok but that's simply me okay thank. you vandalism for becoming a member of i will see you. later uh thanks for having me see you. round o.k.. um so um i just wanted to do last. stop or last arguments if you guys. are new to the movement and you men simply. joined i see sen and uh he's asking what. is this steve joined in and i don't know. what he became. trying to say in right here previous it. seemed like he became a 12 year old. getting a keyboard for the 1st time uh. louie's in here so this complete drama has. to do with made maid's been carrying on with. drama two months after she pronounced she become. gonna be completed she became demoted about two. months ago said that she wanted to be. far from the drama she wanted focus on.
Her mental well-being recover and all. that we all was hoping for the best we were. still buddies with made maid continued. to talk and deal with others like a large. piece of crap this complete move which. is nearly 4 hours long talks all. about it if somebody wants to go through. the time time stamps and time stamp at. all maybe some will do it down within the . comments i'm not gonna fear about it. i am gonna visit mattress and possibly. fear approximately in the morning yet it is a. stream where i desired to sit here and. disclose every thing that i had to deal. with with maid and my mate goes to. retain to speak about drama go to these. commentary channels even with her. intellectual health and wellbeing she'll nonetheless get entangled. in these stay chats and these discords. and every little thing so like i said there's a. lot of that is been taking place and i.
just wanted to show it i desired to say. my part of factors i wanted to do all. this and um. that's simply what what occurred in this. move i don't feel like i took it too. far i don't think maid's a decent human. being i do not believe she's been. respectful or nice of anyone there is a. lot of folk obtainable like that yet. maid's been somebody who is been in my. discord it sounds like she has . recordings and personal. stuff that become speaking approximately exclusive. chats and private fees stored folks it. became alluded to. she turned into sharing round screenshots of. confidential chats she turned into completely speaking. about about staff and myself and other. chats when changed into taking place while she. was staff um. and all of this there has been just a lot she. lied about what she suggested to her she sat. right here and went to stay chats to speak. about it about me whilst she become a staff.
Member of mine she could always message. me and inform me what i should and. shouldn't do with my content material there was. just aa lot of stuff going on maid has. done a great number of bad stuff there's nothing. that may be accomplished to report her surely i. don't think this cord will do whatever. and i'm unlikely to waste my time to do. it i just hope she receives greater focuses. on her mental well-being gets the off. the internet my opinion um and that i simply. wanted to share my opinion approximately it. because it became. build up and causing a number of hassle. for people so i desired to percentage my. side of every thing thanks to the. staff contributors who joined and either in. the chat or in the vc thanks . vandalism for becoming a member of um thanks for. all people else for joining and listening. to this if you guys want to rewatch this. you are greater than welcome to rewatch this.
Watch certain clips of this i do not care. with a bit of luck somebody in the remark. sections will timestamp this entire. movement and i'd substantially have an understanding of that. thank you for all the contributors amazing. chats and everything else somebody did a. tip tip link down in the outline. thank you i feel his name is brandon. brian something like that forgot his. call thanks to whoever did that um. and thank you for anybody else who was. sharing information and many stuff i. hope you men all have a great night have. a merry christmas besides it's. formally christmas eve the 24th for me. so have have a merry christmas uh. wherever you're at completely satisfied holidays would. do something in the course of christmas in the course of the. livestream probably not although but if i. do it will be a brief little issue announcing. merry christmas well thanks men for.

Discord Sings Revenge</h1>

That become the warm. ok i wanna see no pending typing. locations every person. creeper oh man. so we returned in the intellect received our pickaxe. swinging from part. to part facet aspect to part. this ask a grueling one desire to locate. a few diamonds tonight. night time night time diamonds tonight. heads up you pay attention a legitimate flip round. and look up. total surprise fills your physique oh no it's. you again i will always remember those eyes. until the sunlight comes up in the morning. hello like the twitter thread. o.k. let's do this one last time. creeper oh guy. so we back within the mind got our pickaxe. swinging from facet. to side part aspect to side. this ask a grueling one desire to locate. a few diamonds this night night time night time. oh no it's you lower back i will always remember. those. eyes eyes eyes eyes. within the morning. simply when you think you're safe over. right here some hissing from.

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She wandered that 0.5 squad hi there you. desire to get one of those badges huh i am. gonna be a part of the group huh all right. so permit me let you know the tale genuine rapid. concerning the history of the hype squad so. some time past a very good evil spirit arose from. a timeless shut eye knowing not anything but. rage and disdain it form of was like I. hate every thing humanity turned into having a. surprisingly tough time with thiis great evil. spirit it had an you recognize run out of. places to move evil spirits triumphing until. a tender sage cool sage discovered a weird. totem of an unusual animal I overlook what. it's called i feel it begins with an W. and the sage touched something while she. touched it this loopy light came out of. it and prefer flew up into the sky and hit. the evil spirit and hurt the evil spirit. it turned into pretty cool i used to be personally. wasn't there i've visible subscreen photographs.

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